How to take care of colored natural curly hair

how to take care of colored natural curly hair

Go to a professional – How to take care of colored natural curly hair

My first tip the most important tip is go to a professional, I get so many compliments about my colors and people asking how do I keep it healthy, the first step is going to a professional, the professional can assess if your hair is healthy enough the color.

If you decide you want to color,  anyways she can let you know what to expect, what to do they have my hands-on situation where they can look at your hair and be like yay or nay, and if you decide to proceed it can tell you what you need to do. 

Reason 1

Another good example is like you want to do your hair color at home, because I get people say I try to do this at home and it didn’t work good. If you have a zero knowledge of color, you do not need to be coloring your hair at home.

I found all my stylist through social media, to me that’s the safest, because you can see what they’re posting and go fight they’re attacking their clients you can go look on your clients page as well and get like an actual real-life example of what’s going on.

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How to take care of colored natural curly hair

Reason 2

The other reason why you want to make sure you go to a colorist is to bounce ideas off of, because every color does not look good on everybody, just to be rude like if you want it and not even every color every shade of color, so say you want to do a blonde, you got to kind of figure out that good blonde to match your skin tone, because we’ve all seen some people who were having blond hair and it just it didn’t compliment their complexion same thing with frizz.

You want to find a red that matches your skin tone whether it be a light red or a dark red, there’s so many different shades of each color you want something to sit there with a knowledge of color to make sure that you’re getting a color that complements your skin tone, and even like your personality.

 so you want to go red you grab a box, it’s super super bright, but that’s just not something that she wanted, you really don’t even have much control when you’re doing box size so go to a salon and do your research on the stylist before she colors your hair or he keep saying she, but he’s doing here too.

Wash day tips – How to take care of colored natural curly hair

Lukewarm water

My colors don’t fade very fast, one thing I do is I do not let hot water touch my hair. I wash my hair on lukewarm or sometimes warm water depending on how dirty is feeling, but basically I wash my hair on lukewarm water, when I do my deep conditioning, I go through and rinse it in lukewarm water and I also let my deep conditioner cool completely off, before I go rinse.

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How to take care of colored natural curly hair – Lukewarm water

Because I found in the beginning when I was coloring especially when I had that those oranges and their reds I had years ago. When I was my hair wouldn’t bleed a lot when I shampoo, but when I would go deep conditioned and then go straight to the bow, my color was just like he’s going down the drain.

 I’m sure it’s a cuticle thing and my mind I rationalized it that when I did conditioned the deep conditioner is penetrating inside the hair chance I was opening up my cuticles which is releasing the color. If I sit there and let it cool off, then it’s closing the cool air or the coolness closes the cuticle trapping in the color and then I just rinse it on lukewarm water.


Another thing is be aware of the type Of shampo that you are using, my hair have been coloed, when I first got it, I felt had the first couple months I was Co-watching this stuff and they got dull really quick. I was talking to my stylist and she just said you know start shampooing, but using  moisturizing shampoo go, so we can really remove that build-up.

You can also get a nice gentle cleanse, so I’m using moisturizing shampoos. You do want to clarify from time to time, but be in color when you clarify, you’re gonna strip out your color, so get around now, I try to clarify like right before I get my colors retouched and I get my colors retouched just as needed. 

In the first two months I had that color I went back and got every color, because I didn’t do well with it since, then I’ve only gone back once and it’s been I got my hair colored in November I think I went back in where I got it touched up, it’s now it’s August and I haven’t gotten my color touched up and it’s still it’s the rich.

Make sure you are shampooing with a moisturizing shampoo and that you are not putting hot water on your hair, which is going to make the color bleed, also we need deep conditioned let that do conditioned or cool off before you rinse it, because like I said be personally whenever I do conditioned that’s where all my colors are trends and not so much when I shampoo. 

Moisture – How to take care of colored natural curly hair

Moisture is very very important with color, color is drying my hair is very prone to dryness. So that being said I can it’ll take me forever to explain how to properly moisturize your hair, basically with how and moisturizing properly, you got to know your porosity and you have to know how to layer your products according to your porosity.

You need to know if you’re low porosity which means that your cuticles are tightly shut is hard for water to penetrate and moisture to penetrate, but when it does it locks in which mean, then there’s high porosity which means, your hair soaks up water soaks up product really well, but it drives back out really really quick, that’s high porosity.

With high porosity you want to focus on putting sealants on your hair to trap in that moisture show your heads and dry out quick, whereas with low porosity you’re focusing on trying to just get the moisture to absorb in the first place. The moisture is so important with coloring

Protein – How to take care of colored natural curly hair

When you color it tears up your hair and damages your hair, my hair is damaged it’s got a curl, but for the most part my hair is damaged because I colored it and I’ve been coloring my hair, since 2013 I want to say so I’ve been coloring my hair for nine years, there are a lot of brands that put out that they have a protein treatment and they’re not protein treatment they are protein conditioners.

I do use protein deep conditions. their protein leave-in conditioner incorporate protein, but know your limit if your hair starts feeling really stiff and where pull back on the protein, but incorporate as much protein as possible but you gotta find a balance between you protein and moisture, make sure that you are using actual protein treatments and not just deep conditioners with protein in it if you need it. 

Do not over style, manipulate or wash your hair

Do not over style manipulate or wash your hair when you have color, this is real contradictory to the health of your hair, because you got to make sure your scalp is clean wash your hair, but when you have color you want to wash it as least as possible. Those people who wash hair everyday every other day two times a week. You’re gonna have an issue with maintaining your color, not as far as like the health of your hair, but just as far as it fading really quick.

On average I wash my hair once a week or every other week, I don’t let two weeks go without me washing my hair, but you want to make sure that you are not over washing it and you don’t want to over manipulate it, because obviously it will have breakage in again colored hair is more prone to dryness which means it’s more prone to breakage.

Coloring conditoner – How to take care of colored natural curly hair

I have been experimenting and I found a company and as far as maintaining my color and not having to go to get my hair touched up as much. They have deep conditioners and conditioners with dye in them, so they have like blue conditioners red conditioners great conditioners whatever I do use those from time to time to boost my color. I’m not gonna answer a million questions on it you think is literally, you read the bottle follow the directions. if you have a question please consult a professional.

Be carefull in the sun – How to take care of colored natural curly hair

Be careful in the Sun, the Sun bleaches some colors when I went to the beach one time, I had one chair my hair was blind and almost kind of see-through a little bit at the end, after I left the beach. When I go to the beach or I’m going on the trips and vacationing and whatnot and I’m going to be in the water. 

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How to take care of colored natural curly hair – be careful sun

I’ll go ahead and just get braids or some kind of protective style to tuck my hair away. I since I’ve like started doing like these like really vibrant colors like that last read that I have in this blue, I have not been in a pool do not get in the pool with this with something like a blue or purple or a green or something, because you gonna people sang the whole pool color down, so protect your hair from the Sun.

Hair masks for curly hair – How to take care of colored natural curly hair

You can create a DIY hair mask from common household ingredients. These masks are meant to be put on the hair overnight and then washed out in the morning.

Masks containing ingredients like honey, coconut oil, banana, and avocado add moisture to your hair and work well when used overnight.

If your curls are very dry, consider using a hair mask once or twice a week.


Thanks for your reading the article – How to take care of colored natural curly hair. and I hope this helped, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much!. Besides the areticle, you also check this article BEST CURLY HAIRCUTS TIPS AND HAIRCUTS TECHNIQUES for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs.

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