10 tips on how to take care synthetic curly hair wigs

10 tips on how to take care synthetic curly hair wigs

I’ve been wearing this synthetic curly hair wigs for years and love this look big bushy cheap hair and I feel like it’s the most realistic looking synthetic hair, because this looks real to me, I’m going to get started I wrote down ten tips on how to take care synthetic curly hair wigs

Tip #1 Don’t brush off the hair

I think everyone kind of knows this tip, especially synthetic hair, if you brush out the synthetic hair, it’s going to get really bushy and frizzy and not going to go back, like human hair it’s just going to say that ugly frizzy mess and you’re going to have to cut it out and lose hair with it, you’re not going to be able to fix your weaves.

So just don’t brush out your hair, if you want your hair to be bigger, just separate the curls to make your hair bigger that way. I can make my hair twice the size of this if I really sit there and just separate the curls, while you’re getting ready just separate the curls and don’t brush out your hair

Tip #2 Cut out the naps

In the back of your hair it’s going to get pretty nappy, so I would say like every two days, I cut out the naps and find the naps and then separate them from the curl, make sure that you separate it good, because you don’t want to cut off the curl, then you just want to cut the nap cut off.

 I don’t have any, because I just did this yesterday, so cut out the naps, it’s going to help your hair look more fresh and better, if you don’t then your hair is going to be looking good up and then you’re going to want to clip your hair and then it’s going to be nothing, but a big bush back there, so make sure to cut the nap. 

Tip # 3 Try not to wash the weave

Because you’ll lose color definitely and the way just won’t be the same, it really won’t, so I try to wait till three or four weeks to wash the weave. 

Tip # 4 The less product the better

Don’t be trying to overdo the product with this hair, because it doesn’t take it very well, if anything you should use water and a little bit of product, but that’s what I recommend you do, but don’t overdo the product, because synthetic hair just doesn’t really hold the products too well, it’s going to be a big mess and all your all your curls are going to come together and it’s just going to be a bad time. 

10 tips on how to take care synthetic curly hair wigs
10 tips on how to take care synthetic curly hair wigs

Tip #5 Don’t try to straighten the hair

Number one because it’ll take your whole day, two because it’s doable I’ve done it before, but it just takes too long not worth,because after straighten your hair your parts going to look all jacked up, you’re going to redo the part, so just go out and buy straight hair, if you want it. 

how to take care synthetic curly hair wigs

Tip # 6 You must wrap your hair up at night

I use is silk scarf and on one end I tied it in a double knot, you should also invest in these little headbands, I use them as hair ties, these are what the basketball players used and they are supposed to be used as headbands, but I use them as hair ties, it is a freaking miracle like this is the best thing.

10 tips on how to take care synthetic curly hair wigs
10 tips on how to take care synthetic curly hair wigs

Everybody go out and buy these these were a dollar and I got a whole bunch of them and I still it’s been like a year now and they’re still lasting and there’s like old bunch of different colors. so go out and buy these, it’s easy for you and tie your hair, they will really wrap around your hair good.

So I put my hair in a bun and then I tie the bonnet over right overnight, the reason why I want to wrap it is because tossing and turning your hair is going to get frizzy not beat, you’re gonna have to cut out your hater on the sides and to make it thinner, especially if you’re also cutting it out in the back, so you’re just going to be like thin as heck because you didn’t wrap your hair at night.

how to take care synthetic curly hair wigs

Tip # 7 Always save some hair from installing your weave

I saved about this much hair, after you wash your hair for the first time, you’re going to want to put this in after not before after, so put this in after you wash your hair for the first time and I would try to focus on the font and maybe like a couple piece in the back.

But focused on the front just to kind of freshen up your weave to try to make it stretch as long as you need it to you and also to fix the part, because these part kind of separate sometimes, so you might need to do some reconstruction. 

Tip # 8 synthetic hair allows water

10 tips on how to take care synthetic curly hair wigs
10 tips on how to take care synthetic curly hair wigs

I made my own water bottle which is an old cat flea tick spray and I just now I use it as a water bottle, this is a lifesaver, water bottle and water synthetic loves water, synthetic glass water.

how to take care synthetic curly hair wigs

Tip # 9 You can use products

A couple that I use this is two-in-one conditioning spray, it’s just good because it has a lot of water in it, so you don’t if you’re going to use this then you don’t need the water bottle, but if you’re going to be using grease or something then you definitely want to use a water bottle I also use hair lotion.

I know that black women have a whole lot of hair products at home, we just tend to I don’t even know how it happens but over the years, they just build up so literally synthetic hair is so easy to maintain, you can use whatever products that you want, because these great you can use  literally anything, so that’s one thing that I love about synthetic hair and if you screw up the hair it’s cheap so it’s going to be alright, no hair spray just don’t do it, it ruins the hair.

Tip # 10 How to wash your weave

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If you wash your weave and this is how I do it, first of all it takes me about an hour to wash my leave I do it in the shower, here are the two products shampoo and conditioner that I use, I just do two shampoos and then I do one big like I literally drench my hair and conditioner and I leave it in there for probably 15 minutes in the shower.

Then I use one of these great hair ties and I just put on top of my head I wait like 15 minutes and I rinse out the conditioner, then wrap my hair up in a towel and tie I dry my hair up a little bit, not tied up in this bun I’ve had up in a bun on top of my head, then I wrap it into towel and then I tie another one of these around the towel to secure it, then I go to sleep and I wake up in my hair is so soft and the curls are so beautiful and separated, it even seems like it’s more curly than it was before.  

That’s what I do and then I don’t put any product in it, I just let it be for like a couple days. It’s still going to be damp whenever you wake up, because we tied it in a bun and to make it really big because usually by three or four weeks, your hair is it just gets smaller and smaller and smaller. I like sit there and I separate the curls and when I blow-dry it, put it over and my hair is humongous.

Conclusion- 10 tips on how to take care synthetic curly hair wigs

This are my 10 tips on how to takecaresynthetic curly hair wigs, for a long time and I love this hair and I hope that you love curly synthetic hair to just as much as I do and thank you guys for reading this article,Besides the areticle, you also check this article Can you swim wearing wig and how to secure wig for swimming for more elementary knowledge about wigs.

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