how to transition to natural hair without big chop

Tips and tricks on how to transition to natural hair without big chop

I get questions on, if I start with that to my hair with my hair automatically revert back to natural and the answer is no, you have to grow out your hair, you have to allow your new growth to come in and then eventually cut away the relaxed hair, to allow your hair to go fully natural. in the article I will be sharing some tips on how to transition to natural hair without big chop.

I know that can be like a bit intimidating, because not everyone wants to rock really short hair or cut all the hair off, it’s not everyone’s preference and that’s okay. so I will share some tips on how to actually go about transition and how to manage the two textures effectively, I truly believe that a good transition is anywhere from one year post and Beyond, so it’s up to you on when you would like to cut your hair or if you would not like to cut your hair at all, just let the relaxed hair break off on its own eventually over time.

Make and insist on your decision

First thing when you decide to go natural you want to make sure that, you are mentally ready to go natural, you want it to be your own decision and to develop a lot of patience, because managing the two textures is a lot of work and it requires a different level of patience.

So you also want to have the power in your hands on when you want to cut your hair, don’t let anyone pressuring you into immediately cutting off your hair, no matter how your hair look to them like how your hair looks while you’re transitioning is totally normal, your hair is gonna look thin,mess, stringy and damaged, that’s just how transition their hair looks. so don’t feel pressure to just cut off your hair, because people are telling you to cut it.

how to transition to natural hair without big chop
how to transition to natural hair without big chop – washing day

Wash day organized – how to transition to natural hair without big chop

With transitioning hair, you want your wash days to be organized and the goal of your wash days is to have very little tangles and to get through it with as little breakage as possible, so organized in your wash days when you have the time to dedicate to your hair. If you do not have the time to dedicate to your hair and you know you have a meeting in an hour, you should not be washing your transitioning hair, because that is a recipe for disaster.

Choose and use the right shampoo

Three elements to your wash day, you want to cleanse your hair thoroughly and when it comes to cleansing your hair, you want to make sure that you’re using the right shampoo, so your shampoo should be really rich and moisturizing preferably sulfate free is best. The best shampoos or the best places to look for shampoo while you’re transitioning is in the natural hair aisles, do not use shampoos that is for like other hair types, because you want that super rich creamy texture.

 I know it’s a big difference in shampoos for natural hair, virgin shampoos for Caucasian hair or relaxer there’s a big difference. After you shampoo your hair you want your hair to feel detangle, it should feel very moisturized and have a lot of slip, you should look for that in your shampoos, if your shampoo do not feel that way while you’re transitioning, if it gives you more tangles or your hair feels extremely hard, then that is not shampoo you want to stick to on your transitioning journey.

Before you shampoo your hair, this is important get used to shampooing your hair in the shower and in sections, you want to section your hair in the way that your hair naturally Falls, your hair naturally Falls down the sides go down and the back go down,I personally shampoo my hair in three sections just to limit the amount of tangles I get. 

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how to transition to natural hair without big chop

Make sure that you are getting used to working with your hair in sections, after you shampoo your hair you should always follow up with a rich thick mask, so as I said now is the time to start exploring really thicker heavier products, since you’re going in that direction of natural hair so definitely look in like the natural hair there are so many mask on the market .

Not only should your maske and conditoner be really thick,also switch over to thicker moisturizers and pay attention to the way your hair feels while you’re using these products, if your hair is really dry hours, after using these products or the day after you feel like everything was just in vain, then those are not the product for you. 

Don’t feel afraid to go through trial-and-error. It do takes time to find your perfect products and once you find your perfect products while you’re transitioning, this is not the time to like become a product junkie, once you find your perfect product or products definitely stick to them as long as you can.

keep your new growth stretched

I have for transitioning toto natural hair without big chop is to keep your new growth stretched, if you have tape for hair you want your new growth to be stretched, do not just let your new growth get really tight and compact, because that is gonna cause a lot of breakage, it’s gonna cause you a lot of misery, it’s gonna be really hard to do anything to your hair if your hair is not stretching, you’re gonna be really frustrated.

you can explore different stretching techniques, you can stretch your hair with a blow-dryer on warm air, but be very careful don’t do it too much, make sure the blow-dryer is a warm or cool air do not do it on hot air, because you can risk damaging your hair as you’re transitioning, so you know be very careful with that another way to stretch your new growth is through the African band in methane I think that’s what it’s called I haven’t tried it, but I plan on trying it soon.

how to transition to natural hair without big chop

Another great way to stretch your hair is to cornrow your hair, when it is that, so as far as manipulating your transition and hair, so some people opt to use long term protective styles, which are braids or you can wear your hair in braids on wigs or you can wear like single box braids and twist, some people choose to transition that way, if you have a busier lifestyle and you don’t have the patience or the time to transition without those then I would say go for it, but make sure your hair is well deep conditioned and you nourish your hair in between getting your hair and done.

Be careful not to get used to the wigs and the braids, that you neglect your hair or you do not learn your hair a lot of, girls go through that they transition with these wigs and these weaves, they don’t take the time to learn their natural hair in the process of transitioning, if you are one who choose to transition without wigs or long term protective styles, you want to stretch your hair at night, so do not moisturize and seal your hair on the day of that was the mistake I used to make, my hair would like burn fur and get really kinky.

I would wake up in the morning and then moisturize my hair or spray my hair at water and my hair gets so kinky, I cannot do anything with it it’s just tightly compact,you want to stretch your hair the night before, so moisturize and seal your hair the night before and then braid it down to give it a bit of stretch for the next day before you spoil it.

Two styles that accommodate to your new growth, don’t try to force your new world into styles that, you used to wear when your hair was really straight, when it was relaxed because that will not work, it will just force you to like over and manipulate your hair and break in and use heat, if you try to accommodate the street, so it should be the other way around to style, that works for your new growth and let your relaxed hair follow, because they’re not gonna be here in a few months anyways

Moisturize your hair before manipulate it

how to transition to natural hair without big chop

While you’re transitioning you want to try your best to only comb or manipulate your hair, when it is either them or it is well moisturized, if your hear any crackling sounds while you’re manipulating your hair or you hear this super tangle, you need to spritz it with some water or moisturize your hair before you manipulate it, so that’s a tip I have and like I mentioned earlier stay away from as much heat as possible.

Do many chops or big trims every couple of months

While you transition in your relaxed hair is gonna naturally break, it’s gonna naturally become really thin, when this happened your hair starts to cling together, you will notice a lot more breakage when you comb your hair, that is totally normal or usually when you begin to see a lot of breakage, it’s time for a big trim.Don’t be shy with the scissors, many chops or big trims should be done, like every three to six months to just ease you into the transition. It’s not like a super dramatic chop.


So that was my tips on how to transition to natural hair without big chop, you shouldn’t feel pressure to chop off your hair, you don’t have to bring your hair short to go natural, transition and your own pace and transition for as long as you want, don’t let anyone tell you when to end your transition or that you’re being ridiculous, like do what makes you feel best to do what makes you feel comfortable. There’s no right or wrong way and go a natural whether you choose big chop or transitioning.


Thanks for your reading the article- Tips and tricks on how to transition to natural hair without big chop, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article Best 8 tips for how to take care of color treated natural hair of black women for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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