how to wash a lace front wig

how to wash a lace front wig at home

Lace front wig is the most popular wig in black women wig wears, because it has many special features, such as breathable, light weight, invisible, flexible hairstyle, these special feature offer a natural appearance of wig and make the wears feel comfortable and confidence, when they put the lace front wig on. When you first get lace front wig form online or your local beauty shop, or wear it for a long time you should consider to how to wash a lace front wig at home.

Keeping the lace front wig clean is very important for your health and prolong its using life-span. Otherwise, the dirty and grease will build-up underneath the lace front wig to affect your own hair and scalp health, the lace front wig also will become dull and not gloss.Here we will share all things you should know about how to wash a lace front wig?

Construction of lace front wig

Before washing the lace front wig, we should know its construction, so that we can exactly make it clean. As its name, the biggest special of the wig is that there is a lace in the front of the wig. The most popular lace front wig type is 4×4 lace closure wig, 13×4 lace front wig, and 360 lace front wig. Their all with lace frontal, the difference is the lace area. Besides the lace, they are all composed of elastic net, 3-4 pcs combs, adjustable strap, of course hair strands.

Now most wig manufacturer, in order to wig more secure when customers wear it, all wigs have been add a extra elastic band. Even if gale weather you wear the lace front wig, do not worry it can be blown over by wind at all.

how to wash a lace front wig
how to wash a lace front wig

Should i wash the lace front wig before the first installing?

Yes, you must wash it, please no longer consider the question. Just need to consider how to wash a lace front wig. Maybe you open the wig package, the instruction or the vendor tell you that the lace front wig have been washed and clean before it leaves wig manufacturer, but you also need to wash it, as you do not know how long it have been stocked before be sold and what happen when shipment process. If it do not properly stock, easily cause bacteria build-up and growth louse.

Another benefit is the lace wig can replenish moisture and get maintenance, which make lace front wig gloss and smooth, also can extend its using life-span.

How to wash a lace front wig?

Sine there are so much benefit to washing a lace wig, we will share a step-by-step guide on how to properly wash a lace front wig, along with detailed tips and tricks.

Step 1: Prep- wash care

You need prepare some tools and hair products, such as, wide tooth combs, shampoo, conditioner, wig stand and towers. Please make sure choice the right hair products, which specifically designed for lace frontal wig, not for natural human hair.

If the wig just take off from your head, you also should remove all adhesive residue by using adhesive remover and brush, gently brush off them from the lace frontal, and well control your power, avoid tearing the lace frontal broken. You do not want leave a crack on the lace front wig.

Comb hair bottom up
Comb hair bottom up – how to wash a lace front wig at home

Using a wide tooth comb or your finger gently brush trough the wig to remove knots and tangles to avoid shedding. You should start the process from hair end to hair root step by step, until the wig thoroughly tangle-free.

Step 2: Shampoo

Soak the lace front wig in a container 20 mints to 24 hour, soak time is depended on what time and amount of adhesive you used, then rinse the wig gently under luke-warm running water, final apply some shampoo hair, stroke the hair from roots to ends, keeping the shampoo away from lace area of the wig.

how to wash a lace front wig at home

Gentaly dab the lace frontal and avoid scrubbing or rubbing the hair, as this could damage the strands. You can use some mild sulfate-free shampoo which is special designed for lace front wig and more suitable for wig texture.

Step 3: conditioner

Using cool running water rinse the wig until all the shampoo is gone, then using a towel wrap it up, gently blot the wig, can not wring the hair to remove excess water, otherwise easily damage the hair. Now the hair is not sopping wet, though it is still damp.

Just like the shampoo, apply condition to the damp hair in section by using your finger, tarting at the bottom, gently comb through the strands with your fingers, make sure every hair strands could be coated with the conditioner, keep the conditioner away from the based of the wig, as conditioner can loosen the knots on the frontal to cause hair shedding.

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how to wash a lace front wig at home

Leave the conditioner on the hair for about more then five minutes, meanwhile, you can detangle the wig using your finger or wide tooth comb, comb from the hair tip in small sections. You can not force the tangle out of the hair, should be gently separate the knots and tangles to avoid tearing the lace or cause shedding.

Once time is up, using run cold water rinse the wig as soon as possible, until making sure you get rid of all the conditioner, then gently squeeze the hair to remove the excess water, can not wring or twist the hair which easily cause tangling and damage.

Step 5: Dry

Wrapping the wig with a towel and gently blot it, can not wring or twist the hair to remove excess water, you could put it on the wig stand and let it air dry, but you should keep the hair away the directly sunlight. Minimize dry it with blow dryer. Once the wig is dry, the washing process is complete, you could consider to install it or properly store it.

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how to wash a lace front wig at home

How Often Should You Wash a Lace Front Wig?

The question do not have very standard answer, meanwhile the question very inconsistent, washing a wig reduces its using lifespan, but do not washing, also affect your hair and scalp health and wig appearance.

So if you washing it every 1-2 days, which must not be correct. If you real feel your wig appear dull or grimy, you could choice wash it. Our suggestion, if you wear it every day, you can wash it one time per 2-4 weeks, if you occasionally wear it, could wash it one time per 6-8 weeks.

Of course, above just a suggestion, you should depend on your preference and situation to make the decision.

CONCLUDE – how to wash a lace front wig at home

Above is all about how to wash a lace front wig at home , hope they are useful for you, leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the article, HOW TO MAKE A LACE FRONT WIG BY YOURSELVES for more elementary knowledge about human hair wig.

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