How to wash and condition curly human hair wig

How to wash and condition curly human hair wig

Hello everyone, today i will show how to wash and condition curly human hair wig. I have a curly human hair wig that it has been tangled.

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Brush out the curly human hair wig

I’m gonna do now is the tangled the hair using a why to comb, it’s important,l to start from the bottom and work your way up do not start from the top, it’s gonna be a lot harder to detangle this hair, you’re gonna spend hours versus minutes, so I’m gonna do this and then I will be washing this hair.

Comb hair bottom up
Comb hair bottom up- How to wash and condition curly human hair wig

Washing the curly human hair wig

Prepare hot water

I’m going to put hot water as hot as you can stand it in the sink, because once I put the wig in the sink I wanted to break down all of the products that I have put in there, there’s all of the dirt and everything like that, you will see what I’m talking about in a second.

Submerge the wig into the water about 15 minutes

Submerge the wig into the water, if you a person that doesn’t like hot water, you can always use something to push the wig down, but this is essentially what I wanted to do or what I’m going for and I’m gonna let it sit for a little bit, I had to put some more water, because the water do not fully cover the wig, then let the wig sit for about 15 minutes.

Washing it with shampoo

Now that your wig is soaked in the sink, it’s time to add some shampoo. Before I actually start washing the wig this is the shampoo that I’m choosing to use, I got it like years ago what this brand and I just stuck with it for all of my wigs, but you can us really any shampoo that you feel comfortable, it doesn’t have to be this exact brand.

Washing it with shampoo – How to wash and condition curly human hair wig

For human hair wigs, You can use whichever shampoo you like best. However, shampoo that is specifically designed for curls and is sulfate-free will be your best bet here. Any shampoo that boasts added moisture will work well here.

What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna wash the hair, but you gonna do it in a downward motion, because you don’t want to tangle your hair and all that other stuff, while you’re washing it and I’m just gonna put this shampoo everywhere to get all that dirt out of here, all of it like I want it all going

Rinsing the wig

When rinsing this wig I chose to use warm water, you can use cold water as well. I personally don’t especially if I’m not finished washing away, I’m not finished doing things with the wig I use warm into my last rinse.

Washing again

Then I’m gonna wash the hair one more time, because if you didn’t notice before the hair was dipping into the dirty water, so I’m just gonna wash it one more time, just to make sure that we got all that dirt out and then condition the hair

Prepare for condition the wig

I used some virgin coconut oil, I warmed it up, I only did a table spoon and I added my conditioner in there and mix it up, maybe some people was struggling because she running out of conditioner but I made it work. 

How to wash and condition curly human hair wig – conditioner

Put the conditioner mixing on the wig

So after you’re done mixing that up, you’re gonna put it on your wig and you’re gonna put this conditioner all over your wig, I mean all over and be sure to save a little bit, because I personally focus on the areas where it had the most tangle.

How to wash and condition curly human hair wig

You can’t tell me these curls aren’t nice , I just love seeing a wig come back to life, look at that how pretty, look how cute.

Brush the wig

The next thing we’re gonna do is I’m taking the brush and brush my hair, doing the same thing starting from the bottom working my way up to the top. I’m just gonna make sure, that it’s all smooth and still detangled and all that good stuff.

 I am just gonna do this and then if you have some more conditioner, after you go ahead and brush it, just put a little bit in your hand and just run your hands down. I don’t know how I do that to be honest, but it makes me feel better. 

Leave it in for 30 minutes – 1 hours

Last washing

because this is the last wash I am using cold water, however I normally just use warm water, so don’t mind that.

Dry and style the wig

This is the wig after I have washed it and now I’m just styling it, how I like it to be styled on a regular basis, you can put this wig on a mannequin hair a bedpost really whatever will hold it, I’m just gonna let it air dry, I’m gonna put any heat to this wig any of it.

How to wash and condition curly human hair wig – final result

This is the final result, so looking at this wig, I realized one thing, I forgot to do this, whenever it was wet I normally take just a tad bit of oil and run it through the wig while it’s wet so it’ll keep those curls from getting frizzy, totally forgot to do that, but it’s okay because the way it still came out nice, but this is the result of the wash I love it, I hope you guys do too.


How often should I wash my curly wig?

  • It depends on how often you use your wig and the conditions.
  • If you wear your wig every day and will style it with hair products, or you live in a hot and humid area, you should wash your wigs once every 7 to 10 days.
  • Or else, wash it every 5 to 10 wears should be fine. Please don’t wash your wig too often like our natural hair, and it will cause your wig to dry out.
  • Expect to wash your hair more often if you live in a hot, humid area.

How do you maintain a curly human hair wig?

  1. Make use of alcohol-free, Paraben, and Sulfate-Free hair products on your hair
  2. Wash and condition your wigs regularly
  3. Divide your curly wig into small sections and detangle it with your hand first, then with a wide-tooth brush when it’s wet and soaked with a conditioner or detangler
  4. Air-dry the human hair wig. When it’s dry, apply leave-in conditioner or hair oil on the hair
  5. If possible, always take off your wig before going to bed


Thanks for your reading the article, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article How to thin out bangs on wig using thinning shears for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs.

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