how to wear lace front wigs without glue

How to wear lace front wigs without glue?

Lace front wig is the most popular option for black women, how do you secure your lace front wig, i believe many wig wearers choice apply glue, which can effective secure lace front wig on head and avoid slipping, especially super wind days, but they all experience the glue bring to messy. In fact you have another option, do you want to know how to wear lace front wigs without glue? Please kindly keep read the article.

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Why do you discard glue?

1. It is not good for your healthy

Glue is made by chemical, which isn’t exactly skin-friendly. Glue can affect your healthy, clog up your pores at your hairline, these clogged pores can damage hair follicles and affect your own natural hair growth, and there are the potential for acne. Irritating your skin, make you feel uncomfortable. If your skin is sensitive, please consider carefully before you using glue.

Some of glue maybe contain latex, which is possibly the critical reason to cause wears allergic reactions. And also lead to hair strands dried out, rashes, and loos of hair.

2. Glue messy

Glue is messy, you can not forget these trouble when you apply glue, which must make you very pain, have you gotten your fingers stuck together, when you try to use super glue?  Have you taken many time to clean the glue residue on the lace, when you remove your lace front wig? That all very painful experiences, you do not want to experience them again.

How to wear lace front wigs without glue
How to wear lace front wigs without glue – Glue messy

3. Difficult to remove lace front wig

Glue very effectively secure your lace wig on you head, whatever occasion and weather, you do not worry about the lace wig will slip from your head, to make you so calming and confidence. Meanwhile, glue also make you are difficult to remove lace front wig from you head, when you want to washing and maintain your own hair and the lace front wig. You should take a long time to take it off using some chemical liquid remover, which also there are risk of irritating skin, and all process should very carefully, as the lace very delicate and very easily be damaged, if you roughly tug it.

Wearing lace front wigs without glue

How to wear lace front wigs without glue? Life need more option, also there are some others wig wearing method that do not need glue. If you can properly use them, these method also very secure, and very easily remove the lace front wig from head, also save your precious time, get rid of these mess scene, when you using glue.

Bobby pins

For female you must not be strange with bobby pins, when you are a little girl, mom should up your baby hair with the bobby pins, even if now, you also have many bobby pins in your make up tool box. How to wear lace front wigs without glue? Use bobby pins also can help you secure the lace wig. At night, you can easily remove them from your head, meanwhile take off your lace front wig.

Even if you do not have bobby pins, which very easily be bought in your local beauty store, please kindly note, there are many type of forms, shapes, size and colors, please make sure select type with the same color and suit for your hair color and thickness, and relatively high quality, flexible enough and durable. If you feel do not comfortable, have a headache, swap them out for another products

how to wear lace front wigs without glue
how to wear lace front wigs without glue – bobby pins

Before you use the bobby pins, you have to tie or braid your natural locks first, ensure your hair as flat as possible, do no have any big bump,you could use some styling products, such as gel or hairspray. Place the hair, start from the front of the hair and move to the back, then through mirror to adjust the system to in the right position you desire.

Then take bobbin pins to start securing the lace front wig. Carefully lift up a section of hair system and slide the bobby ping= both the wig and natural locks. The process also need from the front to back, until around your entire head and ensure secure, if you feel no secure, should add more bobby pins. If you want to wear wigs without glue, bobby pins is a good method.

Combs and Clips

Now many wig manufacturer offer the wig with some combs and clips. But commonly their offer the quantity of combs and clips and sew-in position is difference. So you should check these to make sure wig secure. The standard secure match is 4 pcs of combs or clips, each sew-in your wig inner, one located at head’s top, one located in the back toward the neck’s nape, the other two pcs are above each of your ears.

wear a lace front wig with clips and combs – How to wear lace front wigs without glue

Of course, if you still think is not secure, also can sew-in more combs or clips in your lace front wig. Do not worry about the cost of these clips ad combs, they are very cheap and easily find and buy from your local beauty store. Your lace front wig with this combs and clips will help you easily wear your wig in the morning and remove it at the end of the day.

Grip band

Grip band is very useful to help your secure wig, especially for the people do not have hair or hair few. The method is to increase friction area by wear a grip band on head to avoid wig slip. You should choose velvet grip band, there are velvet material on both sides of grip band, which can relieve pressure points on your head and avoid irritation your head skin. It is very easily install and take off. If you wear it over a wig cap, the effect will be more better. How to wear lace front wigs without glue? grip band is good option.

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how to wear lace front wigs without glue – velvet grip band

Elastic band

Elastic band is the best effective method for securing your lace wig without glue, just a little sewing process, sew a stretchable band into the side of the hair replacement system. Once you run the strip over your head from ear to ear, the wig will be secured, whether you also think it is a quick and effective method? Especially, in the hurry morning, you very need the method of secure wig.

How to wear lace front wigs without glue – elastic band

How length the stretchable band you need? Which is most important for the method. The stretchable band is too long, the strip will be too loose, can not secure the wig, but too short, the strip will be too tight, to lead you headache or uncomfortable. So you should use the right length of stretchable band for your lace front wig.

CONCLUDE – How to wear lace front wigs without glue

Above is all about how to wear lace front wigs without glue, hope they are useful for you, leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the article, HOW LONG CAN YOU WEAR A LACE FRONT WIG for more elementary knowledge about human hair wig.

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