human hair lace closure wig

How to wash and style a human hair lace closure wig

How to wash your human hair lace closure wig

This wig is got from sunmay hair, it cames with a closure, but if you have a wig that came with a frontal, it’s the same technique can also be very useful for washing the wig.

Prepare before washing

So for this you need your comb of course and any shampoo of your choice and any condition of your choice. I would say to be nice to use a shampoo and a conditioner to have a very nice fragrance that way you can easily your hair is no lice at the end of human hair lace closure wig. 

If your wig is synthetic wig, please reading How to wash synthetic straight wig best tutorial for beginner , hope it is useful for you!


Warm water is very important

We’re going to be washing with warm water, please do not cold water, not hot water. specifically warm water try to make sure your water is not so hard, because it’s gonna burn your hair and change the strength of your human hair lace closure wig maybe make it coyly or whatever what just specifically warm water.

human hair lace closure wig
human hair lace closure wig

Next I concentrated the shampoo on the scalp, that is the net area of the hair of the wig. Let me treat the shampoo on the net, itself try to scrub it properly and also part of the hair try to scrub it gently especially, if you use glue and whatever to hold down your human hair lace closure wig, this is time for you to scrub it gently, especially on the net so that you don’t pull out any strand of hair or scrub it gently, in order to be able to remove all the deaths on the lace and the glue that you used.

This hair is damp getting, and I know this is the same thing, we most of us our hair is dirty, like the human hair lace closure wig begging you to please please please wash me, a I have a lot of time at home, so I’ll say it’s a very good time for you to take out the initiative to wash your hair, just make sure that is neat and most of us would take I had to the sullen and pay a lot of money to do it, you cannot go through it at home.

In fact it’s really really very easy to do, one thing I want you to pay attention to is that I came from washing this hair in a vertical position, I didn’t try to like scratch it. I did to the head and holding the hair up in a vertical position, so that I don’t destroy the pattern of the hair or tangle the hair, the most importantly you don’t want to tangle the hair up and keep this straight, so that the hair doesn’t tangle up, when the water is clean showing that the hair is clean almost, but not 100% clean one, I can see it won’t represent clean, because water is like almost clear.

Condition the hair

I’m going to go ahead and condition the human hair lace closure wig, if you’re not very sure of your hair wig is human hair lace closure wig or it’s a synthetic wig, I advise that you try to see my other article about wash your synthetic wig and care for them. but if you’re sure that is human hair wig, then of course you can go ahead , I tried to saturate the hair with conditioner, like I am very very generous with the amount of conditioner that I put on the hair and then an after then you can comb the hair when it has enough conditioner on it.

human hair lace closure wig

Now you can go ahead and comb the human hair lace closure wig, try not to comb the hair when it doesn’t have a lot of conditioner in it or when you haven’t put conditioner in it just come only way you have conditioner and this is your time to just the same way, you wash your own hair try to detangle remove the knots.

I tried my best to separate the knot and if you cannot try your best to just pinch out and draw the knot without, entangling more hair to it feel more attention to the lace, but the hair that is on the lace of your head of the wig, because if you don’t do that very carefully, you’re going to drag off a lot of hair on the lace and when you are done you’ve been having some bad part of you on your wig, so you don’t want that, so try to carefully separate that comb the hair, carefully everything do it calmly, don’t be aggressive, just try to do it calmly. After that I will let this hair conditioned for a while, I put it in a poly bag, what I’m doing tied it and let it sit for a while.

human hair lace closure wig

This is the amount of breakage or fallout or whatever you call it that I got from this wig, I’m not mad at it at all, it’s not crazy she’s just there, it’s normal it’s normal.

Rinse out the conditioner

I am going to run the water again through it to rinse out the conditioner, again leaving the hair in a vertical position I tried my best not to you know the tangel the process of the head, it’s straight we just keep doing it in that vertical position don’t you know don’t try to cause more tangles for yourself and if you don’t have running water, you can try to do it in a very big bowl with a lot of space that way it’s gonna help you to make sure that you’re not that you have a lot of space to still leave the haina vertical position, use a lot of water and keep the minute in a vertical position and then again drive the hair in a vertical position everything in a vertical position, in order to reduce the amount of tangles that we have on this wig, if you’re game for your wet hair loop you can as well just finish up here put some news and some gel and your coochie but me know I want my hair straight back.

blow-dry the hair

I tried to blow-dry the hair to dry it, because I just want to do it, but if you have a lot of time, you can just leave it on your foam model head or whatever, you can like me I’m trying it on the I’m using a blow dryer to get it to dry very quickly, because I want to straighten the head.

human hair lace closure wig
human hair lace closure wig

These things are no hard trust me if you don’t have the Foam model head and call your brother or your sister or whosoever around you. Bribe them with anything maybe a movie or whatever or some money, I don’t know how to put the hair on their head and go ahead to straighten it like gently, try to part it take out bit by bit and straighten the hair calmly, you see the result at the end of the day, it’s amazing and you will love it.

human hair lace closure wig
human hair lace closure wig

Once I’m done to get the button to lay flat this is what I do, I passed my blow my straightener on it like you can see I don’t know how to describe what I’m doing, but I can see exactly what I’m doing,  this makes the pattern to lay flat on your head, it makes you look more natural,so you can try it on your wig, I don’t know how to describe the effect, but just try it on your wig and you will get of the difference

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