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How to clean glue off of your lace frontal from human hair lace front loose deep wig

Today we will show how to clean glue of your lace frontal from human hair lace front loose deep wig, here is an example of a human hair lace front loose deep wig that is not fit for maintenance, the lace on this wig is very short and has less than four inch parting space, if your wig has reached this point i prefer you get a new wig, also this wig has a really good parting area that is past four inches, but the side space right here it is too short and it is not fit for maintenance as well, if your wigs look like any one of these wigs these are not fit for maintenance.

human hair lace front loose deep wig – old wig

Alcohol percentage – human hair lace front loose deep wig

Starting out you should make sure that the alcohol percentage is correct, you use at least 70% to 91% alcohol they do make 80% alcohol, but i do not recommend as your wig will have to soak in that for too long and it will prolong this process, so make sure you check the percentages of alcohol. You are going to start off by using a 91% alcohol for this tutorial, and make sure the pour enough alcohol to completely submerge all of the lace that has glue on it into the bowl.

human hair lace front loose deep wig
human hair lace front loose deep wig – alcohol

My client just took off this wig is old and sticky and dirty, she did have this wig installed for about three weeks and when she took it off the cap stayed flush to the wig. So right now i remove the cap and pull it tight until it pops off.

How to clean off the glue -human hair lace front loose deep wig

Next taking the wig and folding its lace in half, i do it one more time folding the lace in half and then folding it into another half and submerge all of that lace that has glue on it into the alcohol that we poured and let this wig or your lace sit in the bowl for 10 to 20 minutes

Takeing a towel or a rag or whatever using and make sure it’s clean when you’re getting ready to clean your lace because after 20 minutes, you’re going to squeeze the excess alcohol off of the lace.

Next unfolding the wig once you unfold your wig, you’ll see that the alcohol actually destroys the formula of the glue, it takes the glue from being sticky to a jelly rubbery type consistency, so if you use the 91 alcohol, you will see that it will remove, almost completely all of the glue off in this next process.

human hair lace front loose deep wig
human hair lace front loose deep wig

Takeing your rag and go ahead and dip it into the alcohol, just to get your rag a little damp and you’re going to use a pinching and pushing motion, you’re gonna push the glue towards the front of the lace, until it rolls off and with the jelly like consistency, that’s when you know that everything is going the way it should go.

Please make sure you’re switching from the dirty part of your rack to a clean part of the rag, making sure you start with a fresh part, you don’t want to continue to clean the whole lace with the same part of your rag. I just switching and it is coming off clean and i don’t have any glue sticking to on top of each other and back on the wig.

As you can see this method works really well and the glue is just rolling off of that lace, but sometimes your lace doesn’t get 100% clean the first time, there’s still glue on this lace right here, this part of the lace has been clean, but the rest of it still has a little bit of glue on it. 

REPEAT THE PROCESS – human hair lace front loose deep wig

So we’re going to go ahead and repeat the process over again and going to fold your wig back in half and then fold it in another half like you did before and you’re going to stick this lace in this alcohol for five minutes.

All right, so we’re gonna repeat the process, unfold your wig take your rag a new clean part of that rag and you’re gonna rub the excess glue off of that lace and during the second process this is when everything should be clean and everything should come off just make sure you’re doing your rubbing motion

Sometimes you might have to flip the wig on the outside and get that glue off but for the most part everything usually comes off in one swipe and making sure that we got all of the glue off of that lace

Brush and maintainence the wig -human hair lace front loose deep wig

Taking your bent brush and you want to detangle, your wig you want to get all of the tangles out, because next is the shampoo and conditioning process, please make sure your wig is 100 percent tangle free, before you put any shampoo conditioner or water on it. 

You’re going to take a brush and since this is a deep wave wig. That has been worn by the client. It looks like she haven’t been brushing it. I do that part for her for my clients, make sure you get all the kinks and tangles out of your wig, especially a deep wave wig before wetting it. 

Also flip that wig over on the back that neck part right there that usually turns into a dreadlock, brush that part as well do not let that part tangle up on you ladies, make sure you brush this wig or your hair out fully and you just got to do what you got to do but i am not harming this wig at all 

So here’s what i like to use to clean my lace or my hair the wigs. In general i like to use intensive hydrating conditioner and shampoo especially by the brand shea moisture, it puts the moisture back into your wig, especially when you’re using alcohol and make sure you’re using something hydrating or replenishing on your hair.

human hair lace front loose deep wig – vent brush & denman brush

Next i’m using these two brushes, the blue and on the right is a vent brush, the one on the left is a denman brush, both of these brushes are great to use in a detangling process, so like i said we’re using the shea moisture products, i know them, i trust them, i use them, all the time and we’re going to go ahead and head into the shampoo room, so that we can wash this wig.

human hair lace front loose deep wig – shea moisture

After already shampooed the wig, i do brush through my shampooing process and make sure you’re detangling the whole entire time, you’re washing a wig especially a deep wave wig.

The following conditioner process is very important as well, and make sure you’re putting the oil and moisture back throughout your hair after being worn after using the alcohol, especially my clients make sure you wash and condition your wigs, before bringing them in for a maintenance.

This is a loose deep wig, this is me just making sure that i didn’t brush all the curls out and boom your lace is clean look at that lace it is clean honey, it is ready for maintenance there is no glue, also there are no bald spots or no holes in this lace, and make sure your lace looks like this or even better than this it may look like this lace is over plucked, but trust me that’s just the baby hairs.

human hair lace front loose deep wig – lace frontal have been clean up

Here is a after of how your wig look, once it’s all cleaned and ready to be reinstalled. i don’t want to see no bald spots no holes no less than four inch parting spaces, also make sure bring your wigs in 100% dry air dry that wig i don’t care if you got to go sit on your car or outside. make sure your wig is completely clean and dry, when you bring it in for a maintenance. 


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