human hair lace front wigs

How to cut the lace off your human hair lace front wigs

 so as you might be able to tell I still have the lace on my human hair lace front wigs right now so I’m gonna cut it

and show you what I do and give you my tips and tricks. If this is your first time cutting little lace off your wig. don’t be nervous, you’ll be fine. So let’s go ahead and just get right into it.

Human hair lace front wigs
Human hair lace front wigs

Where you wan to cut your lace off your human hair lace front wigs

Alright so the first thing you want to consider is where you want to cut your Lace. I mean by that is there’s like three main ways

On your head

The first one being putting the wig on your head and cutting the lace while the wig is on your head

On Styrofoam head or mannequin head

If you have like a coarse head or a Styrofoam head or any kind of mannequin head that you can put your wig on pin it to the head and then you can touch the lace while the wig is on a mannequin head you can do that as well

In your hands or lap

If you don’t want to do either of those two you can just have the wig off and in your hands or like in your lap and just cut the lace off.

Human hair lace front wigs
Human hair lace front wigs

That is all three ways are valid options, it honestly just boils down to like personal preference which one makes you more comfortable, in which one do you think will give you the most control over. 

How you’re cutting the lace that being said I know a lot of people recommend cutting the lace while the wig is on your head as being the best option I personally think that when you cut it on your head it kind of helps the lace form to the shape of your head. I don’t know how much truth there is to that, but I know some people like to cut the lace while the wig is on their head because they like to kind of make their own hair line, so as they’re cutting they’ll kind of like mimic the dips and turns of their natural hair line or if they want to like fade away like a widow’s peak . if they have one you can do that as well,  I’m not gonna mess around with the hairline .

Human hair lace front wigs

Today so we’re just gonna go ahead and get it into you cutting the lace and I like to use small scissors, I feel like it gives you more control, so I’m using nail cutting scissors today and cut it right in the middle and this one has baby hair, should be careful not take up baby hairs.

How much do you cut is like always the question. I know a lot of people say it cut as close to the hairline as possible, I don’t like to cut too much so always cut less and you think and then if you need to cut more, you can always cut more after, but I feel like that’s like one mistake that you can do is cutting off too much.

 I do like to leave a little bit of lace. I feel like it helps blend the wig into your skin after especially, if you want to use glue or like got to be glued having a little bit of extra lace helps you make it blend.

Human hair lace front wigs

Another tip that I have is not to cut your lace like straight across , but kind of make like little wavy motions,  because if it’s straight across you kind of have that obvious demarcation of like your wig ends here and your skin starts,  but if it’s like a little bit wavy it kind of helps for it to blend a little bit better.

 I know some people use these like fun scissors a little picture here so you guys know it I mean like the little big size scissors. Some people use that. I don’t have one of those . If you want to cut in like a little bit of a wavy pattern, I think it helps to blend the wig to your skin. so I’m in a zinc arsenal of it and then when you get to this part over here you can just kind of pull it taut and continue cutting all right, this is what I have so far so I did cut it fairly close to the hairline.

Human hair lace front wigs
Human hair lace front wigs zigzag scissors

You can still see there is a little bit of lace but it blends really nicely into the skin so I’m really happy with how this is looking right now all right so this is what she looks like with all the lace cut off I’m super happy with how this turned out and I hope you feel the article is helpful especially, if you are new to human hair lace front wigs and new to cutting lace let me know in the comments down below. If you guys must see any other article from here because do want to create like a beginner series for people who are beginners to wigs, so let me know if you have any questions, thanks in advance. 

Human hair lace front wigs
Human hair lace front wigs


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