if hair need protein or moisture

How to know if hair need protein or moisture

When i first started doing my hair natural curly, i didn’t know how to know if hair need protein or moisture, there was such thing as a protein moisture balance and when you have that protein moisture balance, it makes your hair beautiful your curls bouncy, you’re gonna have hardly any frizz,  it’s just the balance that every curly girl needs and her hair routine. 

Hair porosity – if hair need protein or moisture

The first thing to think about when you’re trying to decide whether your hair needs protein or moisture is first off to know your hair porosity and your hair porosity is essentially grades, one being the lowest porosity, two being medium to high and then when you get into the three four category that means that your hair is very high porosity.

How to tell if your hair is low medium to normal or high porosity is essentially looking back at your hair history, and to see if your hair has ever been bleached, if it has always been color treated, if it has any type of coloring to it at all or if your hair has never been color treated, but it just has a little bit of damage.

Grade 1: Low (No chemical damage, some heat damage)

Grade 2: Normal/Medium (color damage)

Grade 3: High (Bleached, lots of color damage)

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if hair need protein or moisture

How to judge your hair porosity grade?

For me i consider my hair low porosity and the tests that you can do for your hair to figure out what porosity, it is is to just take a section of hair and to spray water on that section of hair.

If you have droplets on your strands that are not being absorbed, then you have low porosity; If you have some droplets, but you can tell that your hair is taking up that water, then you have medium to normal porosity; If you spray your hair and instantly there are no droplets whatsoever your hair has just completely sucked up all that water, then you know your hair is high porosity.

I consider myself a low porosity, because one when i do the spray test there’s droplets on my hair and they don’t go anywhere, my hair has never been color treated , bleached and dyed in any way shape or form, i do have some heat damage which really when you think about it heat damage compared to bleaching your hair is really nothing, so my hair is a low porosity.

Elasticity Test – if hair need protein or moisture

Another test you can try, to figure out if hair need protein or moisture is called the elasticity test, you essentially just take one single strand of hair, if you pull it tight and it has good stretch to it and it doesn’t break or it doesn’t stretch and keep stretching, then you know your hair has the perfect protein moisture balance;

If you tug on that strand of hair and it immediately breaks, you need moisture; if you pull on that strand of hair in it you can just keep pulling and pulling and pulling an let go, it doesn’t bounce back, then you need protein. 

So it’s really simple and easy to kind of figure out if hair need protein or moisture. That’s the first step to figuring out your hair. If you already have products that you’re using and you have had really great hair days, i would say you probably don’t have to worry about protein moisture balance right now.

But if your hair is starting to get really tangly, if it’s looking extremely frizzy if you’re using products and it’s just like your hair looks ridiculous, then you probably need to figure out if hair need some more protein in your hair routine or if hair need some more moisture. 

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if hair need protein or moisture

Pick the right products, if hair need protein or moisture

A way that we can get that protein moisture balance in our hair routine is by the products that we use, since my hair is low porosity i don’t need a ton of protein in my hair routine. For me i have figured out that, even if i use a shampoo and conditioner that have a ton of protein in it, my hair does not like all of that protein, it is too much protein for my hair.

My hair is frizzy, my curls aren’t curly there’s a lot of breakage, that’s why i don’t have to put a ton of protein in my hair routine, because i know that if i do too much my hair already is gonna hate it. So i focus mostly on moisture, if i do need to incorporate some protein in my hair care routine, i will go for a shampoo that has some protein in it.

How to choice the products have protein in it?

The really easy way to figure out if hair need protein, if your shampoo and conditioner have protein in it is just to look on the back label, if anything says hydrolyzed protein keratin strengthening rebuilding, any of those words it’s going to have protein in it, you can look on the back it’ll say soy hydrolyzed protein or wheat protein anything any of those kinds of words it is protein, it’s going to help restore and rebuild your hair.

if hair need protein or moisture
if hair need protein or moisture

So when i look for products when i know hair need protein, i look at the back and i figure out how much of the protein ingredients there are, if there’s only one or two, i could probably get away with using a shampoo and a conditioner that have protein in it, but if the shampoo has a ton of proteins in it i know i only just have to use that one shampoo, because if i use a shampoo and conditioner and then a leave-in that have all protein in it, it’s not going to be a good hair day for me.

For lower porosity hair you can absolutely get away with, just using a shampoo and a conditioner that has protein in it, for you to get a good protein moisture balance if your hair needs protein; For a medium to normal porosity hair, you can use a shampoo and conditioner and maybe one styling product; For a high porosity hair i would suggest using a shampoo and conditioner and several styling products that have a protein in it.

How to choice moisture products?

If you do the elasticity test on your hair, just snaps you pull it and it breaks immediately. Hair need moisture and i feel like to find products that have moisture in it. It’s a lot easier to find than products that have protein in it, because the words for adding moisture is a lot more easier to find.

On your products you can use a shampoo and conditioner, that have moisturizing replenishing helping with frizz and all of your styling products, a lot of the products that i use are for dry hair, helps with frizz or actually has moisturizing on the label, all of those products are going to help give your hair moisture.

How to make hair protein and moisture balance?

For a lower porosity hair you are going to need your protein moisture balance is not going to be like 50 50. Your protein is going to be way less than your moisture, because hair doesn’t need as much protein as a higher porosity; For a higher porosity hair you’re going to use more products that have protein in it than maybe moisture or an equal amount of each, protein and moisture that’s in your products, that you’ll use every single wash day.

if hair need protein or moisture
if hair need protein or moisture

For me i haven’t used protein and a shampoo in several months and that’s just my low porosity hair, others might have of low prostate hair also, but might have to use a protein shampoo and conditioner once a month to keep their hair at that nice balance, so when you have finally figured out what your hair needs, what your hair porosity is, what your hair elasticity is, what products to use how much of each product to use, if you have a low porosity hair or if you have normal to medium or high porosity, getting that protein moisture balance, exact in your routine might take

A little bit if you’re still new to styling your hair curly or figuring out what products your hair likes. It’s definitely going to be a trial and error thing, just to figure out how much protein your hair likes and how much moisture your hair likes, getting a good balance, but when you get a good balance, you’re going to know that you have a good balance, because you’re going to have really great hair days. Your hair is going to be less frizzy and tangly, your curls are going to be very bouncy and shine.

CONCLUSION – if hair need protein or moisture

Thanks for your reading the article – How to know if hair need protein or moisture. and I hope this helped if you are looking to get you get rid of them let me know your decision down below, if you have decided which type you’re gonna get Besides the areticle, you also check this article COMMON CAUSE OF HAIR BREAKAGE AND HOW TO STOP BREAK HAIR for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs.

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