lace closure wigs human hair human hair wigs for women

How to wearing lace closure wigs human hair wigs for women the right way?

“I’m wearing my lace closure wigs human hair wigs for women. What’s the best way to wear it? ” That is a common concern among first-time hairpiece owners/wearers. We fully grasp that in a very hairpiece for the initially time is often a daunting experience. But most of us hope that this kind of guide will response your questions.

My First Wig: What’s the Best lace closure wigs human hair wigs for women

lace closure wigs human hair human hair wigs for women
lace closure wigs human hair wigs for women

You would want a subtle transition from your style and natural color. Hence, it’s ideal to choose a wig that is close to your natural color and cut. It will make you feel more comfortable. Experiment with new and different styles. Ask your stylist to help you cut it into a shape that complements your facial features.

Wearing Hair Away from Your Face

If you want to wear it this way, then opting for a lace front wig is a perfect choice. It lets you part your hair that suits you best. If you suffer from complete hair loss, a lace front wig is a great option.

Wanting to Experiment with Different Styles
To change up your style, choose to wear hand-tied wigs. Each hair is hand-tied onto a cap to provide a comfortable fit. There are also no wefts to imitate natural hair growth.

Sizing for Beginners

The average-sized wig is the most popular choice. It has a circumference of 22 inches. Some have adjustable pull straps to tighten them to fit snugly on your scalp.

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lace closure wigs human hair wigs for women

Preparing Your Hair

Preparing nice hair before placing on your hairpiece is pertinent, particularly when you have part hair loss. This ensures that you continue to have natural curly hair that you desire to cover. When you have brief hair, brush this away from the particular face and pin number it in location on the again side of your current head. Use several hairspray to retain it in location. However, if a person have long curly hair, you might need to tie this. Then, cross all of them over. Secure these clips.

Using a Wig Cap

In most cases, you do need to wear a wig cap. Position it on your natural hairline. Tuck away stray hairs into the cap. Use clips to secure them in place.

Putting the Wig On

Give your wig up to two good shakes before putting it on. Bend your head first and place your thumbs on the parts of the wig, where the adjustable straps are found. Pull it toward your head. Touch the front of your wig to your eyebrows. The hair that is inside the wig must be placed inside the back of the wig. Use your fingers to pull the wig back. Doing so will make sure that the wig sits on your hairline.

How to Start Wearing “My First Wig”?

  1. Invest in the Right Wig

Before you even start to worry about how to wear your first wig, you need to invest first in the right wig and accessories. If you suffer from complete hair loss, investing in a wig cap can provide many benefits because the cap can be a protective barrier for your scalp.

13x4 lace front straight bob wigs near me human hair wigs for women
13×4 lace front straight bob wigs near me human hair wigs for women
  1. Adjust to Your Head’s Size

It takes a few days for wigs to break in. Thus, you need to consistently use it for three days so it will conform to your head shape. Since every head shape is unique, it can take some time for it to conform to your head. If you have difficulty adjusting your wig, you must first adjust its straps and go from there. That is, if it’s too tight, spray some water on it to stretch the wig.

  1. Try Various Styles

There’s a myriad of styles available. Your everyday style can open to various possibilities. For instance, you can choose straight wigs to help you look good with any outfit. Or you can choose a curly look to spice things up on some occasions. Be sure to style the wig to help you achieve the look that you want.

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  1. Tuck Your Hair

To give yourself a natural, effortless look, make sure to tuck in your hair. You may use pins, braids, gel, or pinning curls up to keep your hair tucked before fitting the wig. Don’t worry about the best tucking process. The one you must choose is what looks and feels most secure for you.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize

Accessories can make you look chic. That’s why they are your wig’s BFF. They also protect its durability. For instance, you can use scarves or clips to give your wig an exquisite touch. Before you add adornments, make sure to secure your wig first. You should try wearing hats to protect your head against UV rays. Because they are also helpful in reducing the speed of the wig’s color from fading. After wearing the wig, clean it. It can help the wig to last longer.

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