lace closure wigs human hair

How to bleach pluck and customize a LACE closure WIGS HUMAN HAIR like a PRO – PART 1

Hello Everyone, today i’m going to be showing you how to bleach pluck and customize your lace closure wigs human hair like a pro so make sure y’all get ready because we get it right into it. I know that’s right baby so of course, you’ll need the below tools

  • 1.Bleach
    2. Developer
    3. Aluminum Foil
    4. Mixing bowl
    5. Mixing brush to apply bleach
    6. Blow dryer (optional)
    7. T pins (optional)
    8. Mannequin head (optional)
    9. Plastic Cap (optional)

How to bleach lace closure wigs human hair

Step 1: Pour some of the bleach in the mixing bowl.

Making a flawless unit is bleaching your lace, whether it be a frontal or closure the most important thing to know, when bleaching your laces is that you want to keep the consistency of the concoction very thick, so that way it doesn’t seep through the lace and get onto the hair, even though it’s fixable it just gives you more work and it’s easier to just get it right the first time.

lace closure wigs human hair
lace closure wigs human hair

TIP #1 have a 2:1 bleack to developer ratio for a thicker consistency

One thing i would say though is if you’re a beginner you should probably measure how much bleach and developer that you’re using that way you don’t end up overusing product as in having to pour more product that you really need and having to wash out the rest and just waste it even though it’s not super expensive it’s not free so we still want to save our coins so the first mixture that i made was too liquid, so i had to pour more powder and make it a little bit thicker this is how thick your concoction should be it should not be dripping or oozing it should just be thick with two seats double cheeked up on Thursday, that’s how we need it.

Step 2: Put the bleach onto the closure -lace closure wigs human hair

lace closure wigs human hair
lace closure wigs human hair –Put the bleach onto the closure

When you’re doing this you want to make sure that you start from the back of the closure, because as soon as you put that bleach on the lace, it starts processing the front knots are a lot thinner than the back knots and if you put it on the front, the front will be over bleached by the time you walk go back to wash it out, so you always want to start from the back and work your way up to the hairline.

TIP #2 Do not be heavy handed while applying bleach to the lace

Another major important role while applying bleach to your lace is that you want to have a light hand light as a feather. I’m doing this very lightly, it’s with good reason if you go too hard on it no matter, even if your concoction is thick or thin or whatever it will go through the lace, you will push it through the lace, so you do not want to have a heavy hand while you’re doing this because again it will give you more work in the end.

So after you finish putting the bleach on, you want to make sure that it covers everywhere even the knots in the very front you want all of that to be covered, now this is probably the easiest part in the whole process.

Step 3: Place your closure on a piece of aluminum foil.

lace closure wigs human hair
lace closure wigs human hair

TIP #3 wrap the lace in foil to make sure the knots bleck to their full potential

We’re just going to put the closure into the foil just so that the foil helps to the knots reach maximum bleaching capacity and you just get the most out of your product and we’ll let that sit for about 30 minutes then wash it out wrap the lace in foil.

Step 4: Tone the knots and wash the clousre.

30 minutes later as you’re letting your hair bleach, you also want to make sure that you’re checking just so you don’t over bleach. It because the time that you need to leave bleach on the closure or frontal depends on the hair that you have and how thick those knots are and different companies have different thicknesses of is that work it is now but different companies have different levels of thickness for their knots, so it varies from company to company as you saw in mine earlier mine were very small, so it makes it perfect for bleaching.

lace closure wigs human hair
lace closure wigs human hair – wash the closure

TIP #4 tone the knots after bleaching to avoid brassiness

I always get the best results using my hair when you’re washing out the bleach. there’s no specific method that you need to do here. However it is recommended that after washing out your bleach that you want to tone your knots. It’s not something that you have to do, but i would definitely recommend it along with a lot of other professional wig makers, because the knots can get brassy, even though while you’re washing it may not look like it’s brassy, but eventually down the line there could be some brassiness and just to avoid that before it happens that’s why it’s recommended to go ahead and tone your knots at once so you don’t have to worry about the issue later.

I like to do to sell my knots is of course i’m going to use the shimmer lights, shampoo well me personally, i use the conditioner only, because when i grabbed the bottle, i thought it was the shampoo, but when i got home, i realized that it was the conditioner, because the consistency is a lot more liquid than the shampoo and for that reason, i don’t like to rub it on the lace, because it will it’ll turn the knots white and that’s not exactly what i’m going for i don’t want my knots to be white, because it looks ashy, so i would mix it in with some warm water and just make it like a water dye type of concoction going you know you guys see what i’m doing and then i will put the lace inside of the water and let it sit there for some time.

lace closure wigs human hair – tone the knots

Another reason why i prefer the watercolor toning method is because for some reason when i rub the conditioner shampoo directly on the lace and leave it, let it sit, it will stay in the lace and give me a hard time when it’s time to wash it out, so i just found with this method, i don’t have to deal with any of that, it’s still tones and knots, just how i want them to be. so after 45 minutes i came back and i washed out the toner from the closure and if you follow these steps, you’re gonna have a perfect lace piece every time.

Key Points -bleach lace closure wigs human hair :

1. Don’t pour out all the bleach because all of it is NOT needed.
2. Make sure you DON’T make the bleach mixture runny at all. It NEEDS to be thick.
3. Make sure all the baby hairs are out of the way BEFORE you begin bleaching your closure.
4. Keep the bleach on until all the knots AREN’T noticeable anymore.
5. Make sure you apply enough bleach to the closure to ensure you got all the knots.
6. Wait until your knots turn a honey blonde color NOT platinum blonde! then rinse bleach out.
7. Wash lace closure with Neutralizing shampoo to stop the processing of the chemicals from the bleach. Or you can use Shimmer Lights shampoo.

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lace closure wigs human hair

How to plucking lace closure wigs human hair

We’re about to go into plucking which is actually not super hard, but it can be a little tricky especially if you’re a beginner and one thing i would say about it is a little time consuming like you can’t really rush on plucking, especially if you want to get the most natural looking results, you really have to take your time and be diligent with it.

After you t pin your lace closure wigs human hair down, you’re going to go ahead and get your hot comb ready, because you will be back, i like to use two different types of tweezers this one is a flat head tweezer and the other one is an angle head tweezer, when you go in i like to section off just a little bit in the front, some people say that they don’t like to do this, because it creates a line of demarcation, but honestly if you know what you’re doing you can fix that line, i think it’s better for beginners to start off like this, because sometimes when you just start plucking right at the hairline it tends to push the hairline back and make it look like it’s balding, so just to be sure that you don’t have that problem.

TIP #5 make sure you have new and precise tweezers

lace closure wigs human hair – tweezers

It’s okay to part off some hair in the front whether you want baby hairs or not it’s just to be on the safe side i forgot to mention earlier, but i got these tweezers off amazon a while ago, i’m doing here is obviously plucking, when you pluck, it’s going to be a lot of plucking brushing hot combing plucking brushing hot combing it’s kind of just like the routine that goes you have to brush out the hair that you already so you see what it’s looking like and then you hot comb it so it can be flat if you are a beginner and you’re just starting out .

lace closure wigs human hair
lace closure wigs human hair – tweezers

TIP #6 purchase a hotcomb, because you will need one

I do suggest investing in a hot comb i got this hot comb from the beauty supply i believe and it works just fine for me there are a lot of hair stylists that sell hot combs on instagram and they’re like oh it gets your you know your closures or your hair so flat and it probably does but i can’t afford to pay for a seventy dollar hot comb and i can get twenty dollars and it does the same thing

lace closure wigs human hair
lace closure wigs human hair – hotcomb

So with that being said you can go to the nearest beauty supply store, even walmart hasn’t been on amazon a lot of place you can get them for cheap, especially if you’re just starting out you don’t want to put so much money into tools, you’re just starting to figure out how to use. 

TIP #7 pluck, skip, pluck, skip

I like to pluck is to go in the pattern of pluck skip pluck skip. i’m sure you’ve heard of this or seen this with other youtube videos or other wig stylist or lace stylist. they tell you to go in the pattern of pluck skip. it’s just so that you don’t pluck too much in one area and end up making a bald spot or just you don’t want it to be over plucked you want your hairline looking real natural, so when your client puts on their lace and they melt it looks flawless.

lace closure wigs human hair
lace closure wigs human hair – pluck, skip

TIP #8 hot comb your baby hair in the direction you want them to lay

I like to section off hair across the hairline and pluck behind it a little bit the reason why i like to do that is because it makes my hairline look uber natural like it makes it look so good you guys versus when people just pluck in the front i don’t like how it looks because you can definitely tell though you can see the line of demarcation where they stop plucking.

I like my plucking to be very uneven, because the natural real hairline is not even it’s not all you know. i’m saying like symmetrical, it’s very asymmetrical, it’s different patterns, it generally just looks different, it doesn’t look very like it doesn’t look like, it’s in unison. That is why i like to go deeper into the lace and just pluck a little bit more, because it gives it more of that natural look and everybody loves a natural looking hairline

lace closure wigs human hair
lace closure wigs human hair

Finally we’re going to go into making our part, my client wanted a middle part with some baby hairs as you can see. I got the baby hair out already. so we’re just about to get straight into parting, so what i like to do for my part is and i’m not sure if a lot of people do this honestly. I didn’t even really much have to flush the part like i know.

I’m doing right now is hot combing just to make sure everything lays flat where i want it to be that the parts in the middle. The way that i make my wigs i sew my closure on lace that’s just how i do it that’s my style.

I know some people like to sew their clothes on first and then they sew around it but i just like to sew my closure on lace and sew the bundles on first, so it blends onto the cap first and then i just put the closure on lace, so by this point in the process i had already sewn on the bundles to the cap so while i was preparing the closure to be sewn onto the cap.

I also just went in and prepared it to be styled as well, that’s why i went in and i completely tried to get it real flat and ready, once i put on the closure all i have to do is straighten the bundles and she was going to be ready to go.

lace closure wigs human hair
lace closure wigs human hair

TIP #9 pluck your part to give a more precise look

I didn’t really have to go in and pluck the parting because like i said scalpiana, but just to make sure that the parting is completely straight, i’m saying no no lumps no bumps, i just went ahead and plucked it plus i like everything to be you know quote unquote perfect, so i’m gonna make sure that in my eyes everything looks good, the part was already you know very straight

I just went in and i plucked it some more now this is tea towel number two plucking your closure is something that i have recently gone on to , like a couple months ago i used to just be like well if you know what i’m saying if it’s straight it looks straight it looks good, i’m gonna leave it like that but i definitely notice a difference from when you pluck versus when you don’t pluck it’s not a very major difference, but to a trained eye there is a difference and i prefer the results of when it is plucked versus when it’s not plucked in the middle or in the part with that being said pluck your parts.

But be very careful not to pluck too wide you know what i’m glad i said that because the thing about plucking your parts is you don’t want to pluck it from side to side, you want to go up and down the part, if you have a curved part you want to go curved along the part in a straight line, you do not want to widen your part because that will cause premature shedding. you’re going to be two weeks three weeks into wearing your wig and it’s gonna be falling apart alopecia

lace closure wigs human hair
lace closure wigs human hair – baby hair

okay and that’s not what we’re looking for, so now i am mapping out my baby hairs which is probably something you don’t see people do often, but when it comes to closures and people wanting dramatic baby hairs on a closure, especially a four by four with it being, i’m saying we have such limited space i do like to plan out how.

 i’m gonna scoop them before i start cutting them, just to make sure if i need to add more hair into the soup or take hair out or you know just to make sure everything fits and it looks even, because the my one of my biggest pet peeves is when people have a closure or not even, just people when i make a closure and the baby hairs make the closure look uneven. You just have to know what i’m talking about, but that is why i started quote-unquote mapping out my baby hairs especially on closures, because when they want dramatic baby hairs honey, we gotta do them but we still want the lace to look nice we don’t want it to look tacky.

lace closure wigs human hair
lace closure wigs human hair

TIP #10 do not be heavy haned when doing lace closure wigs human hair bayby hairs

We’re going into laying our baby hairs for this, you will need your mousse, which doesn’t contain any alcohol in it so when you do glue your lace down, as far as losses go because of its lack of alcohol it makes the lace not to lift back up after you’ve already glued it down, so you just want to get your moves and just squirt it onto the baby hairs. After you’ve cut them obviously you put them on the baby hairs and you just lightly very ever so lightly swoop them, it’s not super tricky but it can be a little difficult, because sometimes baby hairs with it like i said being on the lace they don’t tend to stay in place.

How you would want them to, but sometimes you can get lucky, you could probably just use some more mousse and it’ll you know lay it down get some holding spray and they’ll lay it down, but you just have to swoop it to your liking figure out how you want them to be stooped, if you even want soups at all.

Sometimes people like those wavy kind of baby hairs but that’s more so for like curly hair or like pretzels but you can do whatever you want to do i just know she wanted three swoops that’s what she told me so i did three swoops i’m probably going to make a more in-depth video of how to exactly do baby hairs especially when the wig is already on because a lot of my clients always ask about that how do i relay my baby hairs you still do have to have a very light hand when you’re swooping baby hairs because if you swoop too hard you are not going to get them. 

lace closure wigs human hair
lace closure wigs human hair -baby hair

How you want and then if and then sometimes if you do get them how you want and you’re trying to brush them out and brush too hard you mess it up, no matter you know i’m saying what the case is before or after your baby hairs is laid, you always want to have a light hand when you’re dealing with baby hairs, but do y’all see that stop playing with her just in my hot cone burn her lace, it’s okay though it was just super hot and i left it laying there, but do y’all see that naturality like that looks good come on now come on that looks amazing that looks good,  i’m very proud of myself.

Thanks for your reading the article, i hope it was informatived and useful for you. In the next post we gonna go into is constructing on the sewing machine. If you also need how to sewing the wig please subscribe the blog and us, thanks.

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