Lace frontal human hair wigs ultimate melt

Lace frontal human hair wigs ultimate melt step by step beginner friendly

Today i am prepping up the lace frontal human hair wigs and this wig is from Sunmay hair and this is their brazilian body wave wig and i believe it’s 26 inches it’s either 24 or 26, i’m just basically bleaching the knots. If  you want to know how to bleached knots, please read my previous artical: Best TUTORIAL Bleaching Knots & Plucking Lace Frontal Wigs FOR BEGINNERS

Let’s just get straight into this install so right ,

Put on a stocking cap

Now i’m starting off with a tan stocking cap and don’t worry, if i’m stuttering or having a hard time, because this is so new to me it’s been a long time. so what you are see me doing right now is actually a new technique that i’ve been doing so far recently.

Lace frontal human hair wigs ultimate melt

I’m loving it so instead of using got to be free spray or holding spray at all what i’ll do is take some adhesive and the adhesive that i’m using is bold hold and i put that on my perimeter a thin thin small layer and i let that dry completely and what that does is basically,  just help the cap melt further into your skin without rolling back. I apply that all over my cap and then i go ahead and cut off the excess cap that i will not need.

so now i’m taking some sea breeze and wiping off the excess oil or makeup that got on my skin while applying it to my cap and as you can see um this is the wig so i went ahead and plucked it a little bit just went in just to do a little something. it wasn’t really too much that i had to do.

Test the fit of the lace frontal human hair wigs

Just trying on the wig. Making sure that it’s fit correctly and just placing it where, i would want to lay that and i’ve already applied the makeup to the Lace frontal human hair wigs and i use holding spray like three layers of that just to make sure that the makeup doesn’t get back on my skin.

Lace frontal human hair wigs ultimate melt

I am doing three layers of this glue and i spread it out nice and evenly and you want to make sure that you spread it out nice and evenly so that everything can dry at the same time and i like to focus a lot on the ear tab parts because that’s the part that usually will lift first um so i make sure that i get enough right there and i just really focus well on that area just so i know that it will stick properly

Apply the lace the lace frontal human hair wigs

Apply the lace and when i go in and apply the lace. I really take my time and i look through the lace to see where the glue stops at. If you have the hairline a little bit above the glue where you apply to that, because you can always go back in and apply more glue, but i i would hate it like i hated.

I would apply the glue too far ahead of the hairline and then i gotta go back in to clean it off but you can do that too because sometimes it happens you know it don’t always be perfect so either or you can manage to fix it so now i’m going in on warm heat and drying the glue and igo in with my small tooth comb just to make sure that it’s pressed in really well.Then after that i go in with my elastic band and i let that sit for five minutes until i’m ready to style.

Lace frontal human hair wigs ultimate melt
Lace frontal human hair wigs ultimate melt

Trim the lace of the Lace frontal human hair wigs

The following is cut the lace off and i like to take a little razor and i like to go in zigzag motions do not go in a straight line because you will see it. I’m going to show you guys how to fix flashback , just to make sure that you know as you see. How it’s wider than my actual skin tone, like i’m going to show you guys how to fix that.

Then finish cutting it off and taking that same makeup that i applied on my skin, i mean on my cap and on my wig and applying it to the edges of the perimeter

Lace frontal human hair wigs ultimate melt

I highly recommend that you do this step, whether or not if you see flashback or not. because it just makes the whole blending process way easier, when you apply that extra makeup on the hairline, after you glued it because it’s just it does something it does something like it’s amazing.

Create some baby hairs and foundation to the lace frontal human hair wigs hairline and part

Part out exactly where you want your baby hairs to be and i like to part out a thin layer. I used to part out like thick layers but i had to change it up because honey that did not look realistic and the thinner your baby hairs is the more natural it would be so i like to part out a thin layer of that and then after that i would go in with my holding spray and my elastic ban andl lay that on there and let it sit for like 10 minutes and what that does is just help the lace melt in your skin even more.

I part not middle part right now, but i actually ended up doing a side part, because i just love my side parts like it do something to me. so now i’m taking my cara waxing stick and i’m applying that all on the top of the hair and on the perimeter and go in with my pressing comb. i got a whole another one i don’t know why i haven’t opened it yet. I just been doing this. It just been giving me justice, so i pressed the hair out a couple of times, make sure that everything is nice and flat, because the flatter the better .I like using the pressing comb that’s on the stove because i just feel like it gives me the best results.

After pressing everything out, the following is the baby through the highways so i like to take some more holding spray and i like to take my comb with the small teeth and comb out the hairline and make the hair straight. This make a dramatic difference. It changes up the whole install. It makes everything look so sleek and neat and nice and flat and not just all over the place like so don’t forget to do this step, whether or not if you’re doing it on yourself or doing it on a client. like just by doing this it will change up your whole install .

Lace frontal human hair wigs ultimate melt

If you did all of the steps correctly and you followed what i did this is how good your lace should be sticking to your head. It’s amazing so i like to cut my baby hairs. I didn’t cut anything out for real, just to show how tedious and how it’s really not that easy.

people swoop with some edges, but just note at that time that it took them like it takes a minute, like you have to get used to everything. It’s not really that easy as long as you practice, you should be good, the more you practice the better that you will become and the quicker that you will become.

Even though i’m a stylist i still have a hard time sometimes you know especially with doing it on myself, like other people i can whip some stuff up quick. but doing it on myself, i kind of have a hard time and i try to attempt to do two swoops with the two sideburns, but my forehead was just so big i decided to just put a swoop right there in the middle. Because my forehead is just i know so i did that and let that dry. 

Lace frontal human hair wigs ultimate melt
Lace frontal human hair wigs ultimate melt

Keep playing with my baby hairs to see how i would like them and cut them shorter. if i need to just keep swooping them and just take your time while doing this step, you can use gel you can use mousse. I don’t have no problem with it. I would recommend that first before i use gel but this is just what i do and just do works best for you. take your time and just work your wrists and  don’t think too much on it, just do it. if that makes sense, i hope that makes sense.


Thanks for your reading the article, sincerely hope it is useful for you. Besides these, you also check this article What is the difference between lace closure wig, lace front wig and full lace wig?  for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs

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