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How to using lace glue to lay lace front human hair wigs

It is my first time using old hold lace glue I’ve glued my wig before, I use ghost bond that I really don’t like ghost bond is just like messy and slippery so I’m trying out something new. I’m still haven’t perfected and laying down my frontal wig like holding glue and and got to being stuff.

Make a bald cap – lace glue to lay lace front human hair wigs

It is just kind of you know trying new things improving my technique, someone who makes wigs. So I did do a bald cap and use the powder to place on my bald cap and also I placed that same powder on the lace of my wig.

lace glue to lay lace front human hair wigs 1

Adjusting the position of lace frontal wig on head

I’m just kind of like adjusting it and putting my wig on and seeing if it’s like if it lays correctly. If the baby hairs are everywhere like I like it and one thing that I learned, because this was my second attempt in that day of putting my wig down before I apply the glue, I should make sure hundred percent the wig is sitting exactly, where like it’s just it was the very first time.

I put the wig too far back and like it was too much for head too much forehead was poking out and it pissed me off because I couldn’t do anything about it because the way was glued I had to go get alcohol and wipe it all off so now I’m making sure before I even put any glue or anything down that I am happy with the way the wig is fitting on my head. That’s one tip I learned

Putting glue on one side – lace glue to lay lace front human hair wigs

so now I’m finally happy with the way the hair is fitting, one thing I learned from my first time is about working infection, like so for me, I’m still super impatient, so I just cut it into two sections, I do one side on the other side, but it is the best working sections, because you can control the lace in this way, so the first time I did it.

I try to put the glue all over my head and slap my wig on no baby hair that was just that was a hot mess thoughts been correct, but yes so here I’m just doing two layers, I might my next attempt I do three layers for a stronger hold, but now just doing two simple layers, letting one layer dry clear and then putting on the second layer and I’m using my finger, I found my finger kind of works way better than using a spatula or using a popsicle stick. I prefer to using my finger

lace glue to lay lace front human hair wigs 1

I’m just letting the layer the hair dry clear and we were gonna go on ahead and let the lace on really do not slap it on, but I’m just gonna apply it to the glue, I’d recommend for like it’s best to like have your baby hairs also combed back, because you don’t want any hair touching any potential glue. 

We got something we’ll do for the next attempt, but here I’m just going in making sure I was like pull back any like hair that can pull back and I’m gonna use my rat tail edge brush and just push the lace more into the glue and kind of kind of combed out some hairs that just get stuck to the glue.

lace glue to lay lace front human hair wigs 1

Putting glue on the other side – lace glue to lay lace front human hair wigs

I’m happy and satisfied that side I’m just gonna go ahead and do the same thing on the other side and yeah that’s pretty much it and I’m just gonna you know do my two layers and go ahead and it’s my edge brush to push the lace into the glue

Once I’m finally get satisfied with the way, the lace is laid before I go ahead and lay my baby hairs, I just want to like let the glue kind of like set onto the lace, you know someone going on this wrap the scarf around my head, like I’m gonna cut and let the baby hair everything just sets up the glue be stuff like that I did my baby hairs right after including the hair kind of it like the lace looked a little bit so yeah that’s what I feel as much better it’s just like before you do baby hairs and everything just let the glue and the lace kind of mesh together.

lace glue to lay lace front human hair wigs 1

I like the scarf stay on my head for about like 15 minutes and now I’m going in which was eco style actually no eco style going in with just my got to me glue I try these eco style, but it has like alcohol under which me my lace wig and I try to also use mousse but I wasn’t biggest fan so got to be who the yellow bottle and if I use my edges, so I’m going to go ahead and finish doing my baby hair.

Wig show – lace glue to lay lace front human hair wigs

lace glue lace front human hair wigs

This is the wig the next day I was going bowling that night so I wanted to give a very retro 90s 5 kind of a look I did record me making this hair like doing the style  and I really do enjoy the vault holds blue over the ghost bond I recommend it over that I liked it it worked way better and it lasted longer for me than my ghost bond ever did but that’s all I have for you guys thank you so much for reading the article

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