Longer hair care tips and tricks, healthier hair maintenance routine

Longer hair care tips and tricks, healthier hair maintenance routine

For some women, growing gorgeous long locks just happens naturally but for the rest of us, changing up our daily hair care routine is necessary to achieve the same results. I’m gonna share some of Longer hair care tips and tricks, healthier hair maintenance routine. let’s get into these tips.

#1 Keep your hair and moisturized

First tip is to keep your hair and moisturized, I mean with an actual moisturizer not an oil sheen spray, you want to use a moisturizer where the first ingredient is water and once you’ve moisturize, then lock in that moisture even more by covering the area with an oil, that is referred to as sealing, moisturize and seal.

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Longer hair care tips and tricks, healthier hair maintenance routine

#2 Cover your hair at night

The last thing you want to do is moisturize and seal your hair, then go to lay your head on a cotton pillowcase well, that’s going to do is suck up the moisture and your better square one. What you want to do is cover your hair with a silk or certain headscarf a bonnet, or if you’re bit lazy or can’t be trusted to cover your hair every night, then the best thing to do is invest in a silk pillowcase, you don’t need to worry about that.

That’s just gonna make sure your hair it doesn’t dry out on your classic cotton pillowcase, all the moisture that you’ve put in is just gonna stay locked in until the morning. I remember back in the day I used to cover my hair with tights and think about that now oh my god that pillowcase snatched all the moisture, so don’t cover your hair with tights, there are a few other like weird things that people said they cover their hair with, no judgement let’s switch that up for some satin or some silk.

#3 Cleanse your hair

Recently I’ve been seeing that people don’t wash their hair for six months, I do not understand how they can do that, but if that works for you that’s fine. For me because I go to the gym a lot I like to cleanse once a week, just to get rid of any sweat and build up and all that jazz. 

Obviously you do what works for you, but I would definitely suggest cleansing your hair regularly just to clear your scalp, but any product build up any dirt anything blocking your scalp and preventing growth. You also want to make sure you’re doing this with a soft fit for a shampoo that doesn’t dry out your hair.

#4 Deep conditioned

This is a very important as longer hair care tips and tricks, healthier hair maintenance routine , when I think back to the days where I just applied my conditioner and then washed it out the next minute I’m literally horrified. What you want to do is apply a deep conditioner there’s loads of deep conditioning products on the market, or if you can’t find a deep conditioner, you can just add oils to your favorite conditioner cover it with a plastic cap apply heat in the form of a steamer or hot head or back in the day, I just used a wooly hat.

Longer hair care tips and tricks, healthier hair maintenance routine
Longer hair care tips and tricks, healthier hair maintenance routine – deep condition

If I’m not in a rush I should deep condition for hours, I just leave it on do my housework taking that do I need to do, but if it’s like a quick wash day then I’ll leave it on 45 minutes and then rinse it out. Make sure you do your research and use a conditioner based on your hair’s needs that week, so if you need moisturizing make sure you use a moisturizing conditioner, if your hair needs more protein, then use a protein based conditioner.

#5 Reduce the amount of direct heat on your hair

Direct heat applies to straightening tonging if you’re taking it old school than the hot comb, anything where the heat is applied directly to your hair blowdried as well. The direct he can really dry out your hair, which can cause it to break in the long term, so air dry where you can on wash days.

#6 Low manipulation stylings

Try rock styles that don’t need restyling every single day, you can style every few days in between your wash days then that is great. I’m manipulating your hair can it lead to excess shedding and breakage and all the tools in your hair everyday, your hair just needs have a break.

#7 Baybe your hair

Think of your hair as a delicate newborn, you just want to give us some TLC and treat her with care, finger combing and finger detangling is great when you can, when you are using combs just make sure you start from the ends and work your way up, when you’re detangling do it force the comb through, also make sure using a wide tooth comb

Start from your ends work your way up without forcing the comb through, which is especially important when you’re stretching your relaxers, obviously your hair is really weak at the wave demarcation, so you want to be really careful detangling your straight hair and your new growth.

#8 Check the ingredients in your products

I often have to remind myself about is to check the ingredients in your products, especially your favorite product nothing like using a moisturizing conditioner that you love, only to look at the ingredients and find it’s foot of proteins. It’s really important to check the ingredients.

Ingredients that I personally would avoid things like parabens sulfates mineral oil petroleum petrolatum, they’re known to just sit on your scalp and block the moisture from coming in, so there’s absolutely no point in using all your nice ingredients good quality ingredients.

If you’re using something that is just blocking everything from getting in have a look at those. Obviously if a product works well for you and you swear by it, then Who am I to tell you not to use it, but personally I don’t use any products with those ingredients in it

#9 Trim split ends

The next tip is actually a very important one and when I should have been screwing up myself a couple of years ago, always choose health over length, trim those ends, honestly if you’re holding on to split ends fill-ins, you’re only causing yourself down in the long run, get rid of them trim them. if you can’t find a salon or a stylist to do it for you.

You can do a DIY job if you trust yourself, especially with split ends all they do is travel higher and higher up your hair shaft.  Basically holding onto those struggling ends, they’re only gonna cause you problems in the long run so get rich.

#10 Lead a healthy lifestyle

Longer hair care tips and tricks, healthier hair maintenance routine
Longer hair care tips and tricks, healthier hair maintenance routine

Eating healthily in your greens working out thinking water, your hair is literally going to thank you, get that hot pumping get that blood circulating do what you need to do, if I’m being particularly unhealthy hair is always dry, but that’s the first thing that happens and I don’t retain any length. so for me I work out at least three times a week, four is like a bonus and anytime I’m like trying to get snatched or something maybe five, but that to me is just not sustainable.

I’m doing that and drinking my water, I’m actually not that great with water I can only manage like a litre and a half a day, that’s if I’m being really good. Eating healthily I find fairly easy a great way to get all your nutrients is smoothies, but I have loads of recipes for like hair growth smoothies that have all the ingredients you need for your hair to thrive.

If you guys want me to share those with you then let me know, basically in eating healthily keeping your body hydrated and working out, not even just for your hair, for you to feel good anyway, also added bonuses that your hair is gonna look good and be growing and flowing girl.

CONCLUSION – Longer hair care tips and tricks, healthier hair maintenance routine

Thanks for your reading the article- Longer hair care tips and tricks, healthier hair maintenance routine, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article Tips and tricks on how to transition to natural hair without big chop for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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