make rice water for hair growth extreme

How to make rice water for hair growth extreme

Do you want make your hair shiny healthy and stronger, now I’m going to be sharing with you some different ways to make rice water for hair growth extreme, I have used rice water before, so when I tell you there are so many benefits of using rice water on your hair.

You get a grasp or an idea of the different ways to make rice water for your hair, so that you can choose which one is more comfortable for you, now the rest what I’ve gotten from one method may be more effective than another method, when choose it and want to use you also have to put this into consideration. 

1. Fermented rice water

First one I’m going to be talking about is the fermented rice water, so with the fermented rice what I just like the name implies it’s from fermentation, the first thing you’re going to do is to like just rinse your rice to wash off any dirt and all that, after doing this you’re going to soak the rice in fresh water.

This is going to be in a container, you’re going to cover this container and and leave it for like one to two days, the more fermented you want it to become the longer you have to leave it, after the one to two days you’re gonna sieve out the water, then you will not use this on your hair by either spraying it for your hair or like rinsing your hair with it whichever one is more comfortable for you.

So that is the first method and I think this is actually a very popular method, I know I was talking about the fermented rice water, this is actually one of the most effective rice water recipes compared to the other. 

2. No boil rice water

The next method I’m going to be talking about is the no boil rice water , the method like the name implies you are not boiling the rice, but at the same time you are not fermenting the rice water, so just like in the first method you take your rice you rinse out any form of that and all for that, then you put in another water, instead of leaving in this water over a few days to ferment, you just like wash your rice without water and use that water on your hair as your rice workout.

You are not doing any form of fermentation, no form of processing, no form of boiling, all you do is to resolve the dead add a fresh water wash your rice and the product from that one should use it on your hair as the rice water, you use it the same way you choose to use your rice water, either through spraying or your hair rinsing your hair with it, using it as a deep conditioner, using it as a leave-in.

I use rice water as a leave-in and it worked absolutely well for me, so don’t be surprised when I say using rice water as a living, yes rice water can actually be used as a living, but this is actually a very tricky, you should effectively use rest water on your hair as a living, because if this is not it’s done carefully, it can actually cause breakage.

3. Boiled/ mashed rice deep conditioner

Next method is the boiling a method also you can also call this the moisturize method or the rice conditioner method, I’ll let me explain it is method usually you rinse out your that and everything, the first step in all the method is to rinse out that, you don’t want to add any form of there to anything that can negatively impact the head of your hair, that’s why first of all you have to rinse out any deaths or particles, that can negatively affect the health of your hair, so after you rinse out that you add water and you boil your rice.

This is like actually a modification of using rice water, because in this method we are not going to be using the water, after boiling your rice you sieve out the water what we are going to be using is your rice, you take your rice and you mash it any way you can. You can blend and pound it, just make sure you get a paste out of the rice,  what I’m going to be doing is this paste is using it as a deep conditioner.

It did conditioner just like every other deep conditioner you can probably think of, you apply it on your hair leave it on for some minutes wash it off and with that you have successfully deep condition your hair with rice, there’s something I forgot to mention for the no boy method, so let me just chip this in, after you wash your rice you don’t just go in and sieve out your water and use you leave it on for about 30 to 40 minutes, before you see once the water and eventually use it, forgot that just wanted to chip in that here.

4. Boiled rice water

The next method is the boiling method or boiled rice water method, this is almost like last one, but the thing is after rinsing out your dead and after boiling the rice, instead of sieving out out the water turn it away and using the rice, you are now going to use the water, you can choose eat your rice you can choose to make a conditioner out of it and use the tool, but the main focus of this method is on the water, you take the water and you use it as your rice water, whichever way you want to use it just like red spray method rinse out method, whatever method you decide to use your rice water in.

Other method for hair growth

These are the four major methods, but there are several other method there’s one is called the Yao women method, where I think you use other ingredients outside the rice and the water there is a recipe with aloe vera gel or aloe vera, there’s a recipe with I think fenugreek seeds, so there are tons of different recipes and regiments revolving around dress water board, these are the basic one.

Hair care tips: Add some oil when you use rice water

It’s not a fast and hard rule that you must use fermented rice water or almost you just rice and water just choose what you like, you can decide to create your rice water and add an oil to it, I usually do this sometimes when I was using my rice water back, then after making my fermented rice water to create that protein moisture balance, I usually add an oil and the oil I usually use back then was the Goya extra virgin olive oil.

I started by using the mega growth oil the professing mega growth oil, that almost tone my hair into a disaster, because if products from perfecting mega growth line usually have protein, the rice water actually is like a protein treatment, you can give your hair strength. I noticed that when I use the professing mega growth oil, it gives my hair strength like makes my hair stronger, so it’s like I’m combining two protein treatments, which was actually too much.

I was not getting that moisture protein balance so that was why I stopped using the prophetic Medical Group oil, I decided to combine it with Goya extra virgin olive oil, it’s not every time I mix the rice water and the oil sometimes I mix it sometimes after spraying the rice without all my hair, then I go into moisturize or like seal with the Goya extra virgin olive oil, if there are other recipes of rice water, all for their other recipes you’ve tried on your hair that have worked well for you.

CONCLUSION – How to make rice water for hair growth extreme

Thanks for your reading the article. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this article DIY ROSEMARY OIL MAKE YOUR HAIR GROW FAST for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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