moisturize natural hair human hair wig

How to moisturize natural hair under human hair wig

This blog is to educate black women on moisturize natural hair and how you can take care of your hair.  i’m going to show you guys and share with you guys my tips on how to properly moisturize curly kinky thick or thin natural hair.

 moisturize natural hair
moisturize natural hair

How to get you know the best out of our hair, which is why we often feel like my hair is too kinky my hair doesn’t get like yours my hair doesn’t do this my hair doesn’t do that. Today I’m going to teach you guys how to train your hair.  I feel like this is so needed in the black community because we’re often told to take care of our hair to learn our hair, but we don’t know where to start and we don’t exactly even know how to moisturize natural hair,and how to detangle hair.

I’m going to give you guys some tips which help you as well as just going step by step on how to moisturize your hair and detangle hair.

Tip number one— moisturize natural hair

where do you think moisture comes from? Water\ agua \wash your hair.This ideology that black people have that you have when you wash your hair,you immediately have to blow dry it.You don’t, Guess what. Hair can dry on its own, it may take a little longer, of course, but the point of moisturize natural hair is to lock in that moisture. So you don’t want to get rid of that moisture so quickly, you want to hold on to it. It can be damp, it can be soaking wet straight out the shower whatever it is, you need water on your hair to be able to moisturize it. If there’s no water, there is no moisture.

That’s tip number one, wash your hair.

Tip number two—Detangle hair before wear human hair wig.

I don’t know how much i can say detangle hair. A lot of times,people think that that step isn’t optional, It’s not.Think of it like this your hair is curly, we have curly, curly kinky hair, it curls like twist.Water or moisture is not going to be able to go down the complete shaft of your hair.It’s not going to be able to go straight down because your hair is not straight. Now if i was to put water on this. It’s going to go straight down in the hair because this hair is straight.But because we have coils and kinks and curls,the water has to maneuver down the shaft of the hair,and it’s going to be a lot harder if your hair is knotted up stink.

Comb through your hair. I mean section your hair and i mean from from end to root comb through your hair, and if your brush or your comb your denim brush or anything like that is getting snagged and it’s snagging on something,there’s a knot, comb through it.If you need to get your fingers part it you like. This is not a part that you can skip.You have to detangle your hair, that’s a very important step.To not only moisturizing your hair but also training your hair, because if your hair is always knotted up, your hair is always going to feel like it needs to lock up.

Detangle your hair every time after wash the hair. I know that it’s a hard process and i know that it can be a little frustrating and a little gruesome,especially when you have thick hair but i can honestly say the more you do it the easier it will get. Because your hair becomes accustomed to it, it gets trained. Y’all think skin care routine, y’all think hair care routine,which i think routine means, routine means to make it a part of your life, and if your skin can adjust to a skincare routine, your hair will adjust to a hair care if you’re always detangling your hair, you’re never going to have an issue, but you’re rarely going to have an issue of detangling it down in the future. 

I have to stress this tip because i don’t think people really understand how much detangle hair is important to, not only training your hair but to just keeping your hair in a good shape. In just general, you don’t want knots and kinks, you don’t want your hair to lock up boom.A lot of people complaining of ‘ i’m having a hard time detangling my hair and then when i do detangle my hair i’m getting all this breakage’ . It because your hair has been knotted up for a long time, so you’re going to get a lot of breakage.

But the more and more you do it, you’ll get less breakage, you’ll get less breakage and your hair will get more used to being detangled, it will become trained and it will become a part of your hair care routine.

Tip number three—get yourself a good moisturizer

detangle hair
detangle hair

Get yourself a moisturizer that works well for your Hair.If your hair is very thick, certain moisturizers were just not working for it.They would sit on top of the hair and not penetrate the strands of the hair.Now you know if a moisturizer is good or not,depending on how your hair feels after you put that moisturizer in. 

If your hair is thick,you have to get products which can penetrating the strands of hair. so find a good moisturizing product for you. We recommend ‘rebirth’ like butter baby. It’s a really good moisturizer, it really is just a hair butter, it’s really good for your hair.

The same way any butter would be good for your skin, same way you want to treat your skin with care, you want to treat your hair with care,you want to treat your body with care, you just want to hair care.You just want to do that for yourself.

Put like butter baby on the hair,just raking it through every part of the hair and make sure that every single strand is coated.After that,the hair is shinier and easier to maneuver,easier to manage. 

Tip number four—-do a protective style after you moisturize natural hair

Do some braids before a wig, that’s a protective style, because the hair is going to go straight from being moisturized to, then being detangled to, then putting butter or an oil into my hair, to lock in that moisture and then braid it up to seal in that moisture. You know seal in and really like penetrate, not only the scalp, but the follicles the hair strands,It’s a method to the madness but it definitely works. 

Parting the hair into sections,then put gel on that section,just so that’s a little easier to braid down.

Tip number five— protect your hair while you are sleep

Get a silk pillowcase,get a silk bonnet,get a silk scarf, tie down your hair at night. Things like that same way you would do with wigs or braids or anything like that do the same with your hair. Because it can latch onto things in your sleep and get ripped out. 

Those are my five tips for you guys on how to train your hair and how to properly moisturize your hair. if you make that a routine then your hair will get so used to it. 

Some people might have to switch detangling and moisturizing out,some people might have to moisturize first or wash your hair then put the moisture in then detangle your hair.Some people might have to detangle first then put the moisture the hair butter hair oil anything in your hair after.It all depends on what works best for your hair,so if you are new or a beginner to working with your natural hair,please try both ways and then you see which one works better for you see which one your hair responded to better.

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Thanks for your reading the article , I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article What basic and essential hair tools do you need to slay your lace front human hair wig for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs.

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