natural human hair wigs with lace front

how to make a natural human hair wigs with lace front

If you want to learn more about how to customize your natural human hair wigs with lace front or apply your lace front wigs melt down your wig cap to perfection,then you need to read this article carefully.

The hairline of a new wig need to be bleached and tweezed, It’s not natural when you open the package.

But i can tell you that it’s going to melt really good because if you have a HD lace and ashy lace or swiss lace,they do melt a lot better this is what the human hair wig looks like straight out of the box and this is what a lot of wigs look like straight out of the box. You have to actually put in some work into them to make them look good.Unless you’re buying like a customized wigs and those are a bit more on the pricier side.

360 lace front HUMAN HAIR WIGS

First, bleach the knots on natural human hair wigs with lace front


The knots are very very small on HD lace front wig,but if you want this huaman hair wig to look like it’s coming straight out of our scalp,you still need to bleach the knots.

Using a cream powder or BW tooth powder to bleach the knots. Spreading the powder very gently like you spread the cream on your cake. You should do a really really soft that you don’t want to touch the lace too hard because it’ll seep through and it will ruin your lace front.Don’t press down, we don’t want any force on this,we just want to gently apply it on top of the lace that’s how you get the best results. After20 minutes,wash it with cold water and the purple conditioner.

Now there are no orange knots ,no brassiness,no yellow knots,just perfectly bleach the knots.

bleach the knots

Second,tweezing the hairline of human hair wig


Fix the wigs on model head.If you tweezing a dark hair,you can put a white paper towel under the wig.Grab the comb to part the front hair sides,use a good tweezer to pluck the hair line. DON’T stay in the same spot while plucking,UNLess you will create bald spots.Plucking out any black knots which is missed from bleaching. Make sure the each side is even.More practice, how to move your hands,how to pull the hair,how go back and forth as in tweezing are not standing the same spot.

compare with tweezing or not

Third,doing a suitable wig cap(optional)


You can use a stocking. After you wear it,you can scrawl the spray on it.When the spray dry,you can use a scissor to cut the excess part.

Firstly, you can cutting the little holes into the ear part,so you can just pull your ear out,in that way it’s easier for you to cut the extra parts off of the wig cap slash. Then you can try the wig on just to see how the wig cap is looking underneath ,just to see if you need to cut off any more of that wig cap .

Then you can melt the wig cap with some foundation powder and match the wig cap to your actual skin tone. so when you put your wig on, you can’t see your hair because it already covered up. 

Fourth,wear the human hair wig which has lace front.

TOOLS:GLUE.Comb,blow dryer

Now you can wear the wig,fold the wig back from the hairline. Apply the adhesive right on the hairline and a bit on the cap.This first layer is just to protect the wig cap.To make sure that the wig cap is secured and it is nice and flat,so it meshes with your skin.

Then use a popsicle stick or the comb tail to smoothing the glue down and you should make sure that you spill it down into a nice consistent layer. You should smearing it down until it is nice and flat and there’s no air bubbles no lumps and bumps,and make sure that you let it dry completely like clear you do not want to see any white before you apply your next layer.Make sure the width of the glue is about an inch thick to ensure that the lace will stick. Sometimes you experience your lace lifting or it is not sticking down it is because that width of the glue isn’t large enough. In order to maximum hold,we recommend to use three to five layers. With five layers,it can keep the wig about two plus weeks.

After the last glue layer is dried,put down the folded wig,press it on the glue layers with your finger or comb.Putting pressure on to the lace into the it can adhere.Use the blow dryer in medium heat to dry the hairline.

natural human hair wigs with lace front
fold the hairlin before apply gel on lace front

Fifth,final adjustment

TOOLS:eyebrow razor

Use the eyebrow razor to cut away all the excess lace.Start off by cutting away the extra lace in the front first. Then use the rat tail comb put the glue spot in the lace edge.Twice to glue the edge. Do the same way on each side lace.

Then brush some foundation powder on the hairline. To make sure the lace color is close your skin color.It will be more natural in this way.

Sixth,baby hair.

Tools: comb,toothbrush,scarf

Use the comb to part out a small thin piece in the front which just will be your baby hair,so you will not want to make it too thick.You can make it as thick or thin as you like. Use a scissors to cut short the baby hair into the length which you like. Started off in the middle and then go on to the sides.Once you have your baby hair slicked down,you should apply some gel and put it all over the baby hair and hairline edge. Then you should use the toothbrush just be pointing it and going in the direction that you like to go to. Applying more gel and just sticking it up,swoosh it in the direction,keeping do these several times until the baby hair style is prefect.

After the edges looks nice clean and slick,now you need a scarf or whatever you want to tie the baby hairs down,we suggest you use a silky feeling scarf,it it very soft,so it will protect your hair,it will not damage your hair. Just wrap the scarf around your head,make sure it it a little bit tight,so it can really secure those edges,and then you need to tie it,leave it on your head about 10-20 minutes,so the edge can dry and stay flat.  

Ok,now look in the mirror, you already have a wonderful lace front wig which is most natural.

human hair wig 101
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