Professional tips for postpartum hair loss

Professional tips for postpartum hair loss

I just recently had a baby about seven months postpartum and very recently went through the postpartum hair loss stage, so we are going to be talking about some professional tips for postpartum hair loss. 

I have a lot less hair, but the extreme shedding has stopped, so considering i am a professional hairdresser i figured, i would absolutely dive into this and finally give you some tips, also explain exactly what’s happening so that you too realize that it isn’t really that serious. I’ve personally lived through it myself, it is time for me to share what i’ve learned and of course some hairdresser insight and knowledge all right.

What is postpartum hair loss

It is a hair loss that tends to happen about four months after giving birth, now while you are pregnant your increased estrogen completely changes how your hair is growing, so if you’ve noticed pregnant women typically their hair grows really fast they have really thick luscious hair basically the nicest hair they probably will have had their whole life, that is because hormones play such an integral part to our hair growth. so our hair has various stages meaning someone’s shedding stage can last longer, someone’s growing stage can last longer than the other.

When higher levels of estrogen are present completely changes kind of how your hair has been growing, basically your hair is just always in this growing stage, when that happens your follicles literally do get larger, when your follicles get larger what ends up happening is a thicker hair grows out of it.

The other thing aiding in this is that you have a ton more blood flow, if i’m correct i think it is 50% more than you did prior to being pregnant, this also fuels that hair growth, with a larger follicle hair always being in the growth stage and then more blood flow, these are all amazing contributors to thick gorgeous luscious hair.

Professional tips for postpartum hair loss
Professional tips for postpartum hair loss

The shedding tends to only start after the fourth trimester, that most likely is when your hormones start to kind of come down and start to stabilize, once that happened that follicle that was once large to accommodate for this thick luscious hair, it doesn’t have as much blood flow it doesn’t have all the estrogen that was helping it grow. so now what continues to grow out of those follicles is the same diameter of hair you had before, which is what causes a ton of shedding.

It’s basically getting rid of all of that super extra growth, just to make room for your hair to get back to what it was before, about one year postpartum your hair should absolutely reach the same level that you’re at before being pregnant, if you continue to see excessive shedding after one year, i would recommend seeing a dermatologist it can be something completely different, nothing actually derived to the postpartum phase.

Now to give you a little bit of, because i would hear women say all the time like i’m literally going to lose all my hair, this is so scary, i know you’re supposed to have a shedding phase, but this is just insanely excessive and i remember when it happened to me i mean in the shower it was clumps like if i kept doing this like the hair would just keep falling.

When i was in that heavy shedding phase, i can easily say i was probably losing 10 times the amount of hair, that i would in a regular shower prior to that, i do notice it i notice that my scalp feels a little bit more sparse, but again being seven months postpartum i do notice the difference that my hair has stopped shedding, i only see the normal amount of shedding now, as i did before i was pregnant.

Now that you understand a better what it is and why it is so normal, let’s get into the tips on what you can do to really help your hair get through that phase as quickly as possible, you can just get back to your healthy hair.

Get a haircut – Professional tips for postpartum hair loss

One of the best things you can do, it is absolutely the most important tip and that is to get a haircut, i promise you i was on the same boat, i literally was like the last thing i want to do is remove more hair, but by doing so not only are you thickening your ends, so therefore giving you the appearance of thicker fuller hair, you’re also taking some weight off that follicle which is what that follicle needs.

I actually just got my hair cut almost two weeks ago, typically i always like the hair around my face or especially lately a little bit longer, this time when i went in i just told him i wanted shorter more face framing layers, whether or not i think that’s what looks best on me, right now i know it’s what my hair needs and honestly in the last week, i’ve already seen a huge like difference in how much less my hair is shedding.

Professional tips for postpartum hair loss
Professional tips for postpartum hair loss

The other thing too is if you hang on to that length, the thinner the hair gets the more thin and kind of a fragile those ends are going to look, if you kind of get ahead of the game now that my hair is back into its like normal like growing stage again, the fact that i’ve gotten a haircut, it’s going to grow in a lot healthier

Take a supplement – Professional tips for postpartum hair loss

I know years back it was recommended that you continue to take your prenatal supplement even after giving birth, that it would help with your hair nails more recently there are studies on having too much folate or having folate when you don’t need it. Basically you can ask your doctor about that and what’s best for you, but if you’re not taking that there are plenty of natural hair supplements that can absolutely help with kind of like restoring and maintaining some of that hair. You don’t have to shed as much.

People always ask me i’ve absolutely tried a few some will upset my stomach, you just have to take them with food, as a hairdresser i’ve never actually endorsed a supplement of any kind only, because i mean i personally take a lot of supplements myself, but it troubles me a little bit to tell large people to say like hey take this, it’s going to make your hair grow, because i think it really is just so individualized, it’s something that you should absolutely speak to your doctor health practitioner about.I can absolutely leave some of the ones i have tried, but again double check with your doctor. 

A Healthy diet that is rich in healthy fats -Professional tips for postpartum hair loss

I think one of the main reasons one of the things that adds to this difficult, hair time is that the mom has a lot less time for herself, not only with hair styling, but also probably what she’s eating. If i can encourage you to add one meal of like green leafy vegetables a day, if you are nursing this is just going to help you tremendously anyway, good healthy fats avocados nuts salmon fatty fish, those are like the nutrients that hair just thrives off of.

Why your hair is not growing
Professional tips for postpartum hair loss

Another thing i noticed with my hair that wasn’t just the shedding my hair looked really dull, basically moms don’t neglect yourself, a healthy diet this doesn’t mean get on a diet this means continue to eat what you have time for and what you want to eat obviously, but just incorporating a little bit of these items just even a couple times a week will make a huge difference.

To really baby the hair that is left behind -Professional tips for postpartum hair loss

This is also a time to be gentler with your hair, if you have the time do a hair mask, if not just in the the times that you are taking care of your hair like brushing your hair be a little bit more gentle with it, let it air dry as much as possible, if you’re still coloring your hair of course you can still continue that, but i wouldn’t do any crazy like go platinum blonde or do something like that’s really extreme kind of during that time, just let your hair kind of rest do its thing nurture it back to health, your hair will a thank you later.

My Remind -Professional tips for postpartum hair loss

I also wanted to remind all the amazing mamas out there, you’re doing amazing your hair looks great, i know that when i went and got my hair cut and i was just talking about how awful my hair was and all these things, he was just like you’re being so hard on yourself you look the same like you look amazing, honestly that’s been a really good lesson that i’m trying to really focus more on

I wanted to pass on the message to you, your body goes through so much and you bring incredible life into the world, that’s something that should only be celebrated, but as women it’s obviously it’s hard to not also focus on what you feel like you’ve lost or all the changes that you’re going through and i just try to remind myself that all these changes of course were for the most amazing blessing ever and i wouldn’t trade it for any amount of hair.

CONCLUSION – Professional tips for postpartum hair loss

Thanks for your reading the article – Professional tips for postpartum hair loss and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this article MY HEALTY CURLY HAIR JOURNEY IN 6 STEPS for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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