8 Tips BEST Realistic HUMAN HAIR WIGS For Beginner

i get tons of questions daily about realistic human hair wigs, so today i wanted to focus on tips and giving you my favorite tips to making a wig look like it’s growing out of your scalp when it comes to your wig application. 

Tip 1 get the right color wig cap

The first thing you want to make sure is that any wig that you’re installing looks natural, i like to pre-style all of my wigs, so this wig that  i’m working with today, i already cut the lace, i have already bleached the knots and i’ve already added some beautiful curls to it.

i will be sure to link this wig below in the description box if you would like to check it out. It does come in this length in this cut i always make sure that the wigs that i work with the hairline is natural and the lace melts. It’s very important, if you want a realistic looking human hair wigs.


Tip 2 what color wig cap do you use

Step two would be to make sure you are using the correct color wig cap. I use a new color wig cap underneath my wigs or i use a stocking now the stocking is more for the ball cap and the wig cap is more for convenience. You should never wear a black wig cap under your wig. the goal here is to use this to look like scalp and if you don’t have a scalp look then your wig can’t look realistic, so choose the color wisely

Tip 3 use bald cap for scalp look

You can use a regular wig cap for this or you can create the ball cap method for me. I like to use the ball cap method. If i’m using wig glue, I like to use this adhesive spray for my ball cap because i find that it , holds it down well and it’s easier to get out of my hair a lot of times people use the glue, i don’t like using the glue for this , because i want my hairline okay, so my tip would be to definitely use the spray instead because it does dissolve with water.

realistic human hair wigs
realistic human hair wigs

Tip 4 correct placemetn of wig cap -Realistic HUMAN HAIR WIGS

I specifically use this only when i’m using wig glue, because a lot of times, i do not place the wig on my hairline. i place it on my forehead, so i like to use the ball cap to protect my hairline, that way when i go to install my wig , i’m never placing that wig glue on my hairline, it’s on the cap alright, so at this point you want to remove the extra stocking from around your forehead and only keep the area that’s glued down onto your head.

There is a tip people like to do with. this if they find that the cap doesn’t match their hair they usually take makeup and apply it all over the cap now if you do this it will make the cap blend seamlessly with your forehead, however if you don’t like all the makeup and the mess,  i’m going to show you a tip in a second i conceal the cap from showing


Tip 5 hairline protection & clean install -Realistic HUMAN HAIR WIGS

If your hairline too oily and is your wig lifting ,clean your forehead area now i do not recommend using alcohol because it does cause a white line around the head over time so i would use a little bit of soap or water or just water itself get rid of any oil.

If you are using wig loose that is very important to make sure there is no oils on your forehead tip five how to protect your hairline and get a flawless install. when it comes to using wig glue you definitely want to make sure that you are protecting your natural hairline. 

I cannot stress that enough the ball cap, as you can see is going to sit in front of my hairline and i’m going to place that wig hairline in front of that wig cap so it’s not touching my hairline. So i’m just placing the wig and making sure it’s lined up where i need it to go and then i’m going to put the adhesive on my forehead.


The best tip i have ever given was to make sure that you are in front of your hairline and not on your hairline, when it comes to these wig adhesive glues, because a lot of them are very hard to get out of the hair, so if you are a person who have a lower hairline you may want to consider just using the wig spray instead of the actual glue because it’s a lot easier to remove. 

When it comes to the wig glue i only apply to the forehead area as you can see i have enough space to be away from my actual hairline now for the sides the best tip i can give you is if you have sideburns make sure to use the wig adhesive spray it’s going to be easier to get out of your hair.

Tip 6 getting the realistic human hair wigs to stick

When you are placing that lace make sure that hairline is pulled back make sure you don’t have a lot of hair on that hairline with the glue. The biggest mistake i see people making is not pushing their hairline back and the hair gets stuck in the glue. If you want a good hold remember, this the wig glue is not meant to stick to hair it’s meant to stick to the lace, so the more lace that you are able to press into that glue, the longer your hole will be and the better your hairline will look now look at the hairline on this wig.

It’s absolutely gorgeous that’s why i love the super pre-plucked hair lines because you don’t need to do any plucking but if you need to is definitely recommended for the best install. I’m going to follow that up with my slay band and tie down this hairline this band has been amazing for my wig application has changed the way my wig.

Install looks the way my lace melts, so it definitely is a must for every wig application for me, so i’m just going to let that sit for at least 20 minutes. The longer the better, actually however it does not need no more really than 15 to 20 minutes if you don’t have the time that you need and it’s good for you know working out if you sweat a lot it can hold that wig, in place so the hairline won’t lift


Tip 7  Hairline cleanup is a must -Realistic HUMAN HAIR WIGS

After you install all right, so now that we have let that hairline sit it looks amazing at this point. You can set your parting and we’re going to move into the tips for just cleaning up that hairline to make sure that there is no lace showing a lot of times.

People create baby hairs to prevent this, but if you are not a person who like baby hairs is perfectly fine. There are other options you can do to make sure that your wig is looking its best around that hairline. now with this wig it does have that good lace that is very thin, so it’s not visible, however if there are pieces of lace that are you know showing that may not have been glued down , especially if it’s a reinstall this can happen make sure you clip those pieces, so that when your head is up or in the sunlight you don’t have little strings of lace showing.

I feel like the lace is very important when it comes to your wig application and how natural your wig look and with this wig, like i said you get that really nice lace that melts into the skin. Now going back to the ball cap sometimes, if you don’t use makeup, if you don’t like to use makeup to cover up the line, there is a separation, so what i like to do if my cap is showing is i take a little bit of root touch up hair color that matches the wig and spray right in front of that.


Hairline do not let this touch the lace you just want to spray the hair, so that it covers where the line is showing from the actual wig cap and that has been the best tip i have done. It’s very easy it’s simple because sometimes you can glue your wig down and find that this happens and then you don’t want to have to take it all off again, just to do it over so this saves the day basically.

tip 8  match your scalp note for head

Set that parting with a color that matches your scalp and not your forehead. The biggest mistake we make is our scalp color looks like our forehead and in reality. It does not so i hope you can found these tips, very helpful these are the things that i do to get my wig installed to look amazing, so if you try them out drop me some comments let me know how it worked out for you tell me which tip was your favorite.

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