How refresh sweaty hair without washing after the gym

How refresh sweaty hair without washing after the gym

I went and did my workout this morning, I was super sweaty and I took a shower got out, when you work out in the shower, it’s like you can just feel how like wet your roots are from like the sweat and then like the steam in the shower very gross. I’ve gotta fix this, How refresh sweaty hairwithout washing after the gym and show you what I do after I kind of gotten ready, when I need to kind of dry up that sweat refresh my hair restyle it for the day.

Take hair down

I put a tail to my workout super sweaty, put it up into a bun for the shower and it’s just looking all sorts of crazy, I will say it has kind of dried, because I’ve been working the last couple hours, but I’m gonna go into all the little steps I do, I wash my hair maybe twice a week, I do not wash my hair every morning after a workout, that may be your case, but if not then this is kind of how I refreshed sweaty hair from being very sweaty and kind of just nasty.

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How refresh sweaty hair without washing after the gym – TAKE HAIR DOWN

Take sweaty hair down from a ponytail or a bun, I pull it all to the front, then I’m just gonna quickly brush through the sweaty hair kind of get those little knots out, it hasn’t been brushed since yesterday, I don’t like to brush sweaty hair right when I first wake up usually since I’m going to the gym, I’ll just kind of throw it up and brush through it, make sure it’s all nice and even and smooth.

Blow dry sweaty gym hair

Your roots are typically usually very sweaty after your workout and so I kind of feel around, then I get my blow-dryer and I do heat, because it’s faster I mean usually like running out the door, but if you are trying to like put less heat on your hair or that’s too harsh, you could also do the cold setting and just at least kind of blast cold air to kind of dry it up a little.

How refresh sweaty hair without washing after the gym – Blow dry

I do mine on like the medium, medium and on more and go through just start warming up my roots, dry up some of that sweat keep, it far away from like the bottom of my hair for its dryer and just only get my roots withers. That will take maybe between five to ten minutes depending on how sweaty hair is, I said mine is kind of dried up, because I’ve been working the last couple hours after my workout, so it’s had timed high.

Dry shampoo

After that is done I got kind of the rest, pull it all to the front and that’s when I start with some products before I get into like a curling wand or a straightening iron, I start with some dry shampoo I have four or five days not washing my hair, so I try and keep the dry shampoo to a minimum, because I find that this can really build up, on your roots over the course of a few days and can kind of get really gross and make me have to wash my hair faster. 

This is one of my favorite ones I found that doesn’t build up super gross, it’s the Marc Anthony which you can get from Walmart the refreshing coconut clear dry shampoo, it’s a visible dry shampoo it absorbs oil adds volume cleanses all the above, it’s also for from sulfates parabens all that, so this is like one of the best dry shampoos, ever I mean it smells really good with some dry shampoos.

How refresh sweaty hair without washing after the gym – Walmart the refreshing coconut clear dry shampoo

 I start spraying very lightly and make sure holding that’s pretty far away, but again only the roots and take just a little bit through the top portion of my hair, then go through into this middle just gonna get the back of my hair a little bit, and then get the bear at the bottom, because that can that’s like where all the sweat really goes down there.

That just gives my hair helps dry it up a little bit more, helps kind of refresh my roots make them smell a little bit good, I kind of like to once it’s brushed out. I was just hanging around the house and actually probably just keep my hair like second day curls and it’s actually so pretty curled, some light waves just to kind of keep the heat off of my hair, I will say like this it’s gotta be fixed, this needs to be smoothed over stuff like that.

Texturizing Spary

I always just try and see what needs to be fixed and then not really mess with the rest, just to keep as much heat off my hair as possible, they’re quick a little product I like to add in my hair again this just smells so good.

How refresh sweaty hair without washing after the gym – Texturizing Spary

I love the way it makes my hair smell and I feel like it really masks, any kind of sweat , but this is a texturizing spray, I’ll also add this in my hair to give it like a little bit more grit down here to hold curls for another whole day, anyways it’s just a really great product to kind of keep your hair looking good and feeling good.

I spray a little bit throughout the bottoms, so everything else I’ve kind of putting up at the top, this you don’t really want at the top, this is just gonna kind of refresh the bottom half of your hair, help it like style a little bit better. it’s also great if you have extensions, because I find that whenever I put this through hair, my natural hair grips onto my extensions a little bit easier.

Restyle hair

Brush through anything and like I said the bottom half of my hair, I’m actually good with for today actually might run a little curl through here, for the most part I will quickly say like this feels good and I feel like I’m not a sweaty mess anymore my hair isn’t like really nasty, you might little teeth rewind.

How refresh sweaty hair without washing after the gym – restyle hair

I’m just gonna quickly smooth things over and quick little curl, usually use curl piece blend hair all together, after I’ve slept on it I can kind of get really like crinkly, we’re gonna do one more curl piece at this front piece, it’s good I’ll just do this side. 

It takes me maybe ten minutes, after it’s been styled once I really don’t do anything to it, the rest of the week I just by the time I wake up I get in a really hard workout a nice shower, my hair is just like all sorts of everywhere, but those are the products and the tools I use to take it from the way, you saw it at the beginning to this super super fast.

CONCLUSION – How refresh sweaty hair without washing after the gym

Thanks for your reading the article – How refresh sweaty hair without washing after the gym, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle 4 MOST POPULAR METHODS FOR TEXLAXING HAIR for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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