Relaxed hair care tips for how to prevent hair damage thinning breakage

Relaxed hair care tips for how to prevent hair damage thinning breakage

How i keep my hair thick healthy and how to prevent hair damage thinning breakage and what you can do if you are noticing that your hair is thinning or breaking as well, so this article for relased hair care tips and is going to be broken up into three parts:

1. Supplements I use for hair growth and scalp health

The first part we’re going to talk about the supplements that i take now, i have to start by saying if you have a very rich diet full of healthy foods, you may not need to take supplements i do eat well, but i know sometimes i’m lacking in certain food groups, so i do take supplements along with a once a day woman’s vitamin, i also take these two things for healthy hair .


The first thing is my nature’s bounty biotin supplements, most of us have heard of biotin we may have even taken them, but do we know what they are and how much we should be taking, so basically biotin is a b vitamin your body needs it, just in order to function properly you do need it, most of us can get it from our diet if you eat egg yolks spinach, but b vitamin or biotin deficiency can lead to hair thinning, so as you get older if your diet is not that great you might want to take it just to supplement.

The recommended dose is between two and five milligrams and i take 2.5 milligrams,that is all okay, i find that it has helped me i started a fitness journey and taking these during that time,i saw a lot of hair growth and so i would recommend it again if you feel like your diet may need something to support it.

Vital proteins collagen

The second supplement that i take is my vital proteins collagen, especially if you are over 35 you really want to look into taking collagen as a supplement just anyway, collagen is very good for thinning hair, it supports your dermis this is the skin layer of your scalp, so you can grow healthy hair and prevent excessive shedding.

The hair follicle cells also use collagen in order to make keratin protein which as we know we need for strong healthy hair growth, so many benefits skin joints as well especially as you age it’s really something that you want to consider, but i really recommend it overall health. 

2. Best products to restore damaged hair

The products that i use when i start to notice that my hair is breaking and becoming thinner, i only utilize these products when my hair is damaged, i do not use this in my normal daily routine or weekly routine.

Olaplex No.3

The first one is this olaplex No.3, i’ve used this before, especially when i first colored my hair i noticed i have color around my hairline and i noticed that i started to have little breakaway fly-away pieces in the front , i use it it’s a pre shampoo treatment, you put this in before you wash and keep it in for about 20 minutes, then rinse it out wash as normal condition as normal. 

I do believe that it works, but slowly, it is not something that you’re gonna use and notice right away a change, i think the reason for that is because it says use one time per week for damaged hair two to three times, i have a perm in my hair, i don’t wash my hair two to three times per week, i wash my hair once every two weeks, sometimes i push to three.

I’m not using it at the recommended amount, because this is for people who may not have relaxed hair, they may have damage due to coloring, i was using it a lot less than what is recommended, it just took longer for me to notice a change, but it is a good product and i would recommend it.

living proof restore repair leave-in right

The next product is the living proof restore repair leave-in, i use this every month and go to the hair salon and get my hair professionally done styled roots blown once a month, that’s the only time i put heat in my hair.

I use it to strengthen and transform is what it says and as a heat protectant, because i’m after my hair is washed and deep conditioner, then i put this in it’s claim to fame it says it on the website that it also works as a heat protectant, i feel like this is a good product i’ve used it during times of damage that it is has protected my hair allow me to retain the length that i have even with the color that i put in it.

It’s a good product i would recommend it, especially if you are noticing that your ends are breaking, you use heat on your hair excessive heat,this will protect from that heat and it’s also supposed to be repairing and restoring your hair to its natural state on a molecular level.

3. relaxed Hair care tips for hair damaged

What i do differently my hair is now breaking besides using the products that i mentioned, i do not put heat on my hair.

TIPS #1 I literally will not put heat in my relaxed hair

i do a lot of heatless styles or just put it in a bun, i will wash it let it air dry, slick it into a smooth bun whether i use mousse or whether i just overload it with oil, then i would keep it up like how it is today, the reason why my relaxed hair is up right now is because i put heat in my hair once a month. 

Relaxed hair care tips for how to prevent hair damage thinning breakage
Relaxed hair care tips for how to prevent hair damage thinning breakage

Tips #2 Trim your ends

If you’re having split ends you might wanna i told you i trimmed my ends two times a year, you might want to trim it at that point to sort of, if it’s splitting to kind of stop the damage at the trim level.

Why your hair is not growing
Relaxed hair care tips for how to prevent hair damage thinning breakage

Tips #3 Deep condition

If you’re not deep conditioning you do want a deep condition, because you want if your hair is dry and brittle it’s much more likely to break and you want to start softening that hair, kind of making sure it’s moisturized and it’s healthy. A lot of us skip that step that stuff when we go to the hair salon they’re in a rush we don’t deep condition, don’t skip that step especially if you’re noticing breakage. 

Relaxed hair care tips for how to prevent hair damage thinning breakage
Relaxed hair care tips for how to prevent hair damage thinning breakage

Tips #4 Protective styles

When i notice my hair is starting to be a little bit more damaged, protective styles it depends on the type of if you’re noticing that your hair is starting to thin, i would not recommend protective style because protective styles can thin your hair and oftentimes do, if we have a healthy head of hair we don’t really notice it, but there’s tension when you put in braids and especially tension when you put in weaves.

You might want to hold off of that if your hair is thinning if it’s breaking, then you might want to consider putting a protective style and just to spare your ends, keep your ends moisturized. Tie your hair down this is just a normal thing that you should be doing anyway, but especially when your hair is breaking, 

Tips #5 Stop using those tiny thin rat tail combs

When you are combing your hair, stop using those tiny thin rat tail combs, the ones that are for parting for parting only we should not be using that comb to comb our hair, i do not even use this the next size up i use a wide two comb, when i am combing my hair only that’s the only comb that i use a wide tooth comb.

Relaxed hair care tips for how to prevent hair damage thinning breakage
Relaxed hair care tips for how to prevent hair damage thinning breakage

 so those habits will kind of help to spare your ends protect your hair and it really should help with any thinning or breaking that you start to notice

CONCLUSION – Relaxed hair care tips for how to prevent hair damage thinning breakage

Thanks for your reading the article – Relaxed hair care tips for how to prevent hair damage thinning breakage. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this article BEST 9 TIPS FOR AUTUMN HAIR CARE REGIMEN for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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