Tips and tricks for how to remove clean and reuse tape in hair extensions

Tips and tricks how to remove clean and reuse tape in hair extensions

I love extensions I have been wearing them for many years and just this past year I got into tape in hair extensions, which are crazy high maintenance everything about them, but one of the things that I think is a little tricky is just like how to remove clean and reuse tape in hair extensions, so that you can put it back in your hair and still have it be in good condition and looking nice. I feel like I came up with a really great method to do that. 

Remove tape in hair extensions

It is always good practice to remove the your natural hair away from the taped extensions first before attempting any removals. A popular clip used to hold up the hair is our croc clips. This has a good hold & prevents the hair from falling, making the removal process easier to see.

Tips and tricks for how to remove clean and reuse tape in hair extensions
Tips and tricks for how to remove clean and reuse tape in hair extensions

Once you have separated the your hair away from the exposed tape extensions, you will want to use a remover to loosen the tape. Try out our Hair Extensions Release from Walker. Apply the remover over the tape until it is fully saturated. The Hair Extension Release will break down the adhesives by dissolving it without leaving any residue.

After a few minutes of saturation, you should be able to easily peel the tape extensions away from your hair. Using your fingernails to start the peel is the most effective way to start the removal. When trying to remove the tape, keep in mind that the tape on the hair extension should not stick on your client’s natural hair. If it is, apply more remover and soak for a few more minutes, then remove completely.

Clean tape in hair extensions

Step 1 Suppliers

Make sure you’ve got your hair ready you’ve got a paper towel, a razor blade, a hairbrush and then I’ve got some hair already started on shampoo and conditioner.

Step 2 Scrape off tape and glue

Pry those connected sections open and you need to get all of that tape off and this is really where that razor blade comes in super handy. you can just get right under it and use paper towel to stick nasty tape to and then you can easily pull away the section of hair.

how to remove clean and reuse tape in hair extensions

Razor blade is really the easiest way to do this that I could find, because when you start getting your nails all in there, it’s just so sticky and gross, try to scrape off as much of the glue as you can, because if there’s too much glue, it’s just gonna get all over the place get all over your hands and then it can actually make the new tape just kind of slide right off.

So you want to just kind of get as much of it off as you can, the better of a job that you do here, the easier it’s gonna be for you to complete the rest of the steps and the longer that this hair is gonna last when you put it back in your head.

Step 3 Shampoo

Shampoo the hair, I use visible oil shampoo, this is really good because it’s got some oil in there, so it’s just gonna help get some of that gummy glue out of there, some of the sections when you shampoo them, you will see it looks like I’m kind of being rough with the hair but you sort of want to do that, because I want to figure out which pieces.

The hair is in grow in really good condition style and which pieces it’s not so good, so I separate pile for the hair that just comes up a little bit matted and just isn’t super detangled like I want it to be. Trust me if the hair is already matting up just in a bowl, where you’ve got like good products on it and stuff. 

It’s especially gonna get bad when it’s actually on your head, so you’ll see those matted up pieces, I mean I’m gonna just real quick try to run a brush through them again, but if they’re still not untangling at this point basically, I’m going to toss those pieces, because all they’re gonna do in my head is just tangle and I don’t want that kind of hair in my head. 

Tips and tricks for how to remove clean and reuse tape in hair extensions

Step 4 Conditon

Hit all that hair with some conditioner, it’s really nice and silky just gets the hair in really nice condition, so I’m just running it through the hair roots to ends and you just want to make sure that you really get it in there good, brush it through with the brush and just leave it on for a few minutes, you cannot get enough conditioner at this point just put it all on there, it roots to ends more is more get as much on there as you can and leave it for a couple minutes. 

Step 5 Tone if needed

Toning the hair, you don’t have to do this if you don’t think that you need it. I just like your really ashy look to my extensions. I don’t put the purple shampoo directly on the hair, just because that can be a little intense, so I just kind of do this and just keep going until I get to a color I like, be careful with that stuff because it can actually stain your sink a little bit. 

Step 6 Rinse and conditon

Rinse out the hair and just condition it all over again and then at this point you just want to go strand by strand, just get it on there really good roots to ends, make sure you comb it through again.

The better job that you do here, the better you’ll be able to tell which pieces are bad which ones are good, so this stage if you have anything that’s not detangling, toss that hair, because it’s not gonna be good on your head which will create tangles and you’re not gonna like it. 

Step 7 Rinse and dry

Drying the hair, I just basically rinse it out and lay it out on a really fuzzy towel, then roll up the towel and just kind of smash it down, so that it really absorbs as much of the water that’s in there as possible, once you’re done with that I actually just flip the towel over and repeat the process on the other side, just to get as much of the water out as possible and then just let it air-dry.

Step 8 Flat iron

Once the hair is air dried I’m just gonna really quickly Flatiron it, that’s just gonna make it look cleaner and better, so that your hairdresser when they’re putting them back in your hair that can really see you know how long each piece and easier to manage and deal with when it’s straight.

Step 9 Rinse and dry

Clean up those bonds and apply the new tape on them, dab a little bit of hydrogen peroxide right on the bonds and then just drying off with the towel and then I just take my replacement tape and tape those on. you’ll tape it lines up perfectly with the bond.

Tips and tricks for how to remove clean and reuse tape in hair extensions
Tips and tricks for how to remove clean and reuse tape in hair extensions

So whatever brand your extensions are you just want to make sure that you get the tape from the same brand, that way it’s just gonna make it easier on you lining up, the better that you line it up the easier it’s gonna be for you to put this stuff back on your hair, just have less like glue peeking out and stuff, so these worked perfect they were exactly the same size as the extension pieces, repeat that on several extensions and that’s really it simple process but takes a while.

ConclusionTips and tricks for how to remove clean and reuse tape in hair extensions

So what to do to prep your extensions and get them looking nice again to put back in your hair these are going back in my hair later this week. I’m so happy anyway I really hope that you found that helpful. Thanks for your reading the article – Tips and tricks for how to remove clean and reuse tape in hair extensions. Besides the areticle, you also check this article WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU TAPE IN HAIR EXTENSIONS OR MICRO RING HAIR EXTENSIONS for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs.

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