remove glue from lace frontal wigs or closure wigs

3 ways remove glue from lace frontal wigs or closure wigs

I’m actually just gonna share with you, how you can remove really spread tools from your head, even if you glue down your closures, here’s a quick way that you can remove glue from lace frontal wigs or closure wigs. now I’m gonna try 3 methods.

Remove glue from lace frontal wigs or closure wigs – 3 methods


I’ve been seeing that people are using things beyond alcohol to remove their lace frontal. so we’re gonna try it out  and see which one actually works, I have 91% alcohol

Hair oil 

then I also see that people talk about using hair oil, I have this coconut oil, just wanted to use it, because it has like a nozzle to spray on, but if this is not working, I’m just gonna use hair oil in, a lot of people say that they use it and they put it on their hairline and supposedly it takes off the glue, so we’re gonna try that out.


I also saw that people who use conditioner. 

We’re gonna try all three of these things out and I’m gonna section off my hair in three sections

and see if all these work, if some of these worked, if none of these work. and show you how you can take off your lace and clean your lace and basically make it new for you to reinstall it, because if you want your laces to last much longer, you’re gonna want to have to maintain it by cleaning it being very gentle with it。

We first use the hair oil, all would be good to take off your wigs. I’m just all in general breaks down particles put on your hairline,we just take off the wig easily. I’ve seen people like saying that use hair oil to take off wigs and it works and I have my hair glue down like I could show you later pulling the hair.

remove glue from lace frontal wigs or closure wigs – hair oil area

Let’s go in, so I’m gonna see, if I can use the nourishing Sheen spray and put the oil at the top of my hair and see if the thing is we’re taking this off, so if your hair is oily that’s okay, because we’re gonna end up washing my hair. Let’s put some of this in first and again, if you don’t have this just go in with it. I’ll put it even a little bit in.

I’m pushing in the product into the lace, so that’s what you don’t want to do, but I have a product you’re using you want to push it into the lace, put the product not only on the remote lace, you’re gonna want to put it on like a little bit behind the hairline, because you did put well, I would hope that you put like a half an inch glue underneath the lace to hold it, I’m gonna use more of it, so that’s why I’m putting some of the hair oil behind the lace line, as I glued a little bit behind it. I’m gonna do now is just let this sit for a bit.

I really want to try the conditioner, so I’m gonna put conditioner on left side, I use any conditioner and I have dove intensive repaired, this better work and what I saw that people are like all raving about they put the conditioner in and they let the conditioners sit again. I’m going based on what I see that as popular, but I want to try and then if it works, I can recommend it to you.

remove glue from lace frontal wigs or closure wigs – CONDITIONER SIDE

 I’m focusing the conditioner a little bit behind the hairline, I just wanted see what was happening. The left side is the conditioner side and this Oily side it’s the oil. I haven’t even had the conditioner in for a while and look it’s already lifting so conditioner actually might work to take this off. I’m gonna let that sit in for why we’re gonna continue the rest.

Now we’re gonna use the alcohol, I just have 91 percent, I don’t know what people are getting a hundred percent alcohol from, I never ever saw them my whole life or 95, I think someone is saying like the beauty supply store you can get it, but we’re gonna do this everyone said this works, I just soaked it with so much alcohol and I’m just gonna focus it so people say they just focus it am I gonna have to put the product a little bit, I feel like that alcohol.

remove glue from lace frontal wigs or closure wigs – Alcohol side

They use a lot of it, so if you were lace frontal wig, you’d be prepared to be going through bottles and bottles of alcohol. oh why is my lace turning a different color that’s so weird, just from alcohol, it’s like black, it’s coming off also and I don’t wear big caps under darker colored wigs. we all know that alcohol works look it’s coming off.

remove glue from lace frontal wigs or closure wigs- alcohol work

Let’s take off the other ones and I think I’m most likely would use conditioner over alcohol, I just don’t like the smell of alcohol, I feel like I do use a lot of alcohol, just to take off wig and do taking off, through wig with one of these products is going to reduce you from ripping out your hair. trust me I took off my wig other day without doing this and some hair it was left on the lace.

remove glue from lace frontal wigs or closure wigs
remove glue from lace frontal wigs or closure wigs – hair oil do not work

So the oil doesn’t work, I’m gonna go in with my conditioner, maybe I didn’t put enough, but you can’t use oil to take off. I’m gonna try conditioner to sit and prove it before I can take it off and emphasize allow the conditioner to sit in your hair for a minute or two. That’s how it’s gonna work nothing’s just gonna work so fast. Let’s take off and then conditioner are actually works. 

remove glue from lace frontal wigs or closure wigs – conditioner is work

Clean the frontal

I’m gonna wash up all days and we’re gonna go in with cleaning the inside of the lace. so to show you that no hair came off on the lace, because I’m telling you something the other day, when I did it hair did come off on the lace and it was like my edges because I would just didn’t want to go through the process. I just have like conditioner residue which you can easily wipe off.

You can go with a little toothbrush and then you can do like detailing, so just to take off the extra glue, if you may have glue still stuff on it. but the conditioner should be able take off everything. You just want to wash your wigs as you normally. you can see all everything’s coming and another good thing why you should use conditioner is that it just makes the cleaning process so much more easier

remove glue from lace frontal wigs or closure wigs
remove glue from lace frontal wigs or closure wigs – lace is clean and brand new

You want alcohol is fine too that’s like it’s really cleaning like all the germs and stuff, if you mean as you can see everything’s coming off, there’s still some glue on this right, so I’m just going to go back in with the shampoo, you shampoo and conditioner don’t only use conditioner currently, I’m actually using shampoo, because shampooing really gonna take off everything, you can go in with alcohol on the inside and release and concentrate it and I’ll take off everything I do like this hair the lace is clean and brand-new.


Thanks for your reading the article, I hope this was helpful have a wonderful day.Besides these, you also check this article How to wash and style a human hair lace closure wig for more elementary knowledge about wigs

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