six wrong things that stunt hair growth

six wrong things that stunt hair growth

today I want to go over six wrong things that stunt hair growth, notice I did not say five things that will stop your hair’s growth, because to be honest our hair is always growing it’s always in the growing phase or whatever no we’re not growing phase, but it goes through a cycle and so the hair never stops growing, there are some things that you can do that will stunt your hair’s Growth

1. Unwell-balanced diet

We all know what junk food does to the body physically, if you eat too much junk, a horrible diet what’s gonna happen to your body, you’re gonna start gaining weight and the more you gain weight the more, that you’ll notice medical problems with your body, so your hair and scalp is not exempt today.

If you’re not getting the essential nutrients that you need on a daily basis, your scalp is gonna also be affected, what happened is your hair will not grow as fast as it normally would grow, if you were eating a healthy diet just like when you eat healthy and you start losing weight and your body you’re doing much better you’re getting off on all these medications and all that good stuff, your hair is also reaping the benefits, because blood flow goes to the scalp as well.

six wrong things that stunt hair growth
six wrong things that stunt hair growth

If you’re not getting the essential nutrients that you need from your diet, then it’s not getting to your scalp and it’s not circulating through your scalp meaning that your hair will not be growing as fast, it’ll seem like your hair is growing extremely slow which it already, only grows at half an inch per month I mean that’s not a lot, if you wanted to grow slower than that, it’s gonna seem like your hairs and growing at all it is, but it’s just going at a very slow pace, because your body is not getting the nutrients that it needs.

2. Not drink enough water

That basically goes back to getting the essential nutrients that your body needs, our bodies are made at about seventy to eighty percent in water, we always need to replenish our bodies with water, you expel water from your body when you sweat things like this, we always need to replenish that our bodies it is essential for us to have water, in the right amounts per day.

Some of people hate water, I’m not a fan and drink it all the time, but it’s not my favorite thing, it’s not what I always pick on the menu, but it just depends because I hate tea and I really don’t drink soft drinks either, so sometimes it’s like this really is my only choice and I don’t like caffeine. 

Unless you have something that’s diet and caffeine free, that still tastes good then I’ll take that, but otherwise I’m gonna end up drinking water, you want to drink all of the water that your body needs per day and that will help your hair to grow faster.

3. Too much heat will stunt hair growth

If you’re putting too much heat in your hair, which can cause heat damage and that’s whether you have a relaxer or if your natural your hair can still be heat damaged either way, anytime you have damage to your hair it’s gonna cause your hair to not grow as fast as a matter of fact it’ll start breaking, that’s what we definitely don’t want, we want to see growth healthy hair all that good stuff and don’t want anything that will cause a hair break and too much heat will always cause your hair to.

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six wrong things that stunt hair growth

4. brushing the wrong way can stunt hair growth

The main reason for stunted hair growth could be the wrong way of brushing the hair. Brushing the right way and you can actually encourage healthy hair growth. However, brushing the wrong way, and it can have the opposite effect and result in hair breakage from the root itself.

5. Relaxer hair too often will stunt hair growth

I hear people say the relaxers they just didn’t do good for my hair, they made my hair fall out and damaged my hair so bad, I was getting them every six to eight weeks and it was just so bad for my hai, so every six to eight weeks is too often for a relaxer, I personally only get two relaxers per year, when you getting a relaxer every six weeks that’s basically like every month and a half or every other month, that’s almost like six relax a year, that’s too much.

What’s happening is you’re over processing hair, you’re over lapping on to hair there’s already been relaxed, a relaxer is permanent, so when you’re getting your touch-ups the only thing that needs to be touched up is your new growth only, if you’re going on top of hair that’s already been relaxed previously, then you’re causing damage and again any time your hair is damaged it becomes weaker, it cannot grow properly when it’s damaged or weakened.

6. Not wrap hair will stunt hair growth

Everybody doesn’t have wrap their hair for whatever reason, I have a lot of people tell me they just simply cannot sleep with anything on their head, some people sweat profusely at night,  wrapping mean protecting your hair, you should not be just going to sleep, it’s at the very least you can have a satin pillowcase and that way when your hair is laying on your pillowcase, it’s still being protected, although your actual hairstyle may not be worth anything when you wake up, but your ends it’s not doing any damage to your hair.

six wrong things that stunt hair growth
six wrong things that stunt hair growth

I look right in the morning, but never go to sleep on like if you just don’t tie your hair up, you go to sleep on your couch or on the floor you fall asleep and you’re on your cotton sheets on your bed, when you are tossing and turning at night, moving your head in any way that’s friction between your hair and whatever material, that you’re laying up against, what that does is it causes your hands to split faster, which means you have to get more cut sooner.

Your hair is growing at a half an inch a month and you’re having to cut off everything that you grow, because your ends are so bad, then it’s gonna feel like your hair is not growing at all, it’s gonna feel like your hair is getting shorter, because you’re having it more, it’s gonna seem like you’re you’re stunting your growth, your hair is growth, so in order for you to avoid that you want to I recommend wrapping it, if you can’t wrap it at least put a bonnet on, if you can’t put a bonnet on for the love of God at least put to sleep on a satin pillowcase.

CONCLUSION – six wrong things that stunt hair growth

Thanks for your reading the article- six wrong things that stunt hair growth. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this articl WHAT SHOULD KNEW BEFORE TEXLAXING HAIR for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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