synthetic dreadlock extensions 101

Synthetic dreadlocks extensions 101 all you should know

What are Synthetic dreadlocks extensions?

Synthetic dreadlocks are a type of hair extension used to give the wearer dreadlocks. Having synthetic dreadlocks installed can be expensive, but it may be an option for those who don’t want make the commitment of dreading their own natural hair. Synthetic dreadlocks attach to the wearer’s own natural hair, and they can be easily removed without damage to the natural hair.

Synthetic dreadlocks are available in a wide range of colors. These are the common questions about synthetic dreadlocks extensions, if you also want to try Synthetic Dreadlocks, maybe you can carefully read them.

Common questions about synthetic dreadlocks extensions

# 1 Are they real?

People are normally referring to when they ask that is is it my real hair, is it made out of human hair, are they synthetic and the answer to that question is they are made out of synthetic hair, so basically Barbie hair.

# 2 Can you wash Synthetic dreadlocks extensions?

Yes, you can. Very easily the things that we recommend when you are watching them is to pull all the dreadlocks forward, so that the weight of the water does not pull your head back and then also to only use shampoo no conditioner, because conditioner will cause build-up, so when you go to take out the dreadlocks, it will be very hard to brush through it.

You can use any kind of shampoo I typically wash my dreadlocks once a week, because that’s all it really needs and I don’t necessarily wash the dreadlocks, I focus on the scalp, don’t sit there and scrub it, otherwise you’re gonna make them come loose, make sure to just massage it, so that you’re not making them anymore fluffiness.

# 3 Do Synthetic dreadlocks extensions damage your hair?

This one is important is does it damage your hair, dreadlocks have the reputation to just completely destroy your hair, that is not the case with these, they do not damage your hair when you do go to take them out, you will notice a significant amount of hair that is coming out onto your brush.

That is completely normal the average human loses 60 to 80 hair strands a day, so when your hair is braided and it’s got this little elastic thing holding your braids together, it’s going to hold on to the natural hair loss anyways.

If you leave the dreads in for a month at a time well guess what, you should have a few hundred hair strands hanging out on your head, it’s normal you lose hair everyday, it’s fine you hold on to it and if you feel like you are well, what you’ve probably just been used to having this thick hair for a month to two months at a time.

# 4 How long do they last / can you refuse them

These will last you your entire life, you won’t ever need a new set unless you want to change the color, they actually get better with time the more you wear them the rougher you are on them, they actually get better some because when you first get them, they’ll be really soft, but now it’s like impossible for me to tie them like pull them apart,

#5 How long can you keep them in

We recommend the longest that you keep them in two months

Synthetic dreadlocks extensions 101
Synthetic dreadlocks extensions

#6 Are they heavy / Itchy

The question we get asked a lot is are they heavy and they are not, we have made them so that they have the same thickness and look good, but have about 1/4 of the weight, as other companies that we have seen in the past, so all of our clients every time they pull them all back and they kind of see him for the first time, they always tell us that they are definitely not as heavy as I thought that they were going to be.

Kind of tying along with that is the other question we get is like are they itch, ours are very soft, if you were to go and get like a dreadlock that was made with the crochet method, it would be very itchy, because what it’s doing is it’s pulling the ends of your hair, to like come and stick out, so like every all the way up, there’s just little tiny pieces of hair sticking out and that’s what actually causes them to be, but we have a method that we’ve designed that makes it, so that there’s no itch and very movable, you’ll notice with other dreadlocks some of them are really stiff, don’t have much movement. 

# 7 Can you swim

Yes, you can

# 8 How do you sleep

Alot of people ask me if I use a silk cap or anything like that and no, I don’t I just take them up and I put them above my pillow simply, because I don’t want to roll on top of them, I don’t wanna get strangled by them in the middle of night and I don’t want him to get strangled or roll on top of them, this is how I sleep with mine, because they’re short enough to do that though, if I did that my bun will just be massive boom.

Some tips for synthetic dreadlocks extensions

With the dreadlocks maturing process it is very simple, you have to let them do their thing, if you were to go get real dreadlocks. the first time you got them locked up, they would still be very squishy, they would still like me little flyways, which is why you have to go the maintenance every couple weeks or months.

With these just let them be like they’re gonna start doing this thing where they start to velcro to each other and it’s gonna drive you insane for the first couple weeks to a couple months, all you have to do is pull them apart, and yes you’re gonna notice a bunch of like little flyaways coming out, you might panic and think oh my gosh I’m damaging these they’re getting ruined, but you’re not all.

You have to do is pull out that excess hair and even take some scissors to the excess hair, do not take this is to the dreads, but just the little flyaways and you can just sit there and pull them all out, if I got it it’s not gonna ruin them, the rougher you are on these the better, you just pull them all the way out, it’s not gonna damage them, it’s synthetic hair, it’s not your hair that you’re pulling out.

Just be rough on them pull them apart every couple days, let them do their thing and in a couple months they will completely stop, the only reason I still have some of this is because I just threw in a couple extra ones that are brand new, but for other than that I can still run my fingers through them and completely fine.


Thanks for your reading the article – Synthetic dreadlocks extensions 101 all you should know, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article How to brush synthetic wig to stop tangling for more elementary knowledge about wigs.

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