Do you think synthetic hair toppers is the best choice for hair loss or thinning hair

Do you think synthetic hair toppers is the best choice for hair loss or thinning hair?

So your hair is thinning and you’re looking for a solution. Where do you turn? Do you go to wigs or a hair toppers for thinning hair, do you think synthetic hair toppers is the best choice for hair loss or thinning hair, we’re going to go through the pros and cons help you decide which kind of alternative hair is right for you.

when you’re first entering the world of alternative hair, it can be really overwhelming because there are so many different options available to you. When I first started out in my hair loss journey years ago, I had a hard time really deciding which path I wanted to take. And now I actually wear a little bit of everything. I wanted to share my experience and Uncomplicate alternative hair to help you find the solution that will help you feel like you again.

What are hair toppers?

synthetic hair toppers is the best choice for hair loss or thinning hair

A topper is kind of like one giant hair extension. This is a hair topper and it’s sort of like having all of the tracks of a hair extension sewn into one central piece. And there are lots of different kinds of hair toppers. There are small toppers and big toppers. your hair is still going to be out. It’s still going to be visible and it’s still going to blend in with the hair topper, but then you have this piece that, unlike a clip in extension, it’s going to just cover up everything on top. You don’t have to hide all of the clips because they’re actually hidden inside the topper itself. 

Pros and cons

Pros: cool and comfortable

There’s so cool. when it’s hot outside, the number one reason that I choose a hair topper over a wig is because the topper ends right about here. All of this is just open. I don’t have a wig covering that where the wig is going to come all the way to the nape of my neck. If you are someone who lives in a really hot climate that, should totally be a consideration for you,

If your level of hair loss allows it, because it is much more comfortable to not have anything up on the back of your neck. That’s the primary reason that I would wear a hair topper is if I really want to be comfortable. I do find that toppers are more comfortable. 

Pros: Perma highlights

You don’t have to worry really about coloring your hair anymore. As long as the bottom of your hair closely resembles the color of the topper. You’re really never going to see the hair that’s up here because it’s covered by the toppers. And I love that because I don’t have to go to the salon to get my hair colored, which has been really nice, especially in light of recent events. the hair topper has all the highlights in it. 

It has all the professional coloring and that makes it really, really cool because you’ll never know that underneath here, my hair is totally, totally gray. Especially if I have a lace front hair topper where like everything is completely covered. I don’t even have to spray my hair with root touch-up spray or anything like that. Cause it’s just, it’s just gone. And all you see is this little bit underneath. 

Pros: save with synthetics

Another pro of the hair toppers for thinning hair actually piggybacks on one of the cons. because it’s blended with your own hairline and with your own hair, right? You actually can get by with synthetic hair toppers there because there’s some of your hair or your hairline. This looks really natural, right? It looks like natural hair growth. 

And why is that? Cause that is natural hair growth. That’s my, that’s my hair. When someone first looks at you, what are they going to see? They’re going to see your hair line in your face. Cause you’re probably talking to them and then they’re going to see the fibers. But when you’ve got, you know, a mix of real hair and synthetic hair.

It really it’s like having a human hair blend and you can save a ton of money by going with a synthetic hair topper that will look really, really good. Whereas on a synthetic wig, that’s all people are going to see. They’re just going to see the synthetic fibers and you have to be okay with that because it could be a little bit more noticeable.

Cons: requires blending

They do require blending with your own natural hair. So the number one reason that I choose a wig over a hair topper when I am switching things up is because with hair toppers, I’m very limited in the number of choices that I can pick because my hair is Brown. I’m not going to be able to wear a blonde hair topper when this much of my hair is still visible, that would just look silly. I do have to match the hair topper to my hair color fairly closely. 

You do have some leeway when you have a high coverage topper, like the one I have on, but if you have a lower density topper, and a lot more of your hair is showing you have even less flexibility. For this type of topper, I have to have enough hair here at the front hairline to be able to blend in my hair and kind of cover up that piece of the topper. Now there are lace front hair toppers, and I love them. 

Those are actually the primary hair topper that I wear on a regular basis, because I do have a lot of thinning hair at the hairline. And it is very difficult for me to blend a traditional hair topper. plus my hair is very gray. So if I use a topper like this, I have to spray my hair with some L’Oreal root touch-up spray or some brunette dry shampoo. I don’t always love that look. So I’m a lace front hair topper is available, and those are really good hybrids between a wig and a hair topper. 

synthetic hair toppers is the best choice for hair loss or thinning hair
synthetic hair toppers is the best choice for hair loss or thinning hair

Cons: Traction Alopecia

Topper do require clips. So they have to be clipped into strong, healthy hair. And when you’re wearing toppers every single day, especially for long periods of time, over eight hours, that is a lot to ask of your hair, right? I mean, they’re secure. This thing is not going anywhere. Someone can pull on it, but every time, you know, there’s any pressure or tension that’s put on these clips, that’s only being held in by your hair. And the result of that is over time, the clips can be uncomfortable. 

Some people find that the clips give them headaches and others find that it actually makes this healthy hair that they’re clipped into. It actually makes their hair fall out and that is called traction alopecia. That is one of the main reasons that I don’t wear toppers every day. I wear them, you know, here and there really, because I want to prevent traction alopecia as much as possible, but there are things that you can do to combat that there are topper grips that you can wear where you clip into the grip instead of to your hair.

You can use adhesives, uh, this particular topper, this clip is removable. So you can use adhesives if you want to. But I feel like every time I do that, or I wear topper that doesn’t have a center clip, or I have to glue it down, it’s not as secure. Because there’s just less of it to hold onto your head. You know, I could really never get away with what I get away with, with a wig because, um, a wig just has so much more to it holding it to your head

Who is a hair topper Perfect for

If your hair is thinning up here at the top, maybe at the part line or the crown, or just kind of in this general area, especially if you still have a nice full hairline up at the front, a hair topper is going to be perfect for you. As long as you are okay with either dyeing your hair underneath to match your hair topper or finding a hair topper that matches your hair color perfectly.

If all you want to do is supplement with some big volume, maybe add a little bit of length, give yourself some permanent highlights and cover up some of those thin spots. Then a hair topper is going to be an absolutely wonderful choice for you.

And likewise, who is a hair topper, not going to be good for. If you find that clips are uncomfortable or you don’t like to wear adhesives and want to be able to change your hair color every single day, and you don’t want to be committed to one particular style or color, or if your hair loss is more than just right here up at the top. 

If you have completely shaven your head, no hair completely bald, then that’s beautiful, but that’s not going to be good for toppers because they do require you to have enough hair to blend and enough hair to grab on. 

synthetic hair toppers is the best choice for hair loss or thinning hair

What is my choice, wigs or toppers?

I wear both wigs and hair toppers, totally interchangeably. I do have one wig that I wear about three days a week to work. That is a human hair wig that is blonde and I love all kinds of different hair, colors and styles. And so the other four days a week, my hair is who knows what color. And because of that, I do wear wigs most of the time. 

But when I want a shoulder length Brown hairstyle, I go for toppers because I find that they are more comfortable. And the fact that I don’t wear hair toppers every single day, I switch it up with wigs sometimes and give my hair a break. I personally have not experienced traction alopecia. I don’t find that the clips bother me very much because I wear it for a day. And then the next day I’m blonde again, or red or whatever color.

 So I’m not wearing it every single day consistently enough to really irritate my scalp. So a totally correct Answer could be that both wigs and hair toppers for thinning hair are totally appropriate for you because that’s what I do. And I love it. 

CONCLUSION – synthetic hair toppers is the best choice for hair loss or thinning hair

Thanks for your reading the article – Do you think synthetic hair toppers is the best choice for hair loss or thinning hair , I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article Synthetic dreadlocks extensions 101 all you should know for more elementary knowledge about wigs.

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