synthetic wig human hair wig

synthetic wig vs. human hair wig, which is better

Hello everyone. I look at all of the wigs from the perspective of someone who deals with hair loss and has been wearing wigs almost daily since about the age of seven years old. It’s a common misconception among people who don’t really know wigs very well that human hair wig are automatically going to be better quality than synthetic wig. However synthetic wig have come so far in the last like decade or two decades and now they are so incredibly realistic and beautiful, in some cases almost easier to work with than human hair.

The benefit of human hair and synthetic

So i’m going to talk about the benefits of human hair and synthetic and why one might choose one over the other. It really is up to the individual wig wear and what you’re looking for in your wig. As an everyday wig wearer myself, i actually am more partial to synthetic wigs satisfying them so easy to manage you don’t really need to do much styling.

synthetic wig human hair wig

The benefit of synthetic wig

First jump into the benefits of synthetic . easy styling, new style and everything i absolutely love.

I find so easy with synthetic wigs is that if they come wavy or if they come straight. They tend to keep their style. so for example this is a wavy wig i don’t need to do any upkeep to keep these waves looking nice, they come straight out of the box looking beautiful and perfect and then even after you wash them, the waves were still kind of maintain their shape after it dries

So it’s just so easy to manage personally, i don’t have a lot of hair styling skills, that’s one of the reasons i personally like to wear synthetic, it’s just so easy to just take a wig out of a box put it on and automatically looks perfect.

But that’s also a reason some people might like human hair wigs is some people might like to have the option of styling them where as with synthetic, it’s not heat friendly. Synthetic you can’t use heating tools on them, you could definitely damage the wig if you do use heating tools, if you want to be super careful there are heat friendly synthetic wigs, but even with those there is a heat limit, so always be sure to check what that heat limit is if you are working with heat friendly synthetic and always try to use as low heat as you can to still achieve the style.

This style for example is not heat friendly, but for me that’s perfectly fine because i love the way, it looks and i would not want to change the style, even though it is synthetic. It is a common misconception that synthetic wigs are not going to look as natural as human hair wigs, but if you look at the way this flows it flows so beautifully. It’s very soft and looks super natural completely beautiful style and although you can’t really use heating tools with it. There’s still so many ways you can style it by pulling it back in a ponytail, putting it in braids you still have a lot of styling options.

synthetic wig human hair wig

Another reason some people might choose synthetic over human hair wigs is they are typically a lower price point, so they are a little bit more affordable for some people as well. Another thing about the affordability is that with a lower price point you can then choose to build up your collection, instead of having one more expensive human hair wig, you can also use that same amount of money and get multiple synthetic wigs, if you like to change up your look a lot like i do 

Another fantastic reason that someone might choose synthetic wigs over human hair is that synthetic wigs typically come in a lot of really fun colors, human hair wigs always come in these really natural beautiful colors that look so fantastic and realistic. however they don’t typically offer human hair wigs in these bright fun colors, that you’re going to find in synthetic.

the beauty of human hair wigs is that you can style them the same way as you would with human hair so one great benefit of human hair wigs is let’s say you’re going on vacation and you only have room to bring one wig the great thing about having a human hair wig is that you can bring it with you one day you can wear it straight and the next day you can curl it and you can really switch up the look with one wig

synthetic wig human hair wig

whereas with synthetic wigs a benefit is that you can just switch wigs, but sometimes it’s not always an option, so human hair is a great option for if you do want to style the exact same piece using heating tools while human hair wigs are at a bit of a higher price point, they also do tend to last a bit longer. A good human hair wig can last you four years. Whereas synthetic if you wear it every single day, it might last about four to six months. I would estimate and that’s if you wear it every single day.

So i have a big collection of synthetic wigs and i don’t really wear one piece every single day for six months at a time. So my wigs do tend to last a lot longer than that, because i do switch it up, but if you are going to wear the same wig every single day, you probably are going to need to replace it about every four to six months, whereas human hair is probably going to have a little bit longer of a lifespan.

synthetic wig human hair wig

The reason that human hair might be a little bit more difficult for some people, which is need more maintenance, so human hair wigs are so beautiful, but they’re also going to have the same kind of things to deal with as regular human hair growing out of your head, so you’re going to have to like style it and upkeep it the same way. let’s say the hair on the wig is naturally straight. It’s going to naturally tend to want to go back to being straight, if you curl it and vice versa, so you do have to upkeep the style a little bit more where synthetic wigs tend to hold their style.


Here i just show some few of the differences between synthetic and human hair wigs, and the benefits of each one. It’s really up to the individual wig wear what your preference is. A lot of people have this common misconception that human hair is automatically going to be better, but i personally prefer synthetic because. I just find them so much easier to manage, whereas some people like human hair for the styling options, so it’s really up to you and what you’re looking for. 

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