Synthetic wigs maintenance hacks - how to deep condition and revive a wig

Synthetic wigs maintenance hacks – how to deep condition and revive wig

Hello everyong, thanks for read my article, today i will share with you the Synthetic wigs maintenance hacks – how to deep condition and revive a wig. When it comes to washing and conditioning your wigs. There’s a couple different levels i like to say.

Level 1 wash & conditon

There’s just the standard wash and condition and move on with your life, that’s just kind of what you’re going to do every 20 to 30 wears depending on how the wig’s looking, if you’re using products in the wig. So on i do have a article on how to wash your synthetic wig , if you want to check that out.

Level 2 leave in conditioner or fabric softener soak

There’s a couple other levels of kind of conditioning your wig, so you can do a couple things, you can do a leave-in conditioner if you want. You can do a fabric softener soak if you want.

Level 3 Deep conditioning treatment

There’s this next kind of heavy duty level of deep conditioning, i really like to do this, if my wig is just looking really really fried. 

What is you need to prepare

Silicone mix

I came across this awesome product on, it’s called the a silicone mix and i really just wanted to show you guys kind of my process on how i use this and show you kind of the before and after of what it’s going to do to your wig.

Synthetic wigs maintenance hacks - how to deep condition and revive a wig
Synthetic wigs maintenance hacks – how to deep condition and revive a wig

Fabric softener

The other thing that i would recommend getting is some type of fabric softener i love this one this is the downy calm lavender and vanilla bean. i think it smells absolutely amazing and it works really really well so i’m going to be using this as well.

Synthetic wigs maintenance hacks - how to deep condition and revive a wig
Synthetic wigs maintenance hacks – how to deep condition and revive a wig  – downy calm lavender and vanilla bean.

Synthetic wig

Then you’re going to want obviously the wig, we’re going to go ahead and be really just repairing my old synthetic wig that i’ve had for a couple years .I’ll be doing a couple other things to her and just start off by giving her a really good conditioning treatment, because she’s looking really ratty and rough.

Synthetic wigs maintenance hacks – how to deep condition and revive a wig 


I’m going to be using a bucket of water for this, you can use a bucket of water or your sink or tub, the only reason why i kind of recommend a bucket is because you are going to want to let this sit for at least an hour, you’re going to want cold water technically.

Synthetic wigs maintenance hacks – how to deep condition and revive a wig  – water

If you wanted to you could use like warm water, if it’s a straight wig. I just never recommend warm or hot water for synthetic wigs. Especially synthetic wigs that are curly, because you can lose that curl, this wig that we are going to be doing this with does have kind of a curl and a wave to her. So I recommend use cool water and you’re also going to need cool water to rinse her out as well. 

how to deep condition and revive a wig  – SYNTHETIC WIGS MAINTENANCE HACKS

so now we can go ahead and get started on how to deep condition and revive a wig — SYNTHETIC WIGS MAINTENANCE HACKS

Step 1 Detangle with wide tooth comb

The first thing you’re going to want to do it, before you do anything to this wig is you’re going to take wide tooth comb and you’re going to brush through this wig, just to make sure you get rid of all the tangles and any matting that you have something.

Comb hair bottom up
Comb hair bottom up Synthetic wigs maintenance hacks – how to deep condition and revive a wig 

I recommend doing, especially if this wig has a lot of damage to it is actually brushing this on a table, brushing it on top of a towel, so i’m like that works really well. because essentially this way, when you’re brushing, you’re putting a lot more of the pressure into the table, instead of onto the actual hair itself.

It’s going to keep you from really damaging the fibers of the wig, we’re going to start at the end, because you always want to brush at the ends first, then we’re going to work our way up and make sure we just get rid of all these knots and tangles that we have, then flip her over do the same thing get the top layers as well, so once you feel like she’s really good and brushed out.

Step 2 Apply silicon wig mix

The next thing is apply our silicone wig mix to our wig. You can use gloves for this step if you want to, but this is really just a conditioner and it’s not going to do any damage to your hands or anythin, so you don’t need to use it.

It’s just like if you were shampooing and conditioning your hair in the shower, i’m literally just going to take like a big scoop of this and you’re going to want to use a decent amount, don’t feel like you don’t need, you’re not using a little pea size amount.

Start on the ends and really get this all on this wig nice and saturated and you’re just going to take your hands and kind of just run it through and just get it all over the whole wig. This really is important to concentrate mainly on the ends, i’m really going to get the ends nice and saturated. 

Synthetic wigs maintenance hacks – how to deep condition and revive a wig  – APPLY SILICON WIG MIX

Then run a very small amount of this through the top part, if you have damage on the top, you can absolutely put more in there and i just want to make sure, i’m really getting it all in here, you can kind of separate pull, make sure you’re getting it there .

After we feel like we got the ends really good, i’m just going to run a little bit of this through the top part of the wig as well. This is a silicone mix so it will help keep your wig from tangling and stuff like that after. Make sure get a good amount of this right here at the nape of the neck, where you tend to have those issues with matting and everything, because it’s just going to really help coat the fibers.

This isn’t really absorbing any of this because obviously this is synthetic fiber and it doesn’t really absorb like human hair does, but it’s really gonna coat this wig and just help keep it uh from tangling, so just make sure we get a good amount right here on the nape of the neck. 

Step 3 Place wig in cold water for 1 hour (Add fabric softener for better resulets?

The next thing is kind of an optional step, but i like to do this just to help add more of that conditioning to my wig. I’m going to take my fabric softener to put two capfuls and put this wig right into this bucket to let her sit for an hour.

Please make sure that you have enough water in here, where she’s nice and submerged push her in there, i kind of just like to spread her around a little bit, you’re not trying to really rinse too much of this off at first you don’t want to take your own rubber or anything you just kind of want that silicone mixture to sit on her, have her sit in this fabric softener soap.

Synthetic wigs maintenance hacks - how to deep condition and revive a wig
Synthetic wigs maintenance hacks – how to deep condition and revive a wig 

I usually let it sit for about an hour, that’s what we’re going to do today you can let it sit longer, if you feel like it needs a little bit more help, but an hour should be good and then we’re going to come back and we’re gonna go ahead and rinse her off dryer a little bit.

Step 4 Dry wig with towel & comb out again


Get her out and rinse her with cool water and put her in a towel to pat her dry, then we’re going  take wide tooth comb again and going to kind of lightly just kind of brush through her, you don’t want to do any to any crazy pulling or anything like before and just kind of brush through her.


it shouldn’t be too bad now because you have all that conditioning and everything that you’ve done, so she should be pretty easy to brush through, but i just want to kind of brush her, because she’s been like kind of balled up in that pot for the last hour, after i feel like she’s pretty good in brush, then put her on a wig head to blow dry her.

Step 5 Dry wig by any means

Now i partially blow dried her, she’s still a little damp up on the top, but i can fell she is got much softer, floppiness back to her, not as frizzy and i can run my hand through her, my hands aren’t getting caught through her.

She just feels a lot softer, smells really good too, which is a bonus, added bonus i’ve kind of lost most of her curl from just wearing her for as long as i’ve worn her and i’m going to be doing some new stuff to her and kind of bring her back to life.

I wanted to do this conditioning treatment first on her, before i do anything else to her and i wanted to show you guys as well, this product really works really well, and just does a really nice deep conditioning to your synthetic wigs and it’s going to kind of coat a little bit on these fibers and help it from tangling up as much as you wear it.


Thanks for your reading the article Synthetic wigs maintenance hacks- how to deep condition and revive a wig , I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article What wig care products is the best to extend the life of synthetic wigs for more elementary knowledge about wigs.

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