Best 8 tips for how to take care of color treated natural hair of black women

Best 8 tips for how to take care of color treated natural hair of black women

I am going to share with you the best 8 tips for how to take care of color treated natural hair for black women and i know a lot of you guys are a little concerned, when it comes down to coloring your natural hair, because of the potential damage i’m not going to take that away, but if you are going to color your hair, it is very important that you take care of your hair.

Tips # 1 A hair care routine is a must

First thing first hair care is extremely important, no matter what whether you have your hair colored treated nautal hair or not having a routine, that you can go through every week, every single week is going to keep your hair in tip top shape. 

It’s also very important for you to take care of your color treated natural hair ends especially when you have color tread natural hair, so making sure that you have a consistent or a regular trimming schedule as well as protecting your ends and your hair, when you go to sleep.

Tips # 2 Allow your color to settle

Tip number two is to allow your color to settle before you start washing your hair, see recommended that i did not wash my hair for about seven to ten days after i got my hair colored, but really she wanted me to stretch my hair to two weeks which is exactly what i did, so the rationale behind that is that you want the color to settle in your strands, before you start washing it and ultimately that will allow your color to last longer.

It’s important to note that i did clarify my hair a week, before i got my color treated natural hair, so i was able to last two weeks without going crazy, and not washing my hair but it’s recommended to kind of stretch that initial color deposit, so that it stays and settles in your hair nicely before you start washing

Tips # 3 Minimize clarifying shampoos

The third tip is to minimize the use of chelating or clarifying shampoos, as you go through your weekly wash day routines and you are washing your hair weekly right. As you wash your hair weekly up for moisturizing shampoos versus shampoos that are going to strip your color, because at the end of the day your color is going to strip.

But you want to you know get the maximum amount of time out of your color, what i mean so you don’t want to use a clarifying shampoo too too often you can use a clarifying shampoo every eight to ten weeks, but not too often, because that’s going to strip your color treated natural hair and it’s not going to last as long.

I mean when it comes to hair care in general, you shouldn’t be clarifying too often. So i feel like a lot of the tips from just taking care of your hair in general still applies to taking care of color treated hair, but i just want to make sure that you know exactly what you’re doing if you decide to color your natural hair.

Tips # 4 Be gentle when washing your color treated natural hair

Number four is to be gentle when washing your color treated natural hair of black women, So on a weekly basis make sure that you’re using a moisturizing shampoo, you’re not stripping the color too much, but if you are going to wash your hair more often than a week, depending on lifestyle if you work out if you sweat a lot, then you may incorporate a gentle cleansing conditioner

I know i don’t like to recommend cleansing conditioners, because i just feel like you might as well wash your hair, but when it comes to color treated hair you don’t want to wash too too often, so if you are going to wash your hair more than once a week, then go ahead and use a cleansing conditioner to take care of your hair in between washes, so the name of the game is to be gentle with your color treated hair.

Tips # 5 Retouch color treated natural hair every 2-3 months

About retouching the best time to retouch your color treated natural hair is two to three months, after you initially get your hair colored. So basically you want to wait till you have about an inch of new growth and as a little reminder hair grows on average half an inch a month, so two to three months will be a sweet spot for you to touch up your color.

She recommends that this is the perfect time to avoid that line of demarcation. The line that you have where your hair is growing out and then there’s the color treated hair. I’m starting to have it because my color is growing out a little bit, so i’m going to wait till i have about an inch of new growth and then touch up my color.

You don’t want to wait too long and you also don’t want to just not color your hair after that, because that can actually cause some breakage, i hear i don’t know why, but i think just managing the two textures may be problematic, i don’t know girl i feel like i’m giving him wrong information right now.

I mean if you’re going to commit to getting your hair colored right, you might as well make sure that you are on a regular schedule, so getting your hair colored i can see how it can be expensive, especially if you have a lighter color such as blonde, blonde is known to be a bit more expensive to upkeep, but just make sure that you are getting your hair regularly touched up or colored , especially when you start having about an inch of new growth.

That’s what’s been recommended, that’s what i was told girl and i’m letting you know, stretching out your color process especially beyond the one inch mark, is actually going to stress your hair out and also it’s going to cost you more in the long run, because many stylists or mini colorists. They don’t consider it a touch up anymore if you have more than an inch, so you’ll pay more for your service versus if you have less than an inch, then they could just touch your hair up.

So talk to your stylist, obviously talk to your colorists and see what they recommend and how often they want you to go, but it’s not recommended for you to just grow your hair out and then just come back and say you want to touch up, but your hair is like six inches long, so be aware and stay on the regular color schedule. 

Tips # 6 Deep conditioning color treated natural hair is key

Deep conditioning is key, when it comes to color treated natural hair, your hair will be dryer post color, so it’s important that you regularly deep condition your hair, you can infuse moisture into your strands, honestly that’s like music to my ears, because i love some good deep conditioning sessions, so if you tell me to deep condition, because of the color girl you don’t have to tell me twice.

take care of color treated natural hair of black women
take care of color treated natural hair of black women – Deep conditioning

It’s interesting for me i actually haven’t noticed that my color treated natural hair is any drier with the color and i also think it may be because of this no oil no butter journey, that i’m on so my hair is just more hydrated overall, so if anything my hair feels softer, it doesn’t feel drier with the color, like my hair doesn’t feel any different like it’s it’s crazy.

I want to say maybe the first like two weeks, i posted my color online and so many people answered me and said that my hair was going to be damaged, so i swear for the first two weeks i had in my mind that my hair was damaged, but now i’m just like my hair feels and looks the same, it does feel more hydrated especially when i wash my hair, when i infuse hydration into my hair, it feels a lot more hydrated, but my hair does not feel any drier than it used to feel. If anything it feels more hydrated .

I’ve noticed is that my hair does feel different when it’s wet when it’s entirely wet in the shower and i wash it it feels a little bit more like velcro for a little bit, and then when i add my conditioner or my deep conditioner then it just soaks it all in and it feels it so good and i’m realizing or from my research, i’ve been doing a lot of research online, when it comes to hair for no reason.

When you do color your hair, it’s a chemical process and a lot of the time it lifts your cuticles up or at least, it gives you the characteristics of high porosity hair. It’s funny because i always considered myself to have high porosity hair, but now when i wash my hair entirely, i really do feel like the cuticles are like a little more rough, so that’s one thing that i’ve noticed, but i did not i haven’t noticed that my hair is drier than usual.

Tips # 7 Keep up with protein treatments

Number seven is proteins, your hair is actually going to need support from proteins through thrive, especially if your hair is colored. When you’re going to deep condition make sure that you’re incorporating a protein deep conditioner as well as a moisturizing deep conditioner.

For me what i’m doing is one week i do protein and the next week i do moisture, so i alternate between two two to make sure that my color treated natural hair is getting a nice burst of protein as well as hydration.

Tips # 8 Box dye/henna do not mix well with professional color

You want to see a professional and don’t want to do this at home, because honestly when i was doing it with the stylist, i just upside down. how do people do this at home, i know a lot of would just slap bleach and whatever on their hair, but it’s a long process first of all, it’s also a i don’t know it’s very like invasive to your color treated natural hair.

You want to see someone who knows what they’re doing, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. She also does not recommend using those box dyes from the beauty supply store or from the drugstore, because a lot of these dyes are metallic and they don’t mix well with a professional color system, when i was talking to z she said that a lot of the clients that previously dyed their own hair at home, will have to go through a color correction service before they can even get their hair colored by a professional.

She would even go as far as having someone sign a waiver, if they already have their hair colored with a box dye, because the results are so unpredictable, so would not recommend you doing this at home and would not recommend you using a box dye, when it comes to henna it’s also not recommended to mix henna with color or even professional color services.

Outro and wrap up

So be careful if you already have henna in your hair and then you turn on a color, you may want to go see a professional there as well and that’s it those are the main tips and recommendations when it comes to color, make sure that you have a color treated natural hair care routine, for me nothing’s changed too too much, when it comes to taking care of my hair now.

Versus how i used to take care of my hair except for the addition of protein into my routine, so having a hair care routine is still important you want to deep condition your hair and you want to see a professional, honestly those are the main tips when it comes to color, color can be pretty daunting at first, but if you do see a professional and you know follow your hairstylist should be fine.

Honestly natural hair should be fun, natural hair should be something that brings you joy, so if you feel like you’re in a part of your journey, where your hair is more of a task and you really are not enjoying it, then switch things up. You don’t have to do something as drastic as i did but i would recommend it, switch things up, i have fallen in love with my hair all over again ever since i started coloring it, so i would highly recommend all right, if you have any questions don’t forget to leave a comment down below.


Thanks for your reading the article- Best 8 tips for how to take care of color treated natural hair of black women, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article What type of lace is right for you, 4×4 closure 5×5 closure 13×4 frontals for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs.

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