the relaxed hair Q and A

The relaxed hair Q and A

I’m just gonna be going ahead to answer some of the questions, people under the Community post about the relaxed hair Q and A .

Question #1 I have a very strong hair with sensitive Scalp and tend to have buns after relaxing please water of relaxer, do you recommend by very strong hair?

I guess you mean hair with a lot of texture, I also have a lot of texture in my hair, I’m relaxed I still retained a lot of texture in my hair, sometimes so people think I’m natural before I eventually tell them that I’m relaxed.

If you have hair with a lot of texture like very coarse, I would recommend using a super strand, but I would not recommend you jumping to using a super strength relaxer like that, if you’ve been using a mild relaxer then transition to using a regular relaxer, if you’ve been using a regular relaxer then you can transition to using a super strength relaxer, I have never used a mild relaxer I started my hair Journey with a regular strength relaxer which actually gives my hair an under processed result.

So I eventually started using a super strength relaxer, which is from the perfective mega growth line and that actually gave me a more relaxed results than when I was using a regular strength relaxer, if you have a very cold say you can actually use a super strength relaxer. For your Sensitive Scalp you have to choose between a light and a no lye relaxer.

Question #2 do you recommend rice water treatment and relax hair

the relaxed hair Q and A
the relaxed hair Q and A

Of course I recommend rice water treatment and relaxed hair, I have even used rice water myself, I think about two to three years ago and it actually gave me fantastic results, it made my hair more shiny it made held hair, it made stronger and darker, so there are a lot of benefits of rice water on your hair whether relaxed or natural. Yes I recommend using rice water, it doesn’t matter whether your hair is relaxed or natural, you can use rest water on your hair whatever your hair type.

Question #3 how many centimeters or inches did you retain one year post relaxer

If you did not know my last relaxer stretch was actually one year, as at when I relaxed hair about three months ago, I had about seven inches of New Growth, but I didn’t retain all those inches I actually lost some to breakage along the way, I returned about three to four inches in total if I’m not mistaken, after my one year relaxer stretch, I actually retained about four inches of hair.

Question #4 I retained only two centimeter each year, what do you recommend.

First of all one thing you should understand is that everyone’s hair grows at a different rate, my rate of hair growth maybe half an inch per month, yours maybe one inch per month another person maybe quarter an inch per month, so let’s first of all get it clear that the hair growth rate of everyone is different, but the problem Now lies in where your hair grows at a slower rate than how your hair is naturally supposed to grow out like if your hair is genetically programmed to grow as half an inch per month.

Your hair is not gray as fast as that tree, then this is where you now have to now we are going to assume that your hair is growing at a slower rate compared to your natural growth rates, if this is the case the first thing you have to do is to review your regimen, because it’s obvious your regimen is not working for your hair, you have to write out every single thing you are doing as part of your regimen and try to see you when you can modify.

the relaxed hair Q and A
the relaxed hair Q and A

You’re going to be taking it one step at a time you are not going to dramatically change every part of your regimen, because if you do that and you eventually see results or you are getting breakage you will not know which of the things you changed is actually causing more breakage or giving you length retention.

You’re going to take it one step at a time, you can start by looking at the type of protective styles you install, for example if you use extensions for your protective styles and the density of the extensions is more than the density of the hair to which it is attached can actually cause more breakage, it’s not just about installing a relative style there are things to look out for their do’s and don’ts, that have to be considered when installing a protective style during the protective style process itself and after the protective style during the takedown.

If the problem is breaking and that is really the problem in length retention, you’re going to have to find out what is causing this breakage, is it from hair that is too weak, if it is too weak meaning you have to up your protein treatment is i from hair that is too dry, if it’s too dry cleaning you have to up your moisturizing treatment, is it from too much manipulation.

If it is then you have to reduce the level at which you manipulate your relaxed hair, you have to do more protective styles, is it from how you detangle your hair, is it from rough detangling, there is no fast and hard route to grow your relaxed hair, it just depends on the correct state of your relaxed hair or your current regimen.

Question #5 can blue magic hair grease grow my hair

Blue magic hair grease is a grease a petroleum jelly, if I’m not mistaken personally I have not used Blue Magic on my hair, I’m going to try out this product one of these days, but then all I know about the product is about reviews, I’ve heard and seen on other people and all that.

 I can’t say anything from personal experience, but for what I know about the product, it can actually little longer hair indirectly, because this is a product card that can actually be added to your moisturizing and silly routine, it’s a hair very product meaning there is less tendency for the hair to evaporate out of your hair after application, you can use it as a sealant after applying your moisturizer to actually seal in and trapping that moisturizer.

Yes, it can actually lead to longer hair indirectly by making your hair feel more moisturized, when your hair is more moisturized there is less tendency for it to break ,so that’s all I have to say about it for now till I personally use the product, I’m going to come back and share with you guys my personal experience with that product.

Question #6 can I spray water and put Blue Magic on my hair

Of course you can, because you can use it as a sealant safety moisturizer you’re going to be using is not a product, but water you can use it Waters your moisturizer and then use the Blue Magic to seal, before I started using the prophetic vinegar growth daily living straightener, I use water as my moisturizer and olive oil as medicine, so of course you can use water as your moisturizer they go on to use the Blue Magic to seal.

the relaxed hair Q and A

But like I said I’m going to try out the product personally and come on here and give you guys my personal experience with your product, I may not try it with water because I already have a go-to moisturizer that I use the perfect finger grow daily living straightener, if you’ve been following me that this is my favorite moisturizer at the moment, so when I’m going to try out the blue magic that is what I’m going to use as my moisturizer then seal in with the blue magic, I don’t know if I’m going to try using water just for you, maybe I would maybe I won’t, but if I eventually do I’ll share it with you, please let me know in the comment section down below, if you want me to share m personal experience with using blue magic and water as well.

CONCLUSION – the relaxed hair Q and A

Thanks for your reading the article – the relaxed hair Q and A and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this article BEST WAY TO SLEEP WITH LONG HAIR for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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