tips for hair scalp care

Very important tips for hair scalp care

Many people are afflicted by some kind of scalp issue, whether it’s flakiness dryness tightness whatever the kind of issue is a lot of people have scalp things, actually the good news is it’s usually pretty easy to tender your scalp to take care of it to nurture it and make sure that it’s like on the up and up, so healthy scalp is really important to overall healthy hair. the following we will share some Very important tips for hair scalp care with you.

What is the scalp? What does it do?

The first place you need to start is, what is the scalp what does it do, your scalp is all of the area between your hairlines , it’s going all the way back to where your hair stops, so that’s your scalp. the average human head has about 100 000 hair follicles on the head, that sounds like a lot and it is a lot. 

The scalp’s main function is to produce hair and sebum to lubricate the follicles lubricate the scalp to prevent dryness or irritation, just like your skin on any part of your body like your face your elbows your knees your feet, wherever your scalp is also skin and needs to be taken care of, in fact your scalp is even more important because it’s like producing the hair.

It’s a lot more susceptible or prone to issues, because it has so many follicles and there’s so much that we like put on our scalps, we apply with like hair product hats wigs extensions, it’s also really prone to heat the sun dirt debris, so it’s really important for us to tend to our scalp to cleanse our scalp and then also moisturize the scalp, so that the scalp can keep growing gorgeous healthy hair and be its happiest self.

Long term scalp care – tips for hair scalp care

The most common issures with scalps are dryness and flakiness

Long-term scalp care and what most people are dealing with when it comes to scalp issues, I see a lot of scalps, the most common thing that we see is dryness and flakiness at the scalp, why does that happen well the whole scalp environment is really like its own thing, so we talk about like the microbiome on skin and that’s like the protective layer over your skin, your hair and your scalp has like its own whole environment that goes on, a lot of times the thing that leads to flaky or dry scalp is actually over washing of hair.

The cause of a flaky scalp is often the over washing of hair

What happens is if you wash your hair every single day, if you’re washing your hair like twice a day in some cases, but once a day it’s really all it takes, you wash your hair and your scalp feels and you hear that like squeaky clean sound on your hair, that is like your hair having no oil left on it, so if you translate that feeling to the scalp, that’s your scalp being really stripped of all of its natural oil or that sebum, that your scalp is meant to be making in the first place.

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tips for hair scalp care

We wash all that sebum off the scalp, then the oil glands and the scalp are like so dry, I’m just as dry as I could possibly be I gotta make sebum, it goes into this production mode of sebum and then this Cup’s like I’m better now I restored my microbiome I’m safe I’m protected I’m not going to get dry I’m not going to crack, then you wake up and you’re like I just washed my hair yesterday, but now it’s all oily again, so then you wash it so then the oil glands are like I just made x amount of oil to lubricate my scalp, but now I’m dry again so it’s going to make more.

We get into this vicious cycle where our scalp gets really oily, then you go to wash it and then it makes more oil and so it just gets into this like vicious cycle of like over oil production, a lot of people that have like oily or greasy scallop, it’s actually due to over washing the hair and you’re over stimulating those oil glands, so your scalp becoming overly oily due to over washing that’s one thing that can happen.

Dandruff is not the same as dry scalp

Another thing that can happen with scallops when we get really dry or really flaky and I’m not talking about dandruff, because actually here’s another really important thing for scalp care, dandruff is not the same thing as dry scalp, so you can have flakes on your scalp and it might not be dandruff, dandruff typically when it comes out it’s going to come out looking more like puzzle pieces, you’ll literally see like the dots in the dry skin where the hair was, it was like around the hair that’s dandruff like that is dandruff.

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Dry scalp can be caused by neglecting the scalp

Little tiny flakes can just be dry scalp, if you’re having more of just like the little teeny tiny flakes, that can be more of like a neglecting the scalp issue, so maybe you’re not over washing and it’s getting overly oily, you’re like no my scalp’s kind of like dry and like it’s kind of flaky and it feels like ouch that means that you need more moisture on this scalp, that might be someone who is like you don’t apply conditioner on your scalp, because you don’t want your hair weighed down, it could be that you’re never doing like a pre-wash treatment or like a moisturizing treatment to your scalp itself.

Bamboo rich in silica, which absorbs excess oil

If there’s bamboo which is rich in silica or salt which absorbs excess oil, so if you’re someone who’s like learning to stop washing their hair so so much and body is great for you, it’s going to help your blow dries last longer, it’s going to like absorb some of that excess oil.

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tips for hair scalp care

Leaf juice help to restore and moisturize the scalp

If you’re someone who has really dry scalp and body is going to be great for you, because it has that aloe leaf juice so that’s going to help to restore and moisturize the scalp, so we love embodying for people with scalp stuff.

Balancing – tips for hair scalp care

We also really love cannot stress enough, how much I love pre-washed scalp oil, because no matter what your issue is with your scalp, if it’s too dry or if it’s too oily, it’s super balancing pre-washed scalp oil, so if your hair is making too much oil pre-wash cob oil is going to bring you into balance, if your scalp isn’t making enough and your hair is really dry pre-wash scalp oil is going to kind of give the scalp more moisture, kind of like take that dryness and the flakiness away.

Dry skin accumulating on the scalp can plug your hair follicles

So here’s the other thing,Those are kind of like the two spectrums of, like over washing the hair, then like under moisturizing your scalp that can create a lot of irritation, but a symptom of both of those things can be flaky kind of chunky dry skin, when we get a lot of dry skin accumulating on the scalp what can happen is, is it can actually plug up the follicles of your hair.

Decongested and moisturized -tips for hair scalp care

If you have like way too much of your natural sebum, that combines with like dry skin from your scalp, over time you can actually have too much dirt and debris accumulate in the hair follicles, it can prevent that hair from coming through the follicle, so over time it can contribute to your hair Getting Thinner and getting a little finer your hair breaking a little bit easier, so it is really important that we keep our scalps decongested and moisturized, so a pre-poo treatment is going to really help you with that like a pre-wash scalp oil.

Beware of sulfates & parabens – tips for hair scalp care

Sulfates and parabens and all your shampoo conditioner formulas, sulfates are a foaming agent which typically would not be in a styling product, you don’t have to look for it so much in a Styler, but for shampoos and conditioners, they can be Laden with sodium lauryl sulfates which are the worst, there are other sulfates that can be derived from like bamboo or coconut like babasu sulfate for instance which that’s like way less dripping and not so bad.

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Not all sulfates are created equal, but ammonium lauryl sulfate not your friend, also parabens of any kind anywhere anytime, not only are they not your friend they’re also dangerous for your health, they can be endocrine disruptors they can cause hormone imbalances, like parabens we never like, but not only are they not beneficial for your health. sulfates and parabens can create buildup on the scalp,there are two folds that the ways that the build up can be created.

The build up can be created in sulfates case from it being so aggressive that your scalp, like just coats so much oil because it has been so dried out and that can be the build up, and also sulfates can leave a physical residue behind, it’s almost like it’s like Dawn dish soap like that’s a very sulfatey thing or like a dishwashing liquid. That also can translate onto the hair, so sulfates parabens never it’s a no-go never on your scalp, especially because your scalp is even more sensitive than the rest of the skin on your body, so no sulfates no parabens. 

Conclude – Very important tips for hair scalp care

Thanks for your reading the article- Very important tips for hair scalp care. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this articl best tips for prevent fishtail breakage relaxed hair knowledge about natual hair.

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