6 tips for healthy relaxed hair grow fast

6 tips for healthy relaxed hair grow fast

How to grow long strong healthy relaxed hair, if you’re like me and you’re on a journey to health and that includes your hair then this article is for you, i’m gonna make it very quick and very simple and share my 6 tips for healthy relaxed hair grow fast.

1. Cut off your damaged hair

I have for growing healthy long relaxed hair is to cut your hair if it’s damaged, wherever the damage starts cut your hair, at that point i see a lot of relaxed girls walking around with very shabby long hair, but it’s damaged so it doesn’t look good.

My advice is to cut it and start over so that you can grow healthy relax hair, i’ve cut my hair several times throughout my life, even within my healthy hair journey, it has grown back every time it didn’t take me long to get to where i am now lengthwise, it’s been about a year, i have colored my hair my hair still grows, so cut off the damaged hair so that your hair can grow back healthier longer and stronger.

2. Dont trim your hair too often

To piggyback right off our first tip is that you don’t have to trim your hair as often as you think, i trim my hair two times a year, two every six months i go into the hair salon and i let them cut it, you have to have a stylist that you trust to know that they are just going to cut off the damaged ends.

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6 tips for healthy relaxed hair grow fast

But if you cut your hair too often like every month or every time you go to the hair salon, you’re not going to see that length retention, your hair is still growing, but you’re not retaining the length, because you’re cutting it off as it grows. Really every six months is all you need, once you cut off those damaged ends and start growing healthy hair.

3. Stretching your relaxer

Stretching your relaxer is key to growing your hair, so let’s define what stretching your relaxer is because maybe you haven’t heard the term of stretching your relaxer, stretching your relaxer just means that you stretch your relaxer meaning, you go longer than the recommended time to get a relaxer, for me I stretched my relaxer and I noticed a huge change, I I’ll stretch my relaxer I do at least three months until I get my next relaxer.

Why is it important to stretch your relaxer, because it helps avoid for overlapping, over processing your hair, you have a good amount of new growth, where you can just relax that new growth and you won’t necessarily relax, the hair that’s already been relaxed from the previous relaxer, it’s good for any error that might happen you have like.

 I guess extra protection extra insurance that you’re not over processing your hair, when you overprocess your hair tends to get weaker it gets fragile and then it will break off, because one thing the relaxer does is it’s going to weaken the bonds in your hair, that’s why you go from curly or kinky or coily to straight hair with a relaxer, because it breaks the bonds in the hair, which is honestly making it weaker.

I love it because it allows your hair to grow, you have lots of new growth, you’re gonna see the results quicker, you stretch your relaxer you have a lot of new growth, which means you’re gonna have a lot of new length, stretching your relaxer is key.

4. Deep condition your hair to soften and detangle

Every time you wash your hair, whether it’s a wheat every week or every two weeks you have to deep condition your hair. Our hair the bond has been broken it’s a weaker strand of hair than our natural hair sisters, but you can still have long healthy strong hair, if you deep condition your hair every time you wash it.

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6 tips for healthy relaxed hair grow fast

That means at least sitting 20 minutes under a dryer with conditioner on your hair or if you don’t use heat, when you condition your hair leave that on for overnight, for as long as you can just to literally let that conditioner soak into your hair. Deep condition as often as possible, i used to skip this when i went to the hair salon i don’t skip it anymore.

5. Follow our natural hair sisters and use protective styles

I have for you is to follow our natural hair sisters and use protective styles, what that means is put your hair in braids as long as you don’t do tight braids, that will pull and thin and rip out your edges, knotless braids are really good i’ve had them and they i hardly have any hair shut in with knotless braids, so try braids try weaves again.

The same thing you have to have someone who knows how to braid in a fashion that’s not too tight, as well as sew it in in a fashion that’s not too tight what i do now, because i right now i’m giving my hair even a break from that is, i just wrap my hair up i put on a wig cap and i wear wigs, i’m trying to protect my hair, so i would advise you to do the same protect your healthy relaxed hair.

6. Moisturize your relaxed hair

The fifth and last tip that i have for you when it comes to growing healthy long strong hair is to moisturize your scalp with good products, i am not a big person on shampoos that you use or even really condition us to be honest, because we rinse relaxed hair out, conditioners can soften and detangle, but i don’t think ultimately and that’s just my opinion, i don’t think ultimately they make a difference in the quality or health of your hair.

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6 tips for healthy relaxed hair grow fast

I know someone who uses dollar store suave in her hair, her hair is better health-wise than a lot of us and she has permed hair it’s she has regular permed hair, it really doesn’t make a difference with the conditioner, but i do believe that the oil when you are conditioning your scalp, that makes a difference.

I use an oil, you can order it online, i believe or pick it up in a beauty supply store, but it really is good it’s a mixture of all natural oils and it grew my son’s hair, it grew my relaxed hair and i do this when i apply to my scalp, i moisturize it some oils are a little bit thicker and so if you have a perm, it’s not good unless you’re getting closer to wash time, because it will weigh down your hair, but this oil is very light it’s a great spray and it really really works.

CONCLUSION – 6 tips for healthy relaxed hair grow fast

Thanks for your reading the article – 6 tips for healthy relaxed hair grow fast, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle Why is your hair dry and how to prevent dry hair and breakage for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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