10 top tips for how to make your naturally thin hair looks best

10 top tips for how to make your naturally thin hair looks best

I’m trying 10 top tips for how to make your naturally thin hair looks best that could help you out in your daily life maybe make it look a bit fuller. Most of these kids are not necessarily there to help you out on how you can make your hair look a lot more voluminous, some of it might be there to do that as well.

Tip 1 Let your hair air dry

We are basically blessed that we have thin hair, if we ever decides to air dry it in the morning at least for me, it takes around an hour for it to air dry, so I can basically wake up go to the shower and by the time I would be leaving out of the house, it definitely will be dry by then and I think that’s awesome it’s much less work and you don’t have to do a lot plus, I feel like that way I do get the most volume out of my hair.

 I do realize that that might be more specific to me, because I do have naturally curly hair as well. so if I let it air dry my natural curls are at their best as well and obviously the curls do give me a bit more volume, if you haven’t tried that out do try it out, because I feel it is the best voluminous looks to your hair possible and also it does much much less damage.

tips for how to make your naturally thin hair looks best
tips for how to make your naturally thin hair looks best

Tip 2 Dont sleep with wet hair

Don’t sleep with wet hair, I think that’s like the biggest sort of mistake, I would never take a shower in the evening and then go to sleep with my wet hair and assume that in the morning, my hair would look in anyway good at all, that’s one of the things I feel like especially people with very thin hair have to deal with is that, if they would to leave with wet hair, I look like a troll in the morning and I cannot get my hair in control anymore, because when it’s this thin, if I just sleep on it wrongly then it will mold into that position. It is  just not a good idea.

Tip 3 Blow dry head upside down

Please do want to blow-dry your hair, then blow-dry it head upside down that really good so so much more volume, I myself have the problem of actually keeping at that voluminous, it does kind of flatten out so easily in a very short while already obviously, it helps if you put a little bit hairspray there as well.

If you haven’t tried that already, that is such a good tip I don’t understand why I haven’t done that always, since I realized that blow-drying it upside down gives so much more volume to my hair, that’s how I always do it.

Definitely don’t blow dry your hair just like this, that’s going to make it either more flat, while you’re down there just spray some hairspray to it as well, that will also help out and then you can comb it out a bit and make it look a little bit less like completely crazy.

Tip 4 Less heat

Use the least amount of heat as humanly possible and I am saying this with experience, so I am 26 years old I’m going on 27 and since I was 13 years old I have been straightening my hair everyday. I really really wish that I would have not done that, it has done so much damage to my mind what to call to the ends of my hair, I think that has also contributed to the fact that my hair.

I maybe even gotten a little bit Mousse and I don’t know it just looks so damaged still and I think I have a lot of work to do to start making it look a little bit more healthy, I mean I’m on a good road here since four months three months I have not been using any heat at all, you already have such thin hair anyway.

 it’s going to look so much more damaged, so much more faster and so much more easy, all that slow drying all that straightening made my hair look dry and brittle and I don’t know it was just a nightmare, because I did it so much.

Every morning I felt like I must straighten my hair, because the first time whenever I decided not to straighten or blow-dry it ,it just ooks like really crazy, it took a while for my hair to start getting used to it not being straightened and not being blow-dry, if you do anything and already using heat on your hair everyday stop it right now, it’s not doing any good for you.

Tip 5 Find the right products for your hair

tips for how to make your naturally thin hair looks best
tips for how to make your naturally thin hair looks best – right products

The next few tips are to do with the products that you used on your hair, so this can be a journey it has been for me and I still in on my journey and fighting in finding the perfect product for my hair, but really invest the time to do that, because when you find the right shampoo, the right styling product whatever products you do decide to use on your hair.

It will make the world of a difference as well , how much product you actually need on your hair and I also found that using any kind of oils on my hair, especially on the day type is just a complete no-go.

If I would use oil on my hair that would only be for a hair mask and I would use it on the night or before I shower, but never would I put oil to my to the ends of my hair to give some shine or something, because it really doesn’t do that all it does is make my hair look cozy.

Tip 6 Dry shampoo = best friend

It took me so many years to finally try out dry shampoo, I just never really knew how to use it and I was just always very skeptical that it would look good on me, I don’t know why, but a few months ago maybe half a year ago I thought my first ever dry shampoo.

 I am addicted to this stuff. It also helps me so much with not having to wash my hair every day. Dry shampoo also does is it helps give you some volume if you need any extra volume to your hair on that day.

tips for how to make your naturally thin hair looks best
tips for how to make your naturally thin hair looks best – dry shampoo

Tip 7 Short hair cut

So I already have quite long hair, I actually have a hairdresser appointment next week to get a cut again and already here I see how bad some of the ends here are and that’s just what happens with thin hair very very easily. it is said a lot of the time that a short haircut is better for thin hair haired girls.

 now I know that’s hard to hear trust me for my whole life all I wanted to have is this big long curly mermaid hair and that was like my dream hair, but like I said it’s just so unrealistic that that’s going to happen to me, because my hair is naturally thin and with short hair you can also make it look a lot bigger, especially because your hair is so much more healthier on the roots over here . You cut it you only have healthy hair with.

Tip 8 No layers

Don’t go with layers, I don’t know why so many of my hair dresses especially my teenage years probably, I just didn’t go to the right hairdressers, but they always thought oh I’m going to put layers on this girl, because you know that’s going to help her hair look thick, this I believe it’s very very true that layers helps your hair look big, but this is again for those people who have been here, but it’s not as thin as mine.

If you wouldn’t make layers on my hair, no it just it just makes my ends look that much thinner than they already are and it’s not pretty I’ve done it a couple of times and it’s just always made my hair look even more thin and if you have a thin hair as mine I’m betting the best what is going to be doing for your hair as well, try to have an even haircut as good as possible.

I think if you have really short hair that’s again much easier to go layer out and it will look thick still, but especially if you want to have a bit longer hair or long hair do not go with layers, it’s just not going to work so.

Tip 9 Eat healthy

Please eat a healthy side, this is so important because you already have such thin hair and for any woman any man any person hair loss is just it’s very stressful, if you have thin hair and we start losing hair, trust me with experience it is so so stressful, because you’re thinking if I lose any more hair I am this close to being bald, that’s not a nice feeling and I believe that I could have avoided all of that hair loss again, it wasn’t actually too much.

tips for how to make your naturally thin hair looks best
tips for how to make your naturally thin hair looks best – eat healthy

But I did realize it on time so I started to adapt my diet again and make sure that I am eating a healthy whole slice predominantly to make sure that I am getting all the necessary vitamins and nutrients in order for my hair to grow and be healthy, do some research learn about what is healthy and what is not and what can help your hair grow.

Tip 10 Be confident with your hair

I get you because we do put so much thought into it you think that everybody is looking you think that everybody can see your scalp, there are so many thoughts going in your head which really are only in your head

It is all a waste of time you guys look beautiful with your hair, some people have fake hair some people have seen hair and that’s the way, it is you we are thin haired friends, so please put it in the comments down below if you also have seen hair like me, let’s make sure than everybody knows that they’re not alone.

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tips for how to make your naturally thin hair looks best – confident

 those were my 10 tips for anybody with thin hair I hope those could help any one of you guys out if you did like this video remember to give it a thumbs up also subscribe for my channel for more videos and I will see you guys in my next one my mind

CONCLUSION – tips for how to make your naturally thin hair looks best

Thanks for your reading the article- 10 top tips for how to make your naturally thin hair looks best, and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article 12 tips for how to prevent human hair frizzy and tackle humidity on hot summer days for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs.

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