tips for keep curly human hair wig's pattern

Best tips for keep curly human hair wig’s pattern

Curly pattern is a classic hairstyle, many female would like choice curly pattern when they decide buy human hair wig, as curly pattern never ever goes out of style. Curly human hair wig can enhance wearers more beautiful and attractive, when the wig have healthy and soft curls, but if the curly wig do not get enough care and maintenance, the curly pattern will wear out and may not last long, even get tangled or frizzy no longer pretty. As these reason, some people only choice give up curly human hair wig.

If you also love curly human hair wig, please do not worry again, now i will share some best tips for keep curly human hair wig’s pattern with you, which is easy for your manage your curly human hair wig and help you keep curly pattern looking best for the long term. Let us get started with these tips.

Tips #1: Do not often wash your curly human hair wig – tips for keep curly human hair wig’s pattern

Though curly human hair wig also is human hair, but unlike your own natural hair, the hair on the wig do not have root, that mean there are not nourishment be translated from hair root. Washing curly wig excessive time will open up its cuticle and remove its natural protect oil to cause wig become dry, especially for curly wig, which more easier become dry then other texture wig, such as straight hair wig, body wave hair wig, loose wave hair wigs and so on. Once the wig become dry will lead to tangling and frizz, curls will lose its luster. 

Tips #2: Keep your wig cleaning – tips for keep curly human hair wig’s pattern

Do not often wash your curly human hair wig, that is not mean do not wash your wig. On the contrary, properly washing the wig and keep its cleaning is very important, the cleaning wig can make sure wearers comfortable and keep wearers healthy. So you want to ask how often i should wash the wig? There is not a fixed answers for it, but it is related to the use frequency, if you wear it every day, i suggest wash it no long than 2 weeks; if you occasionally wear it, but also should wash one time within 1 month.

tips for keep curly human hair wig's pattern
cleaning curly human hair wig

Washing curly human hair should use lukewarm water and small amount of shampoo, which will effectively remove hair cream, grease, and ecological dirt from the scalp. Nobody wants to accommodate this build-up for long. Do not use blow dryer, you can take a towel out, pat dry the wig, and do not rub the towel on the strands, as it may cause it to lose the curls. Beside the wig, you also need keep your scalp clean, massage your scalp with your fingertips and concentrate on cleaning your scalp.

Tips #3: Moisturizing and combing your wig – tips for keep curly human hair wig’s pattern

As you know, though the hair on wig is human hair, but unlike your own natural hair, they do not have hair root to translate the nourishment to them, so they dry easily. Moisturize Adequately is crucial for your curly human hair wig. After wig get enough water, also not forget comb it with wide-tooth or your finger to keep from tangles at all times. Moisturizing and combing your wig should be your daily hair routine, no matter if you are wearing it daily or not. Please trust me, after you keep do the hair routine some time, you’ll like your curly wig and your curly wig will stay long.

Tips #4: Minimize the use of Styling Products and tools. – tips for keep curly human hair wig’s pattern

Even if your own natural hair, if use too much styling products and tools also can cause more or less damage. Many of styling products include alcohol and sulfates, which will speed up water lost out and cause your wig become dry. Mousse and wig spray normally contain these components, commonly you think mousse and wig spray will help you keep curly pattern, but they are not good idea for your curly human hair wig and do not recommend.

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heat tools

For heat and styling tools, especially curly iron, try you best to reduce use it, even if you must use it, please do not set the temperature too high and heat time can not last too long, all these can cause your curly human hair wig to lose their natural curling pattern. So for your curly human hair wig, if you want it to last long, please minimize the use of styling products and tools.

Tips #5: Using the right hair products for your wig – tips for keep curly human hair wig’s pattern

Tangling and frizzing more or less cause by dryness, so when you wig become tangle and frizzy, you should check out whether your wig is dry, whether is cause by not using the right hair products, for example the shampoos you used that contain certain ingredients and do not fit for  your wig. So you can consult some professional person, such as your hairstylist or the place from where you are buying your curly human hair wig, what shampoo you should use.

Tips #6: Be gentle treat it – tips for keep curly human hair wig’s pattern

You should gentle treat it, just like your own natural hair love the curly wig. Unlike straight hair or body wave wig, please Keep your brush away from your wig, only two tools can comb it, one is wide-tooth comb, the other is your finger.

tips for keep curly human hair wig's pattern
wide-tooth comb

Can not dry the wig via blow drier, cotton fabric is a good choice to gently dry your wig easily and gently; Knead it into a ball, squeeze out the remaining water, and then go. Let the wig dry naturally. Never rub the hair with your towel, which will harm it by opening the cuticle and causing curls.

In the night, before you sleeping, if you do not want to take off the wig, please wear a silk sleeping hat on to prevent the friction your curly human hair wig with pillow. The way also can help you save much more time for your next morning.

Conclude – tips for keep curly human hair wig’s pattern

We all know manage and keep curly human hair wig’s pattern is a big challenge. However, get above best tips, you will easily achieve your beauty dream. many thanks for you read the post of best tips for keep curly human hair wig’s pattern, I hope you enjoyed these method and they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much!  Besides the article, Best 7 tips for culry natural human hair maintenance routine or more elementary knowledge about curly human hair wig.

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