Basic easy tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair

Basic easy tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair

I’ve been getting quite a bit of questions as to what do i do to increase thickness in my hair, how do i make my hair thicker ,so i want you to share with you just some quick basic easy tips on how to increase the thickness in your hair, that have helped me throughout my hair journey to increase the thickness fullness body all of that in my hair.

Tip #1. Low manipulation – tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair

Just leaving my hair alone has been a huge help in terms of just increasing that thickness in my hair, for me i don’t need to pick up the comb on a daily basis and just comb my hair, i use my fingers you guys, my fingers have literally become combs i can detangle i can remove knots from my hair with just my fingers, it really helps to lessen unnecessary breakage because we all know breakage leads to thinning, we don’t want thin hair right try to find styles that are easy, that you can just use your fingers for.

tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair
tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair

I know it’s like okay how do i put down my comb, how do i not style my hair, for me i like to do braid outs and this style honestly no comb was needed, just finger detangle with my hands, i braid my hair moisturize it obviously,  it’s good to go i just unravel it in the morning and there’s no heavy manipulation on my hair, like my strands are not stressed they’re not being tugged or pulled.

It’s all about trying to find and understand your hair find out what works for you, you guys know my fingers are my combs, i barely really pick up a comb at this point, but it did take some time some practice, i’m getting used to there is a slight learning curve where that’s concerned, for me just putting down the comb and reserving it more so for wash day, doing a full detangle at that point, doing buns like protective styles as well huge help.

Tip #2. Stretching relaxer – tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair

I stretch anywhere between 10 to 12 weeks, that is the perfect time frame that is my threshold that is my comfort zone anything outside of that is just it doesn’t work for me, the whole point of stretching a relaxer is to prevent overlap, so you want to have enough new growth at least an inch or we get about half an inch of growth every month.

If you relax at six weeks post relaxer chances are girl you don’t have enough new growth, if you can’t see the amount of new growth you have chances are you could overlap onto the already relaxed hair, if you overlap that leads to over processing and over processing leads to breakage and thinning and it’s just a disaster at that point. 

We don’t want damaged hair and want to have enough new growth because we only put relaxer on natural hair, so our new growth obviously is natural, i don’t play when it comes to just applying the relaxer only to the new growth that is key.

Tip #3. Protecting my previously relaxed ends – tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair

I don’t play when it comes to protecting my ends, relaxer run off is real and it can still process your hair slightly if you don’t protect your hair, i always use a conditioner and grease prior to relaxing my hair, that way if the relaxer does run off or if it drops on my strands, it’s not actually penetrating through there is a barrier over my hair, that’s really important because relaxer runoff can still process your hair, if your previous relaxed hair is processed it could lead to over processing and breakage and thinning we don’t want it.

The tip is really important for my girls who go to the salon, if they have stylists who overlap and they’re just messy with the whole relaxer application, put oil put conditioner put grease put something on your hair that way you have that peace of mind, for example relaxer does happen to drop on your ends during that process you never know you are covered you’re good to go.

Tip #4. Coconut oil -tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair

Coconut oil is a little bit controversial in the hair care community, because some people love it and some really really hate it, for me coconut oil has been amazing in the pre-poo form and even in my deep conditioners, but more so as a pre-poo paired with my protein has just been amazing in terms of strengthening my hair, making it fuller and thicker and stronger.

tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair
tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair

Coconut oil is said to be the only oil that can penetrate the strands up to 90%, so we can get into the cortex the inner part of your hair strand, no other oil is like that in terms of just how far into the cuticle it can penetrate, it also prevents protein loss and we all want to preserve the protein that is in our hair.

Some people have complained about coconut oil making their hair feel rough dry brittle, i get it trust me i do, i get those symptoms or those reactions in my hair when i use it as a leave-in, if i use it post wash day or as a sealant my hair just can’t take it.

I prefer to use it in the pre-poo phase or in the deep conditioning phase that way my hair gets the benefits, but it’s not staying in my strands throughout the day or throughout the week, using it prior to shampooing is when you’re really going to see the benefits of coconut oil, it can really just fortify the hair strengthen it and really increase the fullness and thickness of your hair.

Tip #5. Light protein treatments -tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair

A lot of people do not like protein, but it is extremely beneficial and necessary in a relaxed hair journey and regimen, only because the protein in our strands have been compromised, if the protein has been compromised you need to kind of replenish the protein that has been lost in the hair, using protein really depends on your hair for some they use it by weekly, some use it monthly some use it every relaxer, it really depends on that individual and their hair.

A lot of people are scared of protein and they just don’t want anything to do with it, but at the same time our hair is made up of protein right, if you’re not replenishing that protein or you’re not eating enough protein in your diet as well, that can really you know play a role in how healthy your hair is or not, protein tends to make the hair rigid it makes it hard it can make it dry as well never use protein by itself.

The next step you want to do is follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner, to help soften make the hair more manageable, also protein helps to fill the gaps along the cuticles, so if there’s holes or any missing cuticle parts protein will help bind everything together, making your hair strands feel fuller thicker and have more bodies, don’t be scared of protein it is your friend use it wisely, but keep it in your regimen and know how to use it for your hair type.

If you are you know sensitive to protein i get it a lot of people have that sensitivity, instead of using a straight protein based conditioner, try using a moisture protein balance conditioner as your protein treatment, instead of using something that is just straight protein, try using something that has a little bit of both moisture and protein in it that way it’s not too harsh or strenuous on your strands if that helps.

Tip #6.Trimmings -tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair

Keeping up with my trims i find that just having my hemline, so the way my hair hangs i call it hemline, just having that nice and neat and full has really contributed to the thickness of my hair, i like to trim my ends every relaxer so every 10 to 12 weeks, that is just the aesthetic that i like my hair to look a certain way or hang a certain way.

tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair
tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair

In between my trims i like to also dust my ends, by dusting i mean just trimming off tiny amounts to the point where it looks like dust, the whole purpose of that is to basically detect any kind of single strand knots, any kind of splitting that may be going on, you catch it before it gets any worse

Tip #7. Less direct heat -tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair

I haven’t used heat, i’ve been going on this little no heat challenge, it’s been great i’ve been loving the air drying method, blow drying on cool air going heat free has definitely helped in terms of just adding that fullness to my hair, that overall fluffy thicker look. Obviously you want to use heat responsibly and that’s making sure that you put any kind of direct heat on clean hair conditioned hair, hair that is protected with a heat protectant that is key.

You also want to be careful with the temperature that you’re using, i don’t go over 350 on my flat iron anything more than that is just a no, for me less direct heat has been amazing, if you want to air dry or roller set that is great, because roller setting is a form of indirect heat as well, but using any direct heat tools flat iron blow dryer curl wand curling iron be very careful.

Tip #8. Deep conditioning – tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair

Deep conditioning has played a huge role in just keeping my 4c coarse dry hair, moisturized my hair is dry like just naturally very dry and deep conditioning without fail has been a lifesaver a game changer for me, it has increased the elasticity in my strands as well and overall deep conditioning is just going to promote the health of your hair, i like to deep condition on a weekly basis without fail and i like to use heat when i deep condition, so i like to use either my hooded dryer my steamer or my heat cap, i typically leave it on anywhere for about 20 to 40 minutes.

Then i’ll rinse so using heat has been beneficial because it opens up the cuticle, it allows the conditioner to penetrate deeper and overall my hair just feels way more moisturized, it feels manageable it feels soft the elasticity is back in my hair, using a heat source is vital for my hair, lately i’ve been getting a lot of questions about you know what if i don’t have a steamer or a hooded dryer what can i do, for me i really think that making that investment is really important having a hooded dryer, it’s going to last you a few years or several years.

Tip #9. Castor oil – tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair

I love and sweat by castor oil, it’s been amazing in my hair journey, i like to call it liquid gold because it’s just that good, really helps to promote thickness obviously it helps to promote growth and every time i use castor oil, my hair looks more plump it looks fuller it just overall makes my hair just look bigger. i using it in my deep conditioner, so i’ll add like maybe like a teaspoon or a tablespoon or so in my favorite deep conditioner use some heat and i’m good to go.

Tip #10. Your health – tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair

Why your hair is not growing
tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair

Your health plays a huge role in how your hair looks how your skin looks and how you overall feel, any kind of vitamin deficiency or mineral deficiency will definitely play out in your hair, so it’s really important to check with your doctor, see what’s going on if you have a lot of shedding, if you have a lot of thinning or any scalp issues check with your doctor to get some tests done. what your doctor recommends such as take an iron supplement take your multivitamins, you know take your vitamin c take those things that will contribute to healthier hair growth, drink your water have your veggies have your fruit and overall, just try to have less stress because stress contributes to shedding and shedding contributes to thinner hairs so you just want to have a nice healthy balance

CONCLUDE – tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair

That is basically it i hope you enjoyed these tips, they definitely helped me and helped to contribute to the overall health and thickness and fullness of my hair, by no means am i saying to try everything that i mentioned you know your hair best, so do what works for you comment down below let me know what has contributed to the overall thickness and health of your hair. Thanks for your reading the article- Basic easy tips on how to increase the thickness in your relaxed hair. Besides these, you also check this articl VERY IMPORTANT TIPS FOR HAIR SCALP CARE knowledge about natual hair.

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