tips on how to protect your hair from heat damage

Tips on how to protect your hair from heat damage.

We all love curling irons, hair dryers and flat irons, but we also love our hair and these styling adventures cause our hair stress. In the article we are going to share some tips on how to protect your hair from heat damage.

Tip 1 Hot tools quality

Tip number one absolutely most important is when you are using hot tools that they should be the utmost best quality, people always ask me about products and tools and brushes. I were to mention one thing that’s the most important your hair care in the shower and then your heat tools that those are the most important, but good high quality hair styling tools is an absolute must.

tips on how to protect your hair from heat damage
tips on how to protect your hair from heat damage

Tip 2 Turn Down the Heat

One of the biggest mistakes people make when using a hot iron is turning the heat setting up too high, it will fast-track you to the land of heat damaged hair! While temperatures can vary based on your hair type, it’s typically recommended that you stick within the 200-300 degree range, with finer/thinner hair types keeping closer to the lower end of the spectrum.

Whatever you do, just don’t use your tool’s highest heat setting, as that’s when all hair textures will start to see signs of heat damage no matter how much heat protectant is applied.

TIP 3 Don’t Brush out Your Curls

Instead of reaching for the brush, open the curls with your fingers. You might want to do this by having your hair tossed forward. Gently break up the curls by running your fingers through them and scrunching them up as you go along. Your curls may appear tighter and bouncier than desired at first, but this technique will help the curls to drop at a much slower rate, which means you get to enjoy the curls for longer!

Tip 4 Gentle on the hair

Tip number 4 is actually how you handle your hair when it’s still wet, so basically right before you heat style your hair in the salon, i so many times would see clients just grab a brush and just go at it, before i even started to touch their hair, i know it’s really sweet of the client like try into  help me or knowing that i’m gonna be a lot gentler. we are gentle because it is so important to preserve your hair.

 we do all these steps to make your hair look better, it would be such a shame to just go in especially when hair is at its absolute most fragile, when it’s wet to just go in with a brush and just yank on the hair, you can use the most insane expensive heat styling tools and the most amazing hair products, if you’re ripping at your hair you’re gonna have dry damaged hair, so be gentle on the hair especially when it is wet. 

Tip 5 Use Heatless Hair Styling Options over Curling Wands

Leaving your hair to curl overnight will not only encourage longer lasting curls, but you are also avoiding all the heat damage from using heated hair curling tools.  When using heatless hair curlers, we recommend leaving the curler in your hair for at least 6 hours or 7 – 9 hours overnight.   When hair is left in a curling position for a prolonged amount of time, the curls are more likely to last and stay.  

tips on how to protect your hair from heat damage
tips on how to protect your hair from heat damage

So, if you have pin straight hair or wavy hair that struggles to hold a curl, a heatless hair curling option will certainly be more suited for you.  In this hair curling tutorial, we are using the Flower Curl overnight hair curler, which is not only quick to set but it is also comfortable enough to sleep in every night if you wanted to.  

Tip 6 Create as least friction

Create as least friction on your hair as possible, during our sleep is when we can actually create a ton of damage in our hair, if we don’t have the appropriate pillowcase and i’ve advocated for this for so long on my blog, that is to use a silk pillowcase and the one is by silk, that came with my silk hair set.

It’s absolutely great when you are trying to use this set and create beautiful waves overnight, but it’s also great to prevent breakage at night, when we can add a ton of stress to our hair, so this pillowcase is made by mulberry silk, it’s breathable sleep promoting and it’s just wonderfully soft and smooth.

Tip 7 Do Not Curl Hair When Wet or Damp

Curling damp hair should never be attempted and is never a good idea.  It certainly won’t encourage longer lasting curls and you’re more likely to end up with frizzy hair, a bunch of split ends and broken ends!  Whether you are using curling wands or heatless hair curlers, curling your hair when damp, can really damage the structure of the cuticle, leaving your hair looking brittle, coarse and broken.  

tips on how to protect your hair from heat damage
tips on how to protect your hair from heat damage

If you’re using heatless curlers, we recommend to start off the process with completely dry hair to help avoid unnecessary breakage.  Wet/Damp hair may also not dry properly when curled overnight.

Tip 8 Hairspray

Hairspray not only sets a finished hairstyle, it also forms a kind of barrier between your hair and the environment, as it wraps around the individual strands and acts as a protective layer. Some hairsprays have the added benefit of providing hair with specialized protection from environmental stressors, such as wind, moisture, UV rays and environmental pollution. Hairspray can protect your hair from heat damage

Tip 9 use heatless styling

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tips on how to protect your hair from heat damage

The last tip is to try and use heatless styling whenever possible, if you’re a tired mom like me, you are going to absolutely appreciate something that is going to help give you these beautiful natural waves, but also at the same time, i’m able to sleep in it a comfy pillow curling system.

CONCLUSION – tips on how to protect your hair from heat damage

Thanks for your reading the article – tips on how to protect your hair from heat damage , I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle Why you should not big chop your hair? for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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