Top 12 tips for transitioning to natural hair

Top 12 tips for transitioning to natural hair

I wanted to give you my top 12 tips for transitioning to natural hair for anybody who’s either thinking about transitioning or has just started their journey that need a little bit more guidance on how to do it successfully so without further ado here are my tips .

# 1. Do not use heat -tips for transitioning to natural hair

First and foremost is do not use heat, I know that it’s very tempting especially when you’re entering into the colder months, you kind of want to do some protective styling, but one of the things that will make the biggest difference is if you do not use he just put away all of your strangers curling irons.

I personally have not part of mine they’ve been hiding in their own little basket for the last year some change now,I haven’t touched them, of course you’re still going to have your blow dryer, but using that on the cooler setting is totally fine, just stay away from anything that’s going to apply direct heat to your hair, because that’s really going to stun your progress.

# 2. You do not have to big chopped or even mini chop

You do not have to big chopped or even mini chop, what you really want to focus on is tray in a way that makes you feel the most comfortable, so if you want to hang on to your straight ends for a while and keep that length then do that, just make sure that you’re doing everything that you can to treat your hair and give it everything that it needs, but that doesn’t mean that you have to part ways with your ends immediately, take all the time that you need. 

# 3. Trims are your biggest weapon – tips for transitioning to natural hair

Trims are your biggest weapon, they’re your best weapon your friend your homie, they are what’s going to progressively make your hair healthier, because you are slowly taking away the ends that are weighing your curls down.

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Top 12 tips for transitioning to natural hair

As your natural curls start to come out of your head, you want to keep clipping away at that, because you’re gonna have a lot of split ends that are also going to deter your growth. Make sure that you’re constantly paying attention to those, I would even just stand in the sunlight every now and then kind of scoped out my split ends and see if there were any that needed to disappear.

 I would just slowly clip away at it, like I said before make sure that you do this in your own comfortability, but the more you do this the easier, it’s going to be when you’re finally ready to get rid of those ends,  just embrace that curly hair. 

# 4. Stop using sulfate products – tips for transitioning to natural hair

Stop using sulfate products, nine point five times out of ten those aren’t doing anything positive for your hair, it’s basically just like a dish soap detergent, if you think about putting that on your hair. it’s stripping away all of the oils and curly hair, especially needs natural oil in order to grow and have that additional nourishment. So when you’re stripping that down, it’s just making your curls angry.

If you’ve ever used a shampoo that wasn’t right for you, you’ll notice that it’s kind of make sure you’re going to dry and stringy, just do away with products that are not meant for your hair, if they don’t have all natural ingredients in them, I’m sorry but you’re going to have to toss them or find a good alternative for them, until you’re ready to maybe come back.

# 5. One solution does not fit everyone – tips for transitioning to natural hair

One solution does not fit everyone, what that means is learn what your hair does, learn the unique pattern of your hair, learn what your hair likes and dislikes, what me work for my hair might not work for yours and vice versa.

Find people who have similar hair types to you, whether it’s online on blogs or on YouTube and follow their regimen more so than maybe somebody who might be your kernel crush who has a different curl patter than yours, so learn your hair’s porosity, learn if your protein sensitive and then follow suit for the things, that are suitable for your unique hair type. 

# 6 Focus on scalp health – tips for transitioning to natural hair

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Top 12 tips for transitioning to natural hair

Focus on scalp health. Keeping your hair follicles and scalp free of product buildup and flaking will help rev up hair growth. Incorporate a thorough scalp massage into your wash day routine using Wash Day Delight. The shampoo’s bottle has a pointed tip that makes for a focused application right at the scalp, while the micellar formula traps dirt and grime without stripping away natural oils.

# 7. Perm rods – tips for transitioning to natural hair

Perm rods will trick everybody into thinking that you have already made it, perm rods were my absolute best friend during my entire transitioning journey before I trimmed off all of my heat damage, so what I was doing to keep my length going is just doing my part to style, what style to I would just put perm rods at the bottom of my hair, anything that was straight and kind of work strudy gangly.

I would throw a perm rod on it, because is what basically transform that straight hair into a curl, that would match the curl pattern that was already growing out, so like I said before if you’re not ready to part ways with your ends, then that’s one way that you can do that to kind of disguise your straight ends into curls, until you’re ready to cut those things off. 

# 8. Find some staple products that are good for your hair – tips for transitioning to natural hair

This does not not this is good news for a lot of people, this does not need to be an expensive journey, I know a lot of people are like it’s so hard to keep up with all the hair products, there’s always new ones coming out should I try this one I try that one, show you the deep conditioner that comes with shampoo, the other conditioner that comes with the serum and styler

Top 12 tips for transitioning to natural hair

You don’t have to try all those things, what you need to do is find some staple products that are good for your hair, so whether it happy a co-wash and then a good deep conditioner and then a couple stylers and a couple gels that you like, keep those in your rotation, find what works for you and that’s going to come with a lot of trial and error, the trial and error doesn’t necessarily have to be super expensive. If you try out a product and you just find that that is not meant for you. 

You can take that back to the story, you only used it one time and people’s stores have a go return policy, so don’t worry about this being an expensive journey, just know that you’re doing it as an investment into owning your natural hair, which is ultimately going to be a lot cheaper, then find a bunch of straighteners getting a weave things like that, you have so much more freedom in the end when you embrace this natural hair take good care of it we’re just actually pricey.

# 9 Don’t stress the shedding. – tips for transitioning to natural hair

Don’t stress the shedding. The emotional stages of transitioning can be a lot. One minute you think you have it all under control and the next you’re looking at a sink full of strands that are no longer on your head. Does transitioning hair shed a lot? Yes. Is it reversible? Somewhat. There will be more hair breakage if it isn’t moisturized regularly. But keep in mind that your hair is supposed to shed naturally—about 50 to 100 hairs a day to be exact. So, you can expect to see some fallout no matter what.

If you’re protective styling, whether you’re transitioning or not, when you take down the braids or twists, you can also anticipate having some shedding from what wasn’t able to come out while your style was installed. This is completely normal and not a reason for concern. Ring the alarm when you see golf ball-sized clumps of hair daily. This may signal a bigger concern that a stylist or dermatologist can weigh in on.

# 10. Styling products – tips for transitioning to natural hair

Make sure that you rotate your products when your hair tells you to, so that’s why I mention that it’s good to have a couple stylers and a couple gels, once you’re using the products on a regular basis, your hair might build up a tolerance to some of those ingredients, that are in there for a period of time.

During that phase all you have to do is just rotate out, you can still keep those products and maybe save them for a month or two down the road, and start using something else, curly hair is weird that way it might be everybody’s hair, but I just keep a couple different products on hand, if your hair may not want to respond to that particular product at that time. 

# 11. Deep conditioning – tips for transitioning to natural hair

Deep conditioning is key, one of the most important things you need to do, while you’re transitioning is make sure that you’re replenishing your hair of moisture oil, all of that good stuff that’s going to fit nice fresh and healthy, when I would skip deep conditioner, if I say oh I don’t really have a lot of time to do that I’m just going to skip it.

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Top 12 tips for transitioning to natural hair

 I would notice that my hair was significantly drier that beat, so just making sure that it’s a part of your regimen whether it’s every single week like me or every other week. It’s really really going to make a huge difference and just giving your hair the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy.

# 12. Love and embrace this journey and your natural hair – tips for transitioning to natural hair

Love and embrace this journey and your natural hair, I know that it’s definitely a challenge getting used to having your hair a certain way for so long, auditioning over to something that’s difficult, my hair drove me absolutely crazy, still kind of does for probably six months and I really just took a while to get the hang of it, but the more I was experimenting the more, I was doing what I knew was right for it.

 I really started to gain more confidence for it and in turn it started to come out a lot better, I started to really hit my stride with what Styles work for me, when I was going to do those and I just stopped comparing my hair to other people’s, you’re going to see people are like blue big juicy curls little tiny keke coiling curls and you’re not 100%, sure where your ears gonna fit in your hair is unique and you should love and embrace that in every way.

CONCLUSION – Top 12 tips for transitioning to natural hair

Thanks for your reading the article – Top 12 tips for transitioning to natural hair, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle WHY YOUR HAIR IS NOT GROWING for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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