Top 14 synthetic hair hacks for beginner wig 101

Top 14 synthetic hair hacks for beginner wig 101

Today’s I will share some synthetic hair hacks with you.

1. Making the closure look like scalp.

The first hack that I have is making the color look like scalp. when you make your closure look like scalp, basically you’re gonna want to get some I’ll say powder makeup or finish make powder and go down the middle of the wig part, of course it’s a synthetic here, but you can make it look a little bit close to it.

So you’re gonna want to get the powder and put it down the middle of your part, because normally when closures come in packs with the bundles is not the same skin tone as a sisters, most of the time is like a beige looking kind of color, I can’t explain it, but it’s not like tone which is closer to my skin complexion.

How to fix balding curly hair closure wig routine
Top 14 synthetic hair hacks for beginner wig 101 – powder makeup

2. Too shiny? Baby powder

Number two is when it’s too shiny, powder baby powder, you’re gonna want to take the baby powder put it in your hands and just go down. Just like powdering your nose will take the shine off your skin, powdering your wig will take the shine off your hair.

3. Reviving Warm / cold water & conditioner

Number three is reviving with water and conditioner, when your hair has been up for about I’ll say probably a week or so and it starts looking kind of tacky, you want to bring it back to life ,you’re gonna put water and could be sharing a spray bottle and just spray your hair going down and finger combing.

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Top 14 synthetic hair hacks for beginner wig 101

When you do that use cold water, never wash or never revive synthetic hair with hot water, it’s just gonna make it frizzy and it’s not gonna look well.

4. Nodyed synthetic hair

Number four is color synthetic hair is a no, I wouldn’t say don’t do it. but you’re gonna need the baby powder, because it’s gonna be very shiny, sometimes you will get a good batch that is colored and is not really a shine to it, that is the good type right there, but when you just see it in a pack you just color and if it looks fake in the pack, because when you get homes coming with even worse. So color I always say it’s a no.

5. Curlings synthetic hair

Number five curling synthetic hair. When you curl synthetic hair, you gotta want to hold the curl but you should never attempt to use hot tools, like a curling iron, on a synthetic wig – unless the label specifically says that the wig can tolerate heat. If not, you can use foam rollers to curl the wig using the method below.

Top 14 synthetic hair hacks for beginner wig 101

6. Dying synthetic hair with fabric dye

Number six dyeing synthetic hair with fiber die, now you can dye your hair safely, you can go to a fabric store and you fabric dye and you can dye that hair, I bet you did not know that, so you can do that is something that you can try on your own time.

7. How to make your hairlast

Number seven how to make your hair last. When I go to sleep, I wear a bonnet, because it can get ruined very easily. As it’s not human hair, you can expect to know do whatever you want and your hair stays in place most of the time is not going to.

So I would just recommend that you use your bonnet at home and only take your bonnet off, when you’re about to take a picture or when you’re chilling with your husband, you just about to go somewhere, other than that keep your bonnet at home, because it’s gonna last longer.

8. Flat Iron with a brush

Number eight would be fluttering with a brush, when you flat iron synthetic hair like this, I can’t flat iron it if I wanted to, I would just do the chase method, where you get the brush and you go down in flutter on it. 

Top 14 synthetic hair hacks for beginner wig 101
Top 14 synthetic hair hacks for beginner wig 101

9. Putting make up in closure

Number nine will be putting makeup in closure, I’ve talked about this earlier, using the powder make up your closure part, to make the closure looks realistic. when you would get the closures I recommend getting the one which those are wider and you can actually pluck those more, and make the closure look more realistic, so I would recommend those over the ones that come in the plucked already.

10. No products on straight hair

Number 10 would be no products on a straight hair, when you have synthetic hair and the straight comes in the pack straight, no products on those unless you’re trying to revive it with cold water and conditioner and blow drying it with cool air no products, because it’s gonna make it way down.  

Now with curly hair what you’re gonna want to do is put conditioner on it. I use it’s vegan cruelty-free conditioner that’s why I use it for synthetic hair, human hair, my natural hair, it is the goats so that’s the products that I use in my curly hair, but other than that, you don’t want to put mousse and all that extra stuff on, because at the end of it is not human hair, so you can’t expect for it to mimic or do things as human hair to do

Top 14 synthetic hair hacks for beginner wig 101

11. If it looks shiny through the pack do not buy

Number eleven if it looks shiny through the pack nice times out of ten is no good, when you go to store and see hair that is shiny in the pack, that means when you get home it’s gonna be way worse than that. 

A nother tip is when you go to store when you’re shopping for synthetic hair and ask him to open the pack, so that you can see and feel the hair outside of the pack, so please remember that. 

12. If it is not on manikin, you need to worry

Number twelve when you go to the store and store show off hair when it’s on the mannequin, they want to show you that this is some good hair, look feel it touch it see it smelly, they want you to see that it’s good hair right.

If it looks shiny through the pack do not buy
Top 14 synthetic hair hacks for beginner wig 101

But if you are interested in some type of hair in the pack and not on the mannequin that you’re interested in, you don’t see and try to ask someone, is this on the mannequin. Maybe that’s not good hair. As they always show off the good hair, so remember that nine times out of ten, this is not always the case, just most likely I think I went over this one already

13. Wear your bonnet!

Number 13 is when you’re trying to keep your in synthetic hair in for a while, wear a bonnet to sleep wear a bonnet, when you get up wear a bonnet, especially if it’s a quick weave s or a sew in synthetic hair, make sure you’re always wearing your bonnet unless you’re going somewhere or finnally do something. 

14. How to bring your curls back

Number 14 now if you didn’t notice whenever you install a quick weave with synthetic hair or sew in, the curl pattern that was in the pack it does not look the same after you installing, most likely puffy too big or such-and-such and there are some people that like their hair puffy, if that’s you go for it, but if you want that curl patent to come back, some people feel like you can’t wait synthetic hair or it’s not gonna do anything, when you have synthetic hair in this curly and you put it in this puffy, get that spray bottle in that water with that conditioner cold water spray it on your hair and boom the curls are back, that’s what I had to do with this hair. 

Top 14 synthetic hair hacks for beginner wig 101
Top 14 synthetic hair hacks for beginner wig 101

I am able to keep my synthetic hair in for about three weeks, nothing more nothing less, because of the fact that, if you go over three weeks with synthetic hair is and you keep it in it’s not gonna really do as well as before.

So I don’t recommend reusing synthetic hair and having it in your closet and bring it out, unless you’re doing a different style, I can put it up and do a bob or something and I can cut it, then just butter in it.


Thanks for your reading the article , I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article How to boil human hair wig and bring wig back to life for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs.

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