Top 9 tips to avoid hair loss when wearing wig

Top 9 tips to avoid hair loss when wearing wig

I’m going to go over the top 9 tips to avoid hair loss when wearing wig, i’ve discovered new ways that you can protect your edges while wearing wigs.

Tips #1 Protecting your edges by tangless hair

The first i’m going to discuss is protecting your edges by so tankless hair, if you’re looking for amazing hair extensions, that can last up to seven years, it doesn’t shed, doesn’t tangle, holds curls, bleaches to pure blonde, is single donor source has one way cuticle formation basically, if you’re looking for phenomenal hair extensions and undetectable hd lace closures and frontals then visit SUNMAY Hair.

Sew in silk on the inside of your wig cap, so this you would do with a closure wig, as opposed to a frontal wig, because your frontal goes from ear to ear, so you wouldn’t have anywhere to sew the silk to protect your edges without that silk being seen through the lace, but for closure wigs which are typically four by four, five by five, six by six, so from here would be a closure and then you’d have your wig caps sitting on your edges, which can cause frictional alopecia.

What you do is you’d simply sew a piece of satin or silk, along the part of the wig cap that sits on your hairline, what this is going to do, it’s going to prevent moisture loss and it’s going to prevent friction against your hairline.

The friction along your hairline can cause hair loss, it can cause breaking and that constant rubbing is one of the reasons why people begin to see their edges just deteriorate when they start wearing wigs, so that’s one protective measure that you can take and protect their edges and still enjoy wearing your closure wigs.

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Top 9 tips to avoid hair loss when wearing wig

Tips #2 Focuses on the hair at the nape of your neck

The next thing that we can do focuses on the hair at the nape of your neck, that’s something that a lot of people don’t speak about, but it’s an issue just as much as your hairline disappearing is an issue, so most wigs you’ll have the band, that helps to hold the wig in place and keep it tight and secure.

You’ll also have the straps as well and those can actually cause hair loss at the nape of your neck with the straps, they tend to get caught in hairs, then in the process of trying to free them you end up ripping out your hair, doing this over and over again, of course you’re going to begin to see that the nape of your hair has gone on holiday again with the wig band.

If it’s too tight or wearing it every day and it’ shifting you’re going to experience friction back there, then before you know it, when it’s time for you to come and wear a ponytail, you’ll realize that something is missing and for this one i’d recommend sewing silk on the elastic band.

It prevents friction and moisture loss at the nape area and then regarding the straps you just want to be extra careful and you can maybe do not to use them, if you find that they keep on getting caught in the back of your neck, especially when those cameras are fresh.

TOP #3 opt for low tension cornrows

The next thing that we are going to do to protect our edges while wearing wigs is we’re going to opt for low tension cornrows, you can actually ask your stylist or whoever is cornrowing your hair, to release their grip. it’s not by force that they use concrete hand, to come and cornrow my hair especially my precious hairs along my hairline. 

Top 9 tips to avoid hair loss when wearing wig- for low tension cornrows

Mum is the only one who cornrows my hair and she knows exactly how i like it. She uses a very light hand in fact when she was carrying my hair yesterday, it just feels like even giving me one kind of head massage, doesn’t even feel like cornrows at all, it’s still very nice and neat, it may not last as long, but to be honest you shouldn’t really be having your cameras in for ridiculous amounts of time.

Anyway you should be trying to wash your hair every seven to ten days, sometimes i push two weeks, so it doesn’t really matter that my corner is not gripping my scalp for life, because they’re gonna come out pretty soon, if your stylist respects your edges, they will release that claw grip. 

TOP #4 using satin lined wig caps

Using satin lined wig caps, so you place it behind your hairline, where it can’t be seen, once you’re wearing your lace unit, wearing a satin line wig cap would make it difficult to use wig combs.

If you are going to wear a satin lined wig cap, then in order to reduce friction or just to avoid your wig just straight up slipping off, you would need to secure your unit down with either an adhesive such as got to be or whichever preferred lace glue you like.

remember whatever adhesive you use you are not placing it on your hairline, you’re placing it in front of your hairline, don’t let that adhesive touch them precious baby hairs.

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Top 9 tips to avoid hair loss when wearing wig

TOP #5 useing wig grips

You can opt to use wig grips, i have tried them, but i’m not crazy about them, only because i felt like the wig grip placed tension, just very slight tension on my head, so that tension coupled with the tension of the wig for me it was just a little bit too much.

I could also see it through the lace, especially my hd lace i’m not really an advocate for wig grips, other people have said that they find they perspire with them, because some of them are made of silicone, however i bought some any old wig grips off amazon.

I wouldn’t write them off completely because of my experience, because there are many popular wig grips out there and maybe if you use them you’ll find that they are better quality or that you don’t have the same issues that i had. 

TOP #6 clean dry hair

Pay attention your wig on clean dry hair is a must as well as washing your wig itself frequently, i know that some people like to wash their scalp, while their hair is still in cornrows, then obviously your hair will get wet too.

If you don’t leave it to dry properly before putting your wig back on, then you’re going to create a damp environment, which will be a breeding ground for bacteria and that can lead to scalp inflammation which could then lead to other conditions and it could result in hair loss

Top 9 tips to avoid hair loss when wearing wig
Top 9 tips to avoid hair loss when wearing wig

So if you are going to wash your scalp whilst it’s still in cornrows and you plan to still wear wigs then you’re going to want to make sure that your hair is completely dry, before you reapply your wig. you also need to use some products that contain antimicrobial properties and help to fight bacteria.

TOP #7 look at the products that we are using and in particular edge control

We are going to look at the products that we are using and in particular edge control, so when you first cornrow your hair in preparation for wearing your wigs, you might not need to use edge control because it’s still very neat.

However as time goes on, you might need to opt for edge control and if you do, you want to stay clear of ingredients that contain alcohols that dry out your hair, you want to opt for products that contain healthy alcohols.

TOP #8 wig combs

Wig combs, you should use wig combs because they prevent frictional alopecia. Some wigs come with with combs, that sit just on the hairline, i personally would avoid using those wig comb. I would even remove them from the wig, because when you’re putting your wig on and when you’re taking it off, sometimes those with combs can get caught in your hair.

This happening over and over again is going to cause your hairline to thin out, so if you are going to use the wig comb, stay away from the ones that are placed at your temples and if you cannot even stay away from the ones that are placed at the nape of the neck, because if you don’t handle them with care,you’ll begin to find that your hair is balding.

TOP #9 using the bald cap

Using the bold cap method with the bald cap method, all of your hair is completely tucked away and so when you put your wig on there’s no chance of hairs getting snagged, getting broken getting snatched, getting waxed, there’s no chance for any of those things to happen, because your hair is securely hiding underneath a stocking cap.

Top 9 tips to avoid hair loss when wearing wig
Top 9 tips to avoid hair loss when wearing wig – wig cap

The only thing with this method is it can be quite difficult to do by yourself, if you’ve never done it before, it can be time consuming also typically those who opt for the bold cap method tend to keep their wigs on for days at a time

You should avoid sleeping with your wig, because of the tension that is placed on your head whilst wearing a wig, you want to at least give your scalp and your head just time to breathe time for the circulation in that area to just flow freely, if you don’t already know the nutrients in your blood assist strong healthy hair growth. So you just want to allow for your scalp and your hair to breathe, which is why i recommend not sleeping in wigs.


Thanks for your reading the article- Top 9 tips to avoid hair loss when wearing wig, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article What basic and essential hair tools do you need to slay your lace front human hair wig for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs.

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