TWA wash and go on short type 4 nautural hair

TWA wash and go on short type 4 nautural hair

Short hair just makes my life so much easier, but lately i’ve been indecisive about what i want to do with my hair, so it’s been about six months since i last cut it, and now it is longer i have a completely different technique for my TWA wash and go on short type 4 nautural hair, which is actually much easier than i thought it would be, so if you’re interested in following my updated hair routine stay tuned.

Wash go

I start off by rinsing any excess conditioner out of my freshly cleansed detangled hair, of course i begin all wash and go’s by either shampooing and conditioning or co-washing my hair, in order you can get all details of full wash routine, you can read my the other post How to wash short curly natural human hair, black women hair wash day routine , after rinsing my hair i apply a quarter size amount of curly magic throughout my entire head to define my curls, my curls are most defined when my hair is soaking wet, so i apply the curly magic on my hair while i’m still in the shower, so i can lock in my curls.

Staying in the shower is so much easier than having to re-wet my hair for wash and goes and the curly magic just works best on soaking wet hair, after applying the the curly magic throughout my hair, i continue to work in smaller sections while finger combing a generous amount of the curly magic from roof to end, to ensure that i work the the curly magic through every strand for a more defined wash and go.

Curly magic has become my absolute favorite for wash and goes, it leaves my hair super defined and super shiny, since the curly magic locks in my curl pattern so well i’ve actually been able to maintain my wash and goes a couple days longer, once the style starts to look frizzy all i have to do is re-wet my hair to revitalize my curls.

TWA wash and go on short type 4 nautural hair
TWA wash and go on short type 4 nautural hair

 Thanks to the curly magic, this is the first time i’ve been able to maintain my wash and go for at least a week, if you find something better let me know and i’ll try it but right now curly magic is my new go-to for effortless defined long lasting wash and goes.

Once i finish applying the curly magic throughout my entire head, i like to re-wet my hair, so it all clumps together in one direction, then i shake out all the excess water about three or four time, this is where the curls really come into form okay. My curly become shiny and defined as my expect, once i’m done prepping my hair i move on to my shower routine, and when i’m done my shower i dry everything except my hair.

Style my TWA hair

Even though my hair is longer it’s not long enough for me to just wash and go, i still have to style my hair in front of a mirror to judge it up a bit, so that my TWA is more refined, since the curls have clumped together and are laying closer to my scalp, i use a pick to lift and fluff the curls for more volume, unfortunately this does create some frizz, but i only pulled the pick halfway through each section leaving my ends curly, in order to maintain as much definition as i can.

I use a rat tail comb to lift separate and define the shape of my style in smaller sections, my main goal is to create volume separate the curls for more definition, and minimize the frizz that i create as i pull the curls apart, frizz is part of the nature of my hair so i embrace the frizz and just finger coil the areas with the most flyaways, finger coiling also adds volume as i separate the curls, so i’m just going in sporadically wherever i see frizz or areas where the curls can be separated, so that each section looks nice and full.

How to wash short curly natural human hair, black women hair wash day routine
Style my TWA hair

Since my hair hangs down on the sides, i tuck it behind my ears i forgot to do it here, but once i tuck it behind the ear, i also pull it out slightly using my rat tail comb, so it doesn’t just lay flat on the sides, next i’m using kinky curly curling custard to smooth down my edges, because i feel like it really pulls the look together, i’m slightly obsessed anyway with actually i’m fully obsessed with laying my edges, so if you want you can skip this part, but for me yes i have to do my edges.

My hair is never completely frizz free after separating the curls, so to complete the look i’m using kinky curly curling custard on my fingertips to at least lay down the most obvious flyaways, i follow up with my rat tail comb to tuck in any additional flyaways, and even out the overall style, then i let my hair air dry since i don’t have a diffuser.

How To Care For a TWA short type 4 nautural hair

For more low-maintenance naturals, a tapered afro at first glance could feel like too much of a time commitment, but tapering can be as subtle or as structured as you like. Talk with your stylist about your ideal salon visit frequency to select a tapered TWA that works for you. Like any natural hairstyle, moisture and hydration are key. “When caring for your TWA, it is important always to keep it moisturized to protect your ends from future damage after your chop.

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TWA wash and go on short type 4 nautural hair – oil

The duo recommends keeping an oil that protects the hair and stimulates the scalp on standby. An oil infused with peppermint oil is at the top of their list to help stimulate the scalp and promote healthy new growth for those transitioning from processed to natural hair.  In addition to a stimulating oil, all of our experts recommend building a wash day routine with a line of products made for curly and coily hair types. One more must-have Friend recommends is a microfiber towel to remove excess water without disrupting the hair cuticle.

short type 4 nautural hair
microfiber towel

Choosing to go for a TWA can feel like a big step, because let’s face it—it is. But, with the right stylist, a haircut that suits your face shape, and a hydrating wash day routine, you’ll be well on your way to giving your teeny weeny afro all the love and affection it rightfully deserves.

CONCLUDE – TWA wash and go on short type 4 nautural hair

Thanks for your reading the article- TWA wash and go on short type 4 nautural hair, Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this articl Best after shower routine for healthy hair knowledge about natual hair.

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