Ultimate guide to bleach wig knots at home like a pro

Ultimate guide to bleach wig knots at home like a pro

When you wear a human hair wig, you would like to think out many method to wear it look more natural and realistic, bleaching wig knots is a big part of them.Unfortunately, bleaching wig knots is a chemical techniques, the chemical reaction works very fast and permanently alters your wig, there’s a lot of room for error for beginner. Obviously, bleaching wig knots is a challenging. From now on, you do not need worry it, i will share the ultimate guide to bleach wig knots at home like a pro with you, which is easy for you and achieve it at home.

Unbleached Knots vs. bleached Knots

Firstly let us know what is differences between unbleached knots and bleached knots, before you decide whether need bleach the knots.

Bleached knots vs unbleached knots -bleach wig knots

Unbleached Knots

Unbleached knots are stronger and securer on the lace, if you leave the unbleached knots on the wig, you can directly wear the wig and do not worry damage the wig once bleach knots and less shedding than bleached knots wig. But meanwhile, the unbleached knots look like black dots and make your wig look unnatural.

Bleached Knots

Bleached knots, the knots’ color from black to similar your scalp color, which is a chemical techniques that use chemical products to opens the hair cuticle and goes to the cortex to remove the color and close your scalp or skin color, just create the illusion that the hair growth from your own scalp. So it can big improve your wig looks naturalness and realistic. But compare with unbleached knots, the bleached knots not strong and durable, as chemical products more or less damage the hair and cause the extra shedding.

Essential knowledge for Wig knots – bleach wig knots

Before you make decision, you should clearly consider all pros and cons of bleached knots and unbleached knots. If you want a natural look, choose bleached knots. Okay let us know more about the wig knots.

Wig knots appear on wig’s lace mesh, which is created by each hair strand tied on the lace. The knots secure the hair strands on the lace wig. On a lace front human hair wig, commonly there are two kinds of wig knots : single knot and double knots.

Single knot

Single knot that mean there is only a strand hair on each lace mesh, so only created one knot on each lace mesh that is single knot, which is smaller in size and barely noticeable, easy bleached, commonly it is used at the front hairline area of lace wig to make wig look more naturally.

Meanwhile, as only there are one strand hair on each lace mesh, so not strong durable and shed easily, if your wig lace part all is single knot, the wig density will not be high.

Double knots

Double knots, there are two or more strand hair on each lace mesh, bigger in size and visible, hard bleach. It can effective reduce shedding and increase wig density. Commonly the front hairline of lace wigs is single knot, and other lace area all is double knots, which design can fully use their pros and avoid cons.

Ultimate guide to bleach wig knots at home
single knot vs double knots

How to bleach wig knots at home like a pro

What is you need prepared for bleach wig knots

Hair bleach



Aluminum foil

Tinting brush

Mixing bowl


Mannequin or any where you can fix the lace wig

bleach wig knots Step one: prepare working for lace human hair wig.

Put you lace human hair wig on mannequin’ head, or if you do not, please fix it on any where make sure it is secure stable and not easy slipping.

Spray some water on the wig. When the bleach leaks or flows to the hair roots, the water will protect the roots.

Brush and clips all baby hair away from the lace to avoid they are be bleached along with the knots.

Final,turn the lace human hair wig inside out and put on mannequin’ head, waiting for bleaching.

bleach wig knots Step Two: prepare bleach mixture for bleach wig knots

Anytime we should protect myself, especially when touch chemical products. First make sure you put on the gloves which will protect your hands and skin from harmful chemicals. After you have your gloves on, get the hair bleach and the professional developer. Check the instruction to know how much you should put in to create the mixture.

If the instruction do not show the measurement, please follow the standard mixing ration: bleach and developer is 1:1,then mix them well to make sure it will be thick enough to prevent it from running through your lace and onto your hair, final damage the wig. Also ensure there are no lumps in the bleach mixture.

bleach wig knots Step Three: Apply the Mixture on the wig

Apply the mixture on the wig should very carefully and gently, first apply it on the front hairline area, then gently brush the bleach mixture on the knots, as you do not want to it go through the lace and bleach the roots of the hair.

After complete the process, then cover the bleached knots area with the aluminum foil and let it sit for about 15 to 30 minutes. Time will vary depending on the hair and the color will also vary.So you should check it every 10 minutes to avoid over bleaching.

bleach wig knots step Four: Rinse bleack knots and wash the hair.

When the knots color turn to honey blond, that mean bleaching is okay, you can rinse it out, the process should be on time and quickly, otherwise the mixture do not get on to the strand hair. Then massage in a generous amount of neutralizing shampoo to stop the bleach from processing and leave it for about 10 minutes. Then rinse out all shampoo and apply conditioner to keep the hair moisturized.

bleach wig knots Step Five: Dry the lace wig

Please never dry the lace wig by blow dryer, you can use towel to gently pat it, then squeeze out the water, final lay or hang it, let it dry naturally, but can not under sun, as too much sun exposure can also damage the wig.

What to do if you over bleach the knots on wig

Even if professional hairstylist also easily make the mistake to over bleach wig knots, some accidentally press too hard very easily lead to bleach leak into the root of hair and turned them blonde, please do not worry, there are two solution for you.

Temporary solution: mascara

Brush the mascara on the over bleach knots area, until it is looks natural again, but it is a temporary solution, because you have to repeat the process after every time you wash the wig.

Permanent solution: Hair Dye

Choice a hair dye that’s same to color of the wig, and follow it’s instruction to mix up the dye mixture, then carefully apply it on the over bleached hair and avoid dyeing the bleached knots. Leave it for 30 minutes. Then rinse out the hair and wash it with shampoo, final apply the conditioner on the wig.

Conclusion – Ultimate guide to bleach wig knots at home like a pro

Above is our ultimate guide to bleach wig knots at home like a pro, sincerely hope it can help you build enough confidence to try it at home, though bleaching wig knots is a big challenge for everyone. We believe you will be successful after fully get the guide and make the practice. Thanks for you read the post, leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much!  Besides the article, How to secure wig on bald head or short hair head for more elementary knowledge about human hair wig.

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