How to wash synthetic straight wig best tutorial for beginner

Hello everyone, today we’re going to wash my synthetic straight wig. What is you need to prepare, that is shampoo and conditioner. I’m actually going to be using a regular shampoo Shea Moisture moisture retention shampoo and a cheap conditioner which is the tropical coconut suave essential conditioner, you also can use the apple cider vinegar.

wash synthetic straight wig best tutorial for beginner
wash synthetic straight wig best tutorial for beginner – shampoo

Today I’m actually just going to be using shampoo and conditioner, because this is what I do after the wig has lost that kind of plastic shine as well as. It’s now kind of in a good better condition to are all I need to do is just wash out, the hair product accumulation that it has on it as well as inside the cap itself. 

wash synthetic straight wig best tutorial for beginner
wash synthetic straight wig best tutorial for beginner -conditioner

If your wig is human hair, please reading How to wash and style a human hair lace closure wig , hope it is useful for you!

Damp soak the wig – wash synthetic straight wig best tutorial for beginner

Running the warm water and get the hair very points very wet and then make sure the water is warm and not hot that was hot water. what you’re going to do is just get it very very damp soak it and then starting to remove kind of that first layer of product accumulation dirt grime that it’s a wig tend to absorb

First wash with shampoo – wash synthetic straight wig best tutorial for beginner

Grab my shampoo and do the first wash, so I’m going to go outside the wig first and then inside the leaves inside the cat, because remember there’s that those two parts to the wig thing you really need to get clean the outside, but also the inside of the wig. Make sure that keep the hair going in the same direction, I don’t want the hair all over the place, because you do not want to add excessive tangles unnecessary tangles.

Rinse with warm water -wash synthetic straight wig best tutorial for beginner

I’m gonna go ahead and continue to wash it in the warm water so this again is removing that harder layer of product accumulations sweat Brian anything that has absorbed and really what you’re doing is washing away one for essentially making sure that you’re not transferring dirt and grime to your own hair whenever you wash your hair as well as you’re making sure you’re not you’re trying to extend the life of the wig by keeping it clean and smelling fresh and so what I’m doing now is basically a squeezing motion so I squeeze and then get the water to drain out and then from here I’m actually going to go ahead and soak my wig.

Second wash with shampoo -wash synthetic straight wig best tutorial for beginner

Running normal water in washing pool and grab shampoo in the water, then mix the warter, let your hair soak in this thing, I do in addition to that so basically the cap of the wig, my hand goes inside of the cap of the wig and I just shake it like that inside of the water.

Then put down the water and shake it. I’m not trying to disturb the straight pattern of the wig, but you want to make sure, I’m getting the inside clean as well as the outside of the wig clean. now what you’ll do from here is just kind of play around with the wig again, you’re keeping it in that straight motion. You can do this or curly here as well, now what with curly hair you also want to make sure that you are not adding excessive tangles

And you’re actually just washing the hair in that curly pattern, so the curls are going down so you’re just gonna keep the same wig moisturizing it first, I started washing and moisturizing it. Washing it going down, make sure you’re getting clean and then your water in sink water should be turning different colors based on whatever products. I use a lot of heavy moisturizers, a lot of oils and butters on my hair as well as gel, so that is what is all accumulated in.

Apple cider vinegar is a great natural cleanser that you can use, but I choose to use my Shea Moisture moisturizing shampoo this time, so I do go back and forth depending on how deep of a clean I need. This go around it didn’t need that deep of the clean I just needed a light wash , I’ll let it soak even longer, because I’m trying to get that deeper clean, but for this particular wig, I do not sorry for this particular round, I don’t need that heavier of washing.

Put on Conditioner – wash synthetic straight wig best tutorial for beginner

I’m turning the wig inside out to make sure I’m getting inside that way correct what’s actually touching your hair, as well as the length of the wig to make sure the wig is giving plains of all the shampoo and now we’ll follow that up with the suave essentials tropical coconut cheap conditioner and it’s called a cheap conditioner because it’s cheap, so then I will go ahead and start to add back to the limp as well as the inside of the hair, then this is the inside of the wig cap I’m adding it in there as well as the lace of the hair you just take it add it to the lace, so if you can see, it’s now coated with the conditioner and you’re just rubbing it in.

wash synthetic straight wig best tutorial for beginner- rubbing the conditioner in

Rinse out Conditioner – wash synthetic straight wig best tutorial for beginner

Before I go ahead and rinse this out I want to get my towel ready because my hair my wig is going to lay on the towel so I’ll put the towel over here next to the sink so I could just do a quick transfer over so another cold water rinse now with the cold water rinse you still want to make sure you’re getting all the conditioner out.

wash synthetic straight wig best tutorial for beginner – wig lay down the towel

I’m done that only took me ten minutes, if you are looking to go ahead and soak it a little bit longer, I recommend soaking the hair in the shampoo bag for about 20 minutes, that helps it get kind of penetrate the hair even more. Then I’ll do that sliding squeezing motion to remove the excess water, because at this point there should only be water in your wig and not the conditioner any further, then I will take the wig and lay it on top of towel again, if you notice I kept the hair straight the whole time because you want to reduce the tangles as much as you can .

Brush and dry the wig – wash synthetic straight wig best tutorial for beginner

wash synthetic straight wig best tutorial for beginner – wide tooth comb

I’m going to brush out the wig so that make sure to air dry straight, use my wide tooth comb to comb out the hair, let me pick it up really quickly. You’re just combing out the hair to make sure the hair is all going in the same direction. Lay down the wig on the towel, and open up the wig cap to make sure it dries well and if you do have a mannequin head that is open and airy you can dry it on there, but one thing that I found is that it will take the shape of that wig, wig head and I have a smaller head, so it it didn’t do well, so I’ve now just let it go ahead and air dry here on the towel and this will I’ll let this air dry overnight.

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