What most common wig mistakes you should avoid

What most common wig mistakes you should avoid to make

If you are a wig wearer or want to get a wig in near future, you must want to know what most common wig mistakes you should avoid to make, so that you can wear it more natural and comfortable, also can make the wig last more long time. In order to bring together the most common wig mistakes, we have interviewed many hair stylist and dozens wig wearers which have many year wearing experience. If you can avoid them in your life, will keep your wig in the best condition and you are always the most beautiful in crowd.

common wig mistakes #1. The wig cap size is not suit for your head

People commonly very care the wig hair texture, color, and price, when they buy it. Wig cap size very easily be ignored. Once the wig cap size too small or too big, all will cause you wear it uncomfortable and feel embarrassed in public.

What most common wig mistakes you should avoid to
What most common wig mistakes you should avoid to

So you measure your head size and know which wig cap size for you, before you buy the wig. In the wig market, vendor commonly offer 3 type of wig cap size for buyers.

Small wig cap: 21.5”

Medium wig cap: 22.5”

Large wig cap:23.5”

Then According to your head circumference to choice the closest wig cap size.

If you have bought the wrong wig, you can try to return or exchange it with the wig vendor, If can not, just fix it by yourself. When the wig cap size is too big for you, you can tighten or add the elastic band to make the wig fit for your head. When the wig cap size too small, you should extend the cap size .

common wig mistakes 2. Choice the incorrect lace

What most common wig mistakes you should avoid to
What most common wig mistakes you should avoid to – transparent lace vs HD lace

Lace is very important for your human hair wig. Lace human hair wig price is not cheap, so you can not in order to save a little money to choice the cheaper wig with not good lace. The cheaper lace is thicker than good one, which is difficult melt with your skin when your install it, it is visible on your head and not natural look. You will feel uncomfortable with the lace on your forehead. Its lifespan is not longer than good quality lace.

In wig market, the current popular lace is transparent lace wig and HD lace wig. If your budget is limited, transparent lace wig is best choice. If you money enough, could try HD lace wig. As HD lace wig more invisible than transparent lace wig, meanwhile it is also more expensive than transparent lace wig.

common wig mistakes #3. Improper wig density

Most people think the wig density is more higher the wig quality more better, but it is not correct. Why we should wear wig, maybe people easily forget it. wig make us more beautiful, but we firstly should make wig on our head look natural and realistic, otherwise you will be in embarrassed situation.

If you choice the wig density is too higher than normal people hair density, it will looks not natural, after you wear it, and will spend your extra money, as the wig density more higher, the wig price more expensive.By the same token, if the wig density is too lower than normal people, it also will not looks realistic.Please don’t choose low-density wigs to save a little money, which is not very worth.

common wig mistakes #4. Not cutting the lace edge or cut too much off

Most wig beginner do not cut the lace edge, as they fear to overdo it and make wig unwearable. However which will cause the wig is visible, especially when you move the hair away from your hairline, the lace edge will be exposed out, then you feel awkward.

So you must cut the lace edge, but should be carefully do it, and can not cut too much off, otherwise the mistake cannot be fixed, make sure not to cut the lace with single knots hair along the hairline. If you’re not confident in cutting the lace edge by yourself, the best way is have a look at pre-cut lace front wigs to check how its lace edge is cut. I suggest you use a cuticle scissor to cut your lace in a zig-zag line rather than a straight line, which will more natural look.

common wig mistakes #5. Over Plucking Hairline

Plucking hairline is a big part to make your lace front human hair look natural, but if you over do it, which will causes the balding of your wig, that is also an all-too-common mistake wig beginners frequently make.

What most common wig mistakes you should avoid to
What most common wig mistakes you should avoid to

No one want to the wig with bald area. You can try tweeze in sections and pluck just a few hairs at a time, then look at the hairline to determine if you should continual do it. And please don’t pluck the same area too many times, you should carefully and slowly the process, to avoid pluck too much hair to cause bald.

common wig mistakes #6. Restyle your wig hairstyle with heat tools too often

Yes, lace human hair wig can restyle many types hairstyle you liked, but as your own natural hair,  the lace human hair can not bear too often heat treatment. Compare with your natural hair, as the human hair do not have hair root, that mean which can not get the nutritional from hair root, so lace human hair wig easily dry and mess, after your natural hair after heat treatment, and quickly shorten its life-span. So you should more careful maintenance it.

common wig mistakes #7. Improperly Combing and Washing  

Comb hair bottom up
Comb hair bottom up -What most common wig mistakes you should avoid to

You should more care your lace human hair then your natural hair, never comb it when it is wet, and gently comb it with wide-tooth brush from wig hair end to hair top, which will help you avoid tangle and shedding too much. Furthermore, excess heat from a blow dryer can also damage the wig hair, hence remember to set your blow dryer at a low heat temperature, the best dry method is air dry, do not exposure to the sun. Washing it with luke-warm water, never use too hot or cool water.


Above is our bring together the most common wig mistakes you should avoide make . Thanks for your read the post and hope it is useful for you, leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the article, Best guide for beginner how to pluck lace front human hair wig  for more elementary knowledge about human hair wig.

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