What should knew before texlaxing hair

What should knew before texlaxing hair

I would be remiss if I did not research about what should knew defore texlaxing hair. We all want healthy hair,if you are thinking about texlaxing natural hair for the first time, going from natural to related hair needs a lot of work, so let’s make sure keep up a healthy texlaed hair regimen.

What does air drying look like?

I get this question a lot from people and you all want to see what my hair looks like when it’s air dry, texlaxing and air drying is not a thing, air drying is dead, as you know texlaxing is when you purposely under process your relaxer, still relaxer but leave it on for a shorter time, there are other ways to texlaxed as well, but like the main way to texlaxed is to just reduce the processing time.

You can imagine then you’re going to have so much more texture in your hair than you would, if you relaxed per the box instructions which usually leads to something that’s either just more straight or even bone straight sometimes, so imagine hoppin out the shower you’ve got all of this texture in your hair, your hair is wet and then you just have all of this texture and leave it alone.

My hair looks like it’s completely natural, it looks like I’ve got an afro, so I guess my point is that like don’t expect once you texlaxed to be able to wash your hair and just go or wash your hair and just leave your hair out and expect that you’re gonna be able to rock a style with air dried hair, it’s not happening, at least for people who have texlaxed hair like I do, other than like twist outs and braid outs and you can totally do those air dried styles that are set, but I’m talking about just air dry like wash and just let it go and just like put it in a ponytail or put it back in a clip

With that there’s a lot of envy, I look at relaxed girls sometimes and I’m like damn like texlaxing is easier than when I was natural, but relaxed hair looks even easier than my texlaxed hair like I kind of envy you, so in your texlaxed or you’re considering texlaxed and just expect to have a little bit of that like relaxed hair envy, because you’re not quite all the way relaxed your hair is different and some things that relax ladies can do.

With like air drying and just kind of like skipping the blow-drying step and just going straight to flat ironing after their hairs already air dry, that’s not gonna apply to you, so you kind of have to get that out of your heads it’s not happening, but there are so many other benefits that you can enjoy like twist outs and braid outs and all those other things, so I just want to like put that on your radar because it’s something that like is super disappointing to me but it what it is.

More products

The next thing I would say is that you’re going to use so much more product than you would, when you were relaxed did that make sense, if you were relaxed think about how much product to use then when you texlaxing hair, you’re going to use probably twice as much.

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What should knew before texlaxing hair

Honestly when you have texture in your hair, your hair it’s just you have to do more to get the products absorbed into the hair, that’s why I say to you guys a big tip in your hair regimen is not just putting the product on your hair, you have to work it through because it’s just you have to work that much harder to get the product to penetrate.

You’re gonna use a lot more product it will be a little bit more expensive, think about because I know a lot of you are coming out of natural world into a relaxed world or you tapped into both and you’re kind of figuring out what you want to do, if you ever have been natural how much your hair just swallows up products like it’s like to no end in a few hours you feel like your hair is dry again right, so it is kind of like that would texlaxed not to the same extent, but if you know it, it’s like to be relaxed just expect to use more products than you did when your hair was straighter.


I just don’t understand, why the humidity won’t allow me to be out hair flowing, all I want to do in this world is do a blowout, is to straighten my hair and just be out hair in the wind just blowing but no the world the elements will not let me be great.

Style killer

Because with my texlaxed hair humidity is a big style killer, I mean if I have straight time styles, I have to make sure that when I go outside my hair is tucked back, it’s under a hood it’s pinned away, there’s no straight pieces coming out of my hood, because those little straight pieces are gonna be all messed up, I’m really like OCD when it comes to my hair, the textures all feeling the same and if I feel something rough the flat irons getting through it .

I know myself and I just got to make sure everything is typed away, don’t be thinking that you’re gonna be out here in these streets being cute with your hood off with your texlaxed hair, because it’s not happening the only time that I can really comfortably go outside with my hair out base in the winter time, that is obviously contrary to what people say about what you should have your hair out, he winter months the air is drier and you should have your hair out, but I cannot go outside, in the summertime without my hair kinky up when I was relaxed.

 I experienced this when I was natural absolutely, on a deeper more personal level when I was natural, however when I was relaxed I didn’t have to deal with any of that I could do whatever I wanted, I could run and exercise, my hair like it wouldn’t revert, didn’t realize to what extent the humidity would just ruin all my plans, but I just want to let you know that it is a thing and just be mindful of it. 

Heat damage

Another thing if you are somebody who heat styles your hair regularly or undergoes different kinds of processes, like dying for instance you’re going to notice heat damage or that kind of like processing damage more with texlaxed hair than you would with relaxed hair.

I totally forgot to mention that I am referring to hair being wet, you notice heat damage more when your texlaxed hair is wet than you do when you’re relaxed hair is wet, that’s not to mean that your hair is going to be more damaged when your texlaxed as opposed to relaxed hair, that’s not what I’m saying what I’m saying is that you’re going to see the heat damage more, because you have more texture in your hair when your texlaxed.

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What should knew before texlaxing hair

When your hair is relaxed it tends to be very stringy and that’s not to mean that it’s unhealthy, but that’s just the way that your hair is left, because you don’t have as much texture, it’s like if your ends are dead, it kind of just blends in if that makes sense, just know that any your texture is going to be more apparent with your texlaxed hair, just be mindful of that it doesn’t make a huge difference, because you’re most likely not going to be wearing air-dried styles anyway, if anything you’re going to be doing twist downs and braids out.

That’s not really gonna be a thing that’s gonna affect you, but after you wash your hair, if it really disturbs you just see different textures in your hair, then you know that might bother you, but just be aware of it it doesn’t bother me, if anything it’s more of an indicator to me of like how my hair is reacting to different heat styling, if I’m starting to see heat damage back up a little bit and then that being said this just kind of segues is that there’s just absolutely no way with tech slacks hair to get the same texture throughout your hair.

CONCLUSION – What should knew before texlaxing hair

Thanks for your reading the article- What should knew before texlaxing hair. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this articl Difference between hair shedding and breakage for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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