What type of lace is right for you, 4x4 closure 5x5 closure 13x4 frontals

What type of lace is right for you, 4×4 closure 5×5 closure 13×4 frontals

Recently there’s been a wave of people with wigs custom units closures frontals, all these things with their installs and so is trying to use more protective styles to protect their hair underneath or they want a seamless look or they want to replace missing edges.

Whatever the case may be, people have taken a real strong liking to lace. So we need to discuss what type of lace is right for you, 4X4 closure 5X5 closure 13X4 frontal 13×6 frontal, alright it depends on a lot of different factors like lifestyle variety, do you work out a lot are you new to wigs.


4×4 closure

Closures and frontals also pretty much the to live or than a discuss, because it doesn’t need to get that deep, the basic closure, it’s a four by four that means is you’re gonna have four and just  going down and up four and just going across. It closes off the top of your head.

What type of lace is right for you, 4x4 closure 5x5 closure 13x4 frontals
What type of lace is right for you, 4×4 closure 5×5 closure 13×4 frontals

I’m gonna recommend to anybody who is new to wearing wigs or lace. The reason is it’s low maintenance, the less lace there is a longer that your style can last. You can see the little dots on the lace everywhere, each one of those dots is a piece of hair or three depending on how many they put in there. So they literally stick the hair and knot it and then pull it out, that’s how you get this.

You can only imagine that the more that you manipulate it the more that you brush it comb it twist it pluck it braid it, it’s going to eventually bald, then you have to replace it. So this is the least maintenance. This is great for people who they don’t have the time to maintain it, because it’s just like this little piece.

5×5 closure

The five by five is my favorite really because you get more parting space, you have five going vertical and then you have five and just going horizontal, it really allows you to get a deeper part , it allows you to do some cute stuff like braids or whatever, but you still have the low maintenance of closure. You have some of that frontal versatility, but you have the maintenance of a closure so I really love this piece because you can really get frontal vibes with it.

What type of lace is right for you, 4x4 closure 5x5 closure 13x4 frontals
4×4 closure vs 5×5 closure

Why i recommend 4×4 closure

I’m always gonna recommend the 4 by 4 anybody that is new to lace, because like I said the more that you manipulated the more it will ball, and then you need to be able to maintain it, so once you get out of that chair or out of the kitchen wherever you getting your hair done you need to be able to go home and maintain the look, so the less lace that you have the better.

And then another thing like those little tiny dots right that takes labor, so of course the more lace you have the more the more expensive the piece is going to be, so you have to think am I really wasting my money buying more and I’m not even using this lace.

Do you change your part, would you want to change your part, do you just keep a middle part, you just keep a side part, you can shift the wig with the closure and go from middle to the side, it’s really simple to do.

13X4 Frontal

This is a frontal, the great things about a frontal is number one, because it goes ear to ear and sits across the front of your head, once you hot comb or press this or whatever you’re going to do you’re gonna get flat bobs, so flat like coming out of your scalp, because there’s nothing here  believes like this is the only thing from your hair that is this bulging that’s it. so you get the flattest appearance

13x4 lace frontal
13×4 lace frontal

The frontal another great thing is you have all of this to do whatever you want, so you can do even deeper parts, I’ve seen some people do box braids with the frontal, I mean so many things like so many endless possibilities and looks , a half up half down and and all types of stuff so  this goes thirteen inches across and then four inches deep this is a 13 by 4, you also have the 13 by stick, of course the deeper you can go the more realistic, it is the deeper the better.

What’s the reason that people like to use lace frontals more often than lace closures?

It is because lace frontals look more realistic and provide more way to style your hair than lace closures. This is one of the main differences between lace frontals and lace closures. If we describe lace frontals in a proper way it is: Lace frontal is basically a type of wig that contains an absolute lace along the front portion of the wig.

Hair strands are coming out from the lace and seem like your natural hair. Lace frontals perfectly mimic your natural hair line by resting along your forehead. If we talk about the area covered by lace frontals, it is 4 inches in length to the back and 13 inches in width that covers your hairline from ear to ear. Lace frontal hair strands are sew-in strands or bonded installations.

The lace used in lace frontals has many types, like swiss, french, HD, etc. most people prefer Swiss lace due to longer durability but some people prefer HD lace due to its more realistic look. It blends more easily with your skin tone. French Laces are not very good to use.

The most important thing for Lace

The most important thing that I want you to realize is that lace is not for longevity. You also have different types of laces meaning the material, so you have HD, film,transparent. You have a light brown and dark brown, those are like different colors and then you have the thickness that goes up and down, so all of those will take into account how much are gonna be paying for that lace.

But it’s not meant for longevity, you do have to eventually trade it out and replace It, because it will eventually bog and don’t blame the person that you got the hair from, don’t blame the person who did it installed it whatever ,it’s just the natural process of a lace piece it will eventually evolve. Take into account all those things your lifestyle are you knew the wigs are you gonna be able to maintain it. Do you want versatility, are you gonna even use all of that lace base and then decide what you want. 


Thanks for your reading the article, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SUPPER DOUBLE DRAWN HAIR, BABY THIN HAIR AND SINGLE DONOR HAIR for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs.

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