Why is your hair dry and how to prevent dry hair and breakage

Why is your hair dry and how to prevent dry hair and breakage

Why is your hair dry and how to prevent dry hair and breakage and this is a hot topic because winter is on its way, i get a lot of people asking me about these types of things like how to get more volume or more hair tip related things, when it comes to dry hair there’s a whole list of things and reasons why your hair could be feeling very very dry.

Why is your hair dry

The first thing is is your hair over processed, this goes for men and women, what are you actually doing to your hair, it starts from the shampoo if you’re using a very inexpensive super cheap shampoo, unless it’s like some super amazing product that makes your hair feel like silk that’s one thing, my experience is that the less expensive shampoos aren’t always the best quality or they have maybe harsher ingredients, that may be a bit drying to the hair and then on top of that if you’re washing your hair every single day.

You’re drying it out more and more and more you’re stripping the hair of oils and your scalp of oils that your hair needs, if you’re not using conditioner it’s going to get a bit dry, so it starts off with how are you you know what are the what’s the process.

Then to take it a step further styling products right or using things that are very harsh to your hair or using very strong hair sprays with a lot of alcohol that are just could be really drying and causing a lot of build up on your hair which i’ve seen many times, especially the ones that are pump sprays that can be very heavy that are super strong.
I’ve seen it actually make the hair very dry and and create build up and even breakage at times, then are you using super hot tools like a curling iron or a smoothing iron or are you blow drying your hair with the heat from the blow dryer, but you’re blow drying your hair the wrong way so you’re singing your hair, then are you coloring your hair, are you bleaching it, are you using a lower quality type of hair color.

You buy it over the counter or on the shelves and in stores the drugstores things like that that aren’t the greatest quality and are definitely, a reason why your hair could be dry because i’ve seen it. So it’s really what is the process, what is being done to your hair.

That could be one of the biggest or most of the reasons why your hair is dry and you can pick apart each one of those, and say oh i’m not doing this i’m not doing that, but i am doing this i am doing that, all of it contributes to why your hair feels a certain way.

What can you do to prevent dry hair and breakage from happening

Avoid washing

Number one biggest tip on preventing dry hair is to not wash your hair every single day, your hair has natural oils in your scalp, that naturally hydrate your hair and nourish your strands just naturally and if you’re washing your hair every single day or you’re just stripping away that natural oil, that’s dry hair.

Why is your hair dry and how to prevent dry hair and breakage
Why is your hair dry and how to prevent dry hair and breakage

One of the plus sides if you will of quarantine and this whole pandemic is it has allowed me to not wash my hair every day, because i don’t have to see people anymore, like i used to wash my hair every other day, but now i can go between two to three days between washing my hair which is really great for my hair health.

If this is something that you haven’t been focusing on and you do get dry hair i would definitely try this, especially now take advantage of the time, where you don’t have to see anyone don’t have to worry about showing up to work or school with insanely greasy hair, you can’t really see it anyways on zoom on skip days or off days on the days that i don’t wash my hair.

Gravity defying hair ties

Usually your hair is going to be a little bit greasier and those are the times, that you’re going to want your hair off your face like me, i usually like to put my hair up in like a messy bun or a high ponytai, you can use hair ties that there’s no plastic and there’s no rubber but with these interlocking fibers in these hair ties, when you put your hair up there’s no pulling it’s really gentle on your hair, which is really important if you want to protect your hair from breakage and damage.

Why is your hair dry and how to prevent dry hair and breakage
Why is your hair dry and how to prevent dry hair and breakage

These interlocking fibers, so that allows these hair ties to hold your hair up really high to find that gravity without pulling, you will love wearing these hair ties on off days for updos, just gets you hair out of face and it still looks really good, because your ponytail or your bun doesn’t sag which is a plus, heading back into the shower it’s a good idea always.

Rinse hair with cold water

If you want to prevent dry or brittle hair to rinse out your hair after you use the shampoo and conditioner with cool or cold water, this is definitely not pleasant especially in the winter time, but the cold water will help revitalize and strengthen your hair and just kind of replenish that shine. Just for a minute or two rinse out that hair with the cold water, you’ll definitely find a difference i also recommend avoiding scalding hot water.

Your ends get regular trims

If you tend to have really dry hair, then you probably also have a lot of split ends or your ends end up being really dry, it’s probably the first thing that you notice that becomes dry around this time of year.

common cause of hair breakage and how to stop break hair
common cause of hair breakage and how to stop break hair

Obviously number one you want to make sure that you’re getting regular trims going to your stylist or during this time, if that’s not an option for you where going so often is not financially viable for you either, then learning to cut and trim your own ends not giving yourself like a full haircut, but like just trimming those ends off is something that you can do for maintenance that really helps with not only the appearance, but just the overall health of your hair.

Ask for a dusting

When you go to your stylist or when you do it yourself, it’s basically it’s called the dusting that’s what you want to ask for and that can make a huge difference if you have really dry hair, part of the big reason why we get split ends or your ends are the first place to get really dry, is because they’re the farthest place away from your natural hair oils, they’re the last thing that gets that natural hair oil, so they’re like the least hydrated.

You should compensate for that and sort of make up for that lack of nourishment naturally, i always recommend using hydrating products like a hair mask or a hair oil and just concentrating that product always on your ends, this makes a huge difference overall on making your hair look and feel less dry.

Bagging – intervention method

What i like to call the intervention method, if you are in the middle of a really dry hair crisis or like it’s you get really staticky hair you’re just about to you know hit that breaking point, this is called bagging and you want to do this one to two times per week after in the shower, when your hair is wet. You need apply a deep conditioner or hair mask that product generously.

Then to kind of make sure that that product does an extra good job and kind of give it that helping hand, what i like to do is twist my hair up, pin it up then you’re just gonna take a shower cap or plastic wrap, then you’re gonna leave the hair mask or deep conditioner in for the amount of time required usually 10 to 20 minutes. so by using the bagging method and covering your hair while it’s got the product on it.

This is going to open up your hair cuticles this is going to maximize the conditioning agents to penetrate the hair follicle, so you’re just like maximizing the amount of conditioner and hydration and nourishment into your hair and your hair will absorb that hydration much better with this method, than if you were just to leave it on your hair without a cover, so one to two times a week try this at home and you’ll see how much more effective your hair mask or deep conditioner is.

Gentle care

Extra gentle with your hair and this is going to avoid breakage and having brittle strands, avoid using regular hair elastics these are really harsh, it’s just going to exaggerate the problem and you’ll find that your hair breaks more easily.

Hair elastic satin snag- free scrunchies

Instead you definitely want to use fabric scrunchies or fabric based hair elastic. whenever you want to throw your hair up in a bun or a ponytail or anything like that you should opt for a silk or satin or fabric scrunchie.

Brush your hair gentle

Comb hair bottom up
Comb hair bottom up

You’re going to love the whole thing keeping on that note of being super gentle with your hair that goes for brushing too, whenever you brush your hair you want to make sure that you’re doing it very carefully gently and mindfully.

I always start brushing from the bottom up never top to bottom, because that just like drags through your hair and causes breakage and rips out your hair it’s just not a good idea, you also want to avoid brushing your hair when it’s wet too, because your hair at that point is very fragile 


You may have not considered before especially if you have already tried all the things, i just talked about previously or you normally practice these good maintenance hair tips and tricks, just still you find your hair is dry and breaking, what could be the culprit here is that you might be losing extra hair moisture and hydration when your hair is drying.

You normally just air dry your hair, sometimes this can be even more drying to your hair, because you’re losing the air is just absorbing that extra moisture from your hair as it dries, you might find that your hair is just more brittle or difficult to style after you’ve air dried it. 

Wrap you hair to dry

Wrap your hair after you wash it and it’s wet and damp wrap your hair with a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt not a regular towel, wrap your hair gently and let your hair just dry and the moisture soak into the microfiber towel or the t-shirt, this way the moisture is not just dissolving into the air leaving your strands super dry and brittle.

Blow dry after 75% dried

If you really want to use a blow dryer to dry your hair, so what i recommend doing is let your hair dry with method number one again wrapped in a microfiber towel or a t-shirt let your hair be dried 75% of the way, once it’s just a little bit damp not overly damp then you can pull out the hair dryer blow dry the remaining 25% of that dampness to your hair is fully dry, then you’re just going to lock in that moisture with a blast of cold air from your blow dryer this will seal off your cuticles closed and can definitely make a difference overall and keeping your hair less dry.

Your diet

Having nourished healthy glossy hair also comes from within, not just all these external outer sort of styling tips and things that you do on the outside, it also has to come within your body, so make sure that what you’re putting in your body especially during the winter time is not making the problem worse.

Why your hair is not growing
Why is your hair dry and how to prevent dry hair and breakage

Try to incorporate more omega-3s and antioxidants into your diet, so that’s incorporating more foods like walnuts salmon broccoli kidney beans tomatoes blueberries stuff like that and of course lots of water lots of inner hydration, that will in turn have an effect on your hair health overall.

 i don’t recommend making any major dietary like dramatic changes without consulting, your doctor first they might be able to recommend some other things that might be right for you specifically.

CONCLUSION – Why is your hair dry and how to prevent dry hair and breakage

Thanks for your reading the article – Why is your hair dry and how to prevent dry hair and breakage, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle HOW TO PREVENT AND PROLONG BRASS FROM OCCURRING IN YOUR HAIR for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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