why you should NOT Big Chop your hair!!!

Why you should not big chop your hair?

Whether you are Big Chopping your hair to start your healthy, natural hair journey or you just want a new look, in the article I will share some of the pros and cons and I’ve experienced since cutting off my hair, just in case this is something that you are considering. Why you should not big chop your hair? it’ll give you an idea of what to expect, I’ll begin with some of the big chop cons.

1. Miss your long hair

First and foremost the biggest con of big chop your hair that I’ve experienced is just missing my hair, I’m like super excited to cut my hair off, because I was like yes no more maintenance, but anything you do will require maintenance I will say that, this is the least amount of maintenance that I’ve ever had when it comes to my hair, but I will say either way after maybe a couple months I just started missing my hair long, because I was used to wearing it long.

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Why you should not big chop your hair?

Your hair is like an accessory, it’s just so easy to want to wear it long, when I wear it in ponytails want to wear it in a puff, wanna wear it and braids, two strand twists want to wear wash and all of the different styles, every now and then I would miss that and if that’s something that, you’re feeling like you’re not ready to give up, then you might want to take some time to think about it before you big chop, your hair once it’s gone it’s gone

2. Awkward phase

If you’re deciding to big chop your hair, because you want to just start over and start a healthy hair journey, you’re gonna have to get adjusted to like that awkward phase, when you’re growing your hair out like, oh my god like my go-to hairstyle, if I’m having like a bad hair day has always been to just wear it back in a ponytail, depending on how short you cut your hair.

You might think you’ll be able to fit it into a ponytail. so that’s something that you’ll have to get used to that little awkward phase of waiting for your hair to grow to a point, where you can wear it and the different hairstyles are looking forward to wearing.

3. More maintenance

The next time that I’ve experiences there’s definitely maintenance involved, I find that it’s even more may once you big chop your hair to actually maintain it. If you cut your hair off and you’re wearing like a brush cut or you have a pixie cut or your color in your hair, you’re gonna find that your hair grows fast, when you cut it off.

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Why you should not big chop your hair?

If you’re not doing this on your own, you’re gonna find yourself going to a hair salon or a barber more frequently, whether I’d like for me I used to go every two weeks, if I want to really stay on top of my color or the cut, I’ll find myself actually in a salon or barber every single week just to keep everything sharp, that’s something that you want to consider.

4. Texture/ curly pattern limitations

Another con of big chop your hair, I’ve experienced is there are some limitations, because of the texture of my hair I can go and I want to wear my hair in a certain style or have a certain color, the the picture that I have for inspiration, that person may have a completely different texture of hair, then I have so just know that if you’re wanting to big chop your hair and go for a certain style, make sure you consider your texture not just look at it and and it looks fly on that person.

Why you should not big chop your hair?
Why you should not big chop your hair?

You want to make sure that’s gonna work for you definitely, consider like am i liking this haircut, because I like the haircut or because I or am i liking the haircut, because of the actual style and the texture complimenting that style, that’s something you definitely want to consider, before you just big chop your hair and go with some picture you have in mind.

5. Youre stuck with mistakes

Other con of big chop your hair, I’ve experienced is any mistakes that you happen to have, it’s like you’re gonna be stuck with it for the next like week or so or maybe two weeks or so, you go to silence that you’re not used to go on to or if you just went with a picture, you’re like oh this color doesn’t look like that thought it’s not look on me.

You will be stuck with that, unless you decide that you’re gonna try to diet again, like I have an experience where I took a picture to the salon and said hey this is the color I want and it looks completely different on me, I read somewhere when I was looking up different colors like there’s, just as you go with makeup there’s undertones that you would consider.

You have to think about whether or not those those colors are gonna compliment, I guess your skin tone and even when you’re taking a picture for inspiration, you have to consider the lighting that they took that picture in is it the same color, is that color the true color, you know is it is it like studio lights or is the sun shining on it, like these are different things you want to consider.

6.Negative Attitude from Others

It’s your hair, right? Unfortunately, as some women who have big chopped discover, everyone has an opinion about it. This could be your parents, significant other, siblings, even strangers on the street!

Many women who cut their hair ultra short will face some negativity from someone in their lives. The trick to getting through it is to remain strong and confident in your decision. At the end of the day, it is your hair and no one else’s. Still, if you need to practice your responses in case you catch any negative vibes, try doing so in front of a mirror or with the assistance of a sympathetic friend.

so overall I hope this helps you and considering whether or not you got a big chop, your hair to start your healthy hair journey or whether or not you want to big chop your hair just to kind of see yourself in a different light

7.Less versatility

 I noticed that there’s not that much versatility then, like with with shorter hair and what I mean by that like until your hair grows back to a point where you can start doing the multiple style that you’re used to, if I wanted to do like great, if I wanted to do like the single ease twist or all of the different styles.

Even if you were a wig and you had to kind of like live where you had leave out, like there are some limitations, this is it’s not gonna be as versatile, like just be ready to commit to whatever style, you’re gonna go with when you big child.

If you have any flaws any if you’ve been improvising in any way with your hair longer like for me, I noticed that I had like some thin spots I would like part my hair a certain way to kind of cover that. I’ve had gray hair since I was like 16 and literally like some it’s in some spots, so I could part my hair again, I could part it in a certain way to kind of cover it.

8.You will be naked

With my hair as short as it is after big chop your hair, I’m not hiding any of those any of those like any type of quote-unquote flaws that, you may have you’re not gonna be able to run away from them like you will be completely naked, but get used to the shape of your head, you’re gonna have to get used to like shaking your forehead, get used to seeing you, you’ll eventually like evolve none of the concert that serious that to me.

 I should have never done this, it’s overall been you know a great experience for me and hopefully watching this article will help you better plan whether or not you’re gonna take the step forward. If the cons were such a big deal for you, then you don’t want to be chopped your hair you can slowly transition and soon your natural hair journey by just like drawing your hair out, then slowly trimming it. 

CONCLUSION – Why you should not big chop your hair?

Thanks for your reading the article – Why you should not big chop your hair?, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle TOP 12 TIPS FOR TRANSITIONING TO NATURAL HAIR for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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