Why your hair is not growing

Why your hair is not growing

There’s no other way to put it, the thought of long, voluminous locks is something many of us dream about. Why your hair is not growing, I’ve been on my hair journey since May 2011, I’ve definitely done some things in my time, they have not been a great help to my hair journey and more of a hindrance and have caused me some setbacks along the way.

What I’m talking about your hair not growing, what I mean is that you’re not retaining any lengt,h your hair is always going to be growing your hair is from the roots, but if you’re not seeing a difference in the length, that means something you’re doing in your hair journey and your hair regime is not quite working.

I’m gonna be talking to you about some of the reasons, I thought it’d be a good idea to share some few things with you, and you can see that you’re not alone and how to overcome some of these things too, you can get back on track and reach your hair goals.

#1 Using too much heat on your hair

The first reason as to why your hair is not growing is because you’re using too much heat on your hair, the more often you use heat on your hair the more dry your hair becomes the more brittle, it becomes making it more susceptible to breakage split ends and generally poor health, if you’re able to cut down on your use of heat your hair is a majority more moisture, moisturize hair does not break and you’re more likely to retain that length.

I inverted this point first, because it’s something that I initially struggled with a lot of my hair journey, I used to blow-dry my hair every washday, then straighten it on the same day and then I’d straighten it every single day until they washed it again, these days as you guys know I add dry my hair mist wash day, then I’ll get it strained at the Sun every four to six weeks and that’s it.

Why your hair is not growing
Why your hair is not growing

If you also want this going to use heat throughout your hair journey, then by all means do that, but there are some ways you can approach it that will be healthier for your hair, doing things like blow-drying on a cool setting doing that generally, if you know that you’re gonna be stringing on the same day, so it’s not too much heat for your hair.

If you are going to be using straightness and only passing the straightness through each section of your hair once or twice, I’m not going over and over the same area, also wrapping your hair at night, when you unwrap it in the morning, you don’t have to apply more heat to your hair.

That way you’re just doing little things that help reduce the amount of heat that you use on your hair, also making sure that you’re using a really good thermal protecting product, obviously the ideal end goal is to not use it that frequently, making it more likely to retain that length.

#2 You’re not low manipulation styling or protective styling

The second reason why your hair is not growing is because you’re not low manipulation styling, you’re not protective styling and if you are doing those two things, you’re not doing them safely. No manipulation styling our styles that need the bare minimum to achieve, so things like twist outs braid outs buns Tony tails that kind of thing.

Protective styles arm only where your hair is like securely tucked away, either your whole head or partially tucked away, it’s covered with stars like zwi senegalese twist braids that kind of thing. Doing low manipulation stars and protective styles just means that you’re not handling your hair as much.

low manipulation styling
low manipulation styling – Why your hair is not growing

 If you’re not staying out on a daily basis, you’re not going to be experiencing like excessive shedding that comes with all the tools, that you use just handling your hair so it gives you a hair a bit of a break day to day.

One thing to bear in mind with these styles of Eugenie student responsibly is that, they’re not causing more problems than they’re solving, with low manipulation Styles it’s a good idea to switch up your parting regularly or the position of your bony or ponytail, just so it’s not a strain on your hair in the same position all the time.

 I actually experienced this when I used to rock this style consistently at one point, I found that the point in which by tied my little pony tail, I was experiencing some breakage and I think it was due to how I was tying it and taking it down, as my hair would get caught in the tie.

 I was doing that style all the time and noticed that area had a lot of breakage. as much as I enjoyed that style it wasn’t working for me, I had to take a break for a few months and when I did go back to doing it how to make sure I was tying properly taking it down carefully, I didn’t experience that same pretty kitchen again.

Now with protective styles you need to make sure that they’re installed on clean hair, a clean scalp, you to make sure if you’re still taking care of your hair underneath, so oiling yourself when you can moisturizing it with a product that doesn’t cause buildup, you can’t just put your hand a protective style and leave it, you still need to do as much as you can to keep your hair healthy underneath.

# 3 You’re not getting regular trims

The third reason why your hair is not growing is because you’re not getting regular trims, I know that might sound crazy how can you see a difference in length if you’re just cutting off the ends, but what you need to remember is that your ends are the oldest part of your hair, so they’re gonna have been through the most amount of trauma let’s say over the years, that’s what split ends are going to start and that’s where a lot of the issues lie.

Why your hair is not growing
Why your hair is not growinggetting regular trims

Some reason I wooded trimming my hair, at one point during my hair journey, I think one because I was enjoying the length and two I didn’t have a stylist I really trusted, so now that I do I get a trim with every single relaxer every three to four months, in between I dust my ends and I do the Search and Destroy method, which is where I just take a section of my hair look for any split ends and just chop them off. 

Now really there’s no other way to get rid of split ends than to cut them, ignore all those miracle products that claim to seal the ends back up, if you see split and chop it off. That’s why I say it’s really important because your hand will be growing, you’ll be losing the ends further and further up, which means you won’t be hitting your legs goals.

# 4 Genetics

The fourth reason why your hair is not growing is down to genetics, what we need to remember is that genetics play an important part in hair growth, everyone’s hair growth cycle is different and again is dependent on genetics, so the amount of time your hair takes to grow and also be amount of time it takes to shed, that’s why it’s very important not to compare yourself to other people and how quickly it seems their hair is growing.

Everyone’s hair growth cycle is different, I would say don’t let it just hearten you or discourage you on your hair, your hair is still growing it’s still going to grow and it is still possible for you to reach your length goals. Now another reason you have not going could be down to an underlying health problem.

Why your hair is not growing

I change in your health can take its toll on your hair, that’s moving one of the child health signs. I was actually drawn to some of the other day who has been diagnosed with thyroid issues, I can’t remember miss overactive or underactive, but basically one of the symptoms is thinning of the hair. so you’ve got hormonal issues like that, then you’ve got skin conditions like double type tears alopecia fungal infections.

All of those things that can really take its toll on your hair, it can cause it to thin, dandruff and just those things that generally will have your hair in poor health, if you’re taking care of your hair and you’re still seeing a lot of these issues, my advice to you is to have a check-up with your doctor to see if there’s anything going on.

Once these things are diagnosed, it’s gonna be a lot easier for you to get a handle off, you can either be given medication or it might be something that you can deal with naturally, but the main thing is getting it diagnosed, so you know what you’re working with.

# 5 Your poor diet healthy hair starts on the inside

The fifth reason that your hair may not be growing is because of your poor diet healthy hair starts on the inside, so you need to make sure that your body is getting all the nutrients and the vitamins, that your hair needs to thrive a very easy way to get the nutrients is to take multivitamins.

Why your hair is not growing
Why your hair is not growing

Another way and I know I’ve mentioned this before is smoothies, you can pack your smoothies with a loss of fruit that will help you get the nutrients, make sure you’re drinking lots of water and your body is moisturized from the inside is another thing, that’s gonna help your hair flourish. 

# 6 You’re not consistent with your hair routine

The sixth reason Why your hair is not growing is because you’re not consistent with your hair routine, it’s one thing to come up with a hair routine that works for you and to buy all the products that you think are gonna work, but you’re not gonna see a difference, if you’re not doing all these things regularly, so things like choosing a wash day that you know you can commit to having a checklist in the evening.

take care of color treated natural hair of black women
Why your hair is not growing

You know exactly what you to do to your hair before bed, making sure all the products you need a fully stocked and if then making sure you replace them regularly, if you know you’re really bad at covering your hair at night, then swapping out your cotton pillowcases, before satin pillowcases, if you do forget that it’s not going to be that big of a deal. It’s really good to start making small changes to your hair routine and adding more things, when you know that you’ve got those under control, and having a consistent hair routine means that you are actually taking care of your hair, ranking you taking care of your hair and your hair can only improve if you’ll do the right things all the time.

CONCLUSION – Why your hair is not growing

Thanks for your reading the article – Why your hair is not growing, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle HOW TO PROPERLY USE DRY SHAMPOO PRO HAIRDRESSER TIPS for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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