wig 101 Beginner's Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide

Wig 101 Beginner’s Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide

What is a wig? – Beginner’s Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide WIG 101

Wig is an artificial covering for the head consisting of an interwoven network of hair.

How to protect & style your hair while wearing a wig

1.Wash your hair regular

2.Never leave hair wet under a wig

3. Wear a wig cap

4. Moisturize your scalp

5. Let your hair breathe

As far as styling your hair under the wig. I broke it down and two different methods you can either do. the short time method or you can do the long term method. The short time method is basically, what I have want once a day all I did was put my hair and a ponytail, so if you have a lot of hair and you can’t get it into the ponytail, I was suggest doing the long term method which is basically getting some braids going straight to the back and that way you won’t have to worry about your hair not being flat, neither way you just want to make sure your hair is nice and flat under the wig, because that is what’s gonna help it look more natural.

wig 101 Beginner's Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide
wig 101 Beginner’s Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide – wig color

Things you need for basic wig use

For a basic wig starter kit what you’re gonna need is a pair of scissors, a dome head, a wig brush whichever one I personally prefer a wig brush.

Of course you will need your wigs, there are a lot of different options on the market, but there are three of the most common wigs that a lot of people are wearing.

Front lace wigs

Front lace wigs only have lace on the front area around the perimeter of the wig. Front lace allows natural parting at the front hairline & these wigs do not support up-do styles.

wig 101 Beginner's Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide
hwig 101 Beginner’s Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide – body wave lace front human hair wig

the lace front wig, usually you will get lace from ear to ear and you basically have to cut that lace off, I’m really not the best at cutting lace and it really doesn’t have to be perfect, when you cut the lace off you just want to make sure you cut as close as possible that way, it looks more realistic and you don’t have extra lace sitting in the front.

So I will put the wig on my dome head and then I will pull this back and use some clips to hold it back, then I cut the lace off of the front of the wig, and make parting. Lace sometimes you will have some wigs that come 1/2 lace at the front and then skin top which is basically like some material that they use some kind of mimic a scalp that’s pretty much all it is.

If you ever get a wig and it feels like plastic or something that’s right there that’s, because they gave you a little skin top, if not the wigs may just be all lace, sometimes the companies like to distinguish the parting on the wig by giving it a letter, they may say a L part wig or u part wig or C part wig. It’s basically all that they’re doing when they tell you that this wig is a such-and-such part, it’s just describing the parting space on the wig.

So with a front lace wig you’re only going to get lace from here to here, you won’t be able to pull the wig up into a ponytail, you won’t be able to style the wig no other way,  as far as I trying to pin it up or do anything like that, unless you pulling it to the side and twist it in and maybe sticking a bobi pins or something like that but nine times out of ten you won’t be able to really like manipulate it and pull it up and stuff like that, because it only has lace around the front and the rest of it is going to be detectable. 

Full cap wigs

Full cap wig is basically how it sounds it’s a full cap. You don’t have to do any manipulation to the parting or anything, it’s pretty much ready to go out of the package. The full cap has no lace covers the whole head and there is no need to leave out parts or any of your own hair, such as bangs or you know little pieces in the front.

wig 101 Beginner's Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide
wig 101 Beginner’s Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide – full cap wig

I’ve actually had a full cap wig for over a year and a half, it is basically a full cap, there is no lace anywhere on the wig. The hair is pretty much all pulled into this little circle up. I personally love full cap wigs, just because they are kind of easier to just make it seem more realistic, if you can find a nice style, so this is one of my favorites,

 I’ve had it for about almost two years, it’s really old and I still wear her to this day when I wear this, because it’s a full cap, I don’t have to leave out any hair, I don’t have to worry about blending anything, I don’t have to do any of that because it’s a full cap. You just put it on and go and that’s pretty much what a full cap wig is.

Half wigs

Half wigs are designed not to cover your entire head, you can leave some of your hair out in the front, which creates a natural look. Half a wig looks and in particular you can’t pull it up into a drawstring ponytail and that is because the way it comes with a drawstring, so that way you’re able to adjust it as much as you like so this is the hairline on and half way now the thing that I don’t like about it is the comb right here now you don’t have to put this comb into your scalp if you don’t like you can just use this drawstring and pull it and adjust it to your liking but that’s pretty much up to you and see this hair line is made for you to leave your hair out in the front and then blend it

wig 101 Beginner's Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide
wig 101 Beginner’s Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide – #350 color wig


With hand tied or machine tied, now with the hand tied wig, the hairs are individually knotted to the mesh cap by hand, offering a more natural look, this process takes longer to create a wig, therefore it increases the price. Machine tied wig uses webs of hair that are sewn to a cap to create the wig more quickly, these wigs tends to be less expensive and more widely available. 

Wig itself is constructed according to the type of wig it is. A lace front wig again if it has lace, you’re gonna have lace of the front lace for the part lace, whatever the links may be some wigs will have no combs, some wigs will have only collar, some wigs will have only a strap, you know it’s just all depends.

wig 101 Beginner's Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide
wig 101 Beginner’s Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide -613 wig

A basic general wig will come attached to a cap, the cap will have adjustable straps which can be found right here and this is just to help tighten the wig or loosen, i up or do whatever you need to do with it, it will also come with a comb or two combs. However the company designed it. It will come with a comb in the back and it will come with a comb or clips in the front as well to help secure the wig on your head. if you have a full wig, you won’t be able to see the tracks, you won’t have to worry about that, the caps are mesh and they are breathable, so you don’t have to worry about your head being hot.

Type of Hair

There are three different types of hair that a we could possibly have

synthetic hair

Synthetic hair which are made from motor acrylic fibers that are designed to look and feel like real hair so that it fiber doesn’t absorb odor and doesn’t react to climate changes as readily as natural hair wigs

wig 101 Beginner's Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide
wig 101 Beginner’s Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide – synthetic hair

Natural hair

Natural wigs or human hair wigs are made using real hair which doesn’t mean that the hair is from humans, sometimes the hair can be made out of animal hair, such as horses yaks sheep etc . mostly wigs that use animal hair however do so by blending it with human hair. There are varying grades of natural hair wigs available depending on whether or not the hair is human or animal and the ethnic origin of the human hair.

Master mix

Some companies do sell a master mix blend which is human hair blended with synthetic. The big difference between synthetic and the human hair wig is the longevity of the wig. A lot of people will prefer a human hair wig, just because you probably won’t get as much tangling, you can flat iron, you can do more things with a human hair wig, versus a synthetic wig sometimes you’re going to get more tangling, you may get more shedding it just all depends on the company.

wig 101 Beginner's Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide
wig 101 Beginner’s Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide – lace front curly human hair wig

Hot to apply

You can do the glue method I know some people prefer to have their wigs glued on. I’ve never done it before, but that is a option if you want to make sure that your hair is secured and maybe the hair is good quality and you don’t want to take it on and off, you can glue a wig on, you also can take a wig on they do have like double sided tape that you can purchase for your hair of course it’s not scotch tape, but they do have a wig tape that you can use to take your wig on as well or you can just do the cap method which is what I like, what a lot of people do taking your wig on and off mostly taking it off at night just to preserve the longevity of the wig, just make sure that the wig is not getting messed up, especially if it’s a synthetic wig, you want to make sure you take it off, because if you sleep in, it it’s not going to last a long time. 

How to store and where to purchase

Store my wigs basically all I do is put them back in the packaging that they originally came in I like to put the mesh back on top of it and I just throw it back in the bag that’s pretty much all I do or if I’m going to wear the wig next day I will just put her on my wig head and pretty much.

wig 101 Beginner's Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide
wig 101 Beginner’s Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide – shopping online

that’s it so you can purchase a wig at your local beauty supply store or you can purchase one online, sometimes I’ll get a good deal at the beauty supply store, but me personally I like to buy my wigs online, where you can get the best deal, a lot of my wigs only run me about 17, 20 dollars, they don’t cost much and when I go into the store  the same wig for like 30 40 dollars, so that is personally why I like to purchase wigs online.

Personal advice – wig 101 Beginner’s Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide

My personal advice on searching for a wig, especially if it’s your first time, try sticking to something that you would wear like don’t go out and get this long big curly hair, because it’s gonna be harder to maintain. so for your first wig try to get something that is close to your natural hair color, as you don’t know how to blend it and do all of that stuff right away.

wig 101 Beginner's Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide
wig 101 Beginner’s Ultimate Wig Purchasing Guide – bob wig

Try to do something that’s close to your natural hair color try to get something that is similar to the style that you like to wear your hair. you know will complement your face. I would also suggest starting with a synthetic wig as well, you can get comfortable with the thought of ,  this is a wig like I don’t want you to go out and spend a lot of money on a human hair wig, you don’t even like it, because it is something that you have to get used to. 

So I will say start there so because there is so much more to learn when it comes to wigs and how to make them look natural how to blend them how to curl them have a flatiron um so on and so forth there are a number of different things that you can do to a wig for customizing it and make it look more realistic for you and you know for your needs.


Thanks for your reading the article, sincerely hope it is useful for you. Besides these, you also check this article synthetic wig vs. human hair wig, which is better for more elementary knowledge about wigs

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